The house at Godric's Hallow was in ruins. Not a sound could be heard. Espcially not from the owners of said house. Their lifeless bodies lay on the floor. Their baby however, was much alive. But not making any sound either. Young Harry Potter was sound asleep. Not aware that he was now an orphan. Not aware that he was responsible for the fall of the greatest Dark Lord in the Wizarding world. Not aware that he wasn't alone anymore.

A green man stood in front of Harry, looking down at the sleeping boy. He reached down and picked Harry up. The young boy stirred, he opened his little eyes and looked up at the man holding him. Many would mistake him, with his green skin and antenae, for a demon. Most other children would start crying. But Harry Potter wasn't most children. He giggled softly, then fell back asleep. The green man swiftly carried Harry out of the house.

The sound of an engine could be heard, as a flying motor cycle desended down onto the ground. It carried one very large person, Rubues Hagrid, keeper of the keys and grounds keeper at Hogwarts school of witchraft and wizardry. Hagrid got off the motor cycle and rushed in the house. He didn't see the other man standing in trees with young Harry. Hagrid searched the house all over. He came out and checked outside. He looked worried and confused. He got back on his flying motor cycle, and took off.

The green man looked down at the sleeping child. "I think its about time we got you to your family. What do you think?" The sleeping child didn't respond.

Number 4 Privet Drive.

Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall stood on the steet outdie of Number 4. The street lamps were dark.

"I don't know about this Albus. I've been watching these Muggles, and they're the worst kind. They hate magic."

"Don't worry Minerva. I am sure that this is the best place for young Harry to be."

"If you're so sure Albus. But I still have reservations. Where is the child anyway?"

"Hagrid is fetchiing him. He should be along shortly."

"You trusted Hagrid with this?"

"I trust Hagrid with my life."

A moment later, the same flying motor cyle landed next to the two professors.

"Evening Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall."

"Hagrid." replied Professor McGongall.

"Did everything go ok Hagrid?" asked Professor Dumbledore.

"Er...not exactly Professor. 'arry wasn't there you see...I looked all over, and I couldn't find him."

"Really now? This is most distressing." Dumbledore looked reflective. And this also disrupts my plans for the boy. Even though he reassured Professor McGonagall about the muggles, he knew perfectly well that they would be very abusive of the boy. He needed to place the boy in the worst, yet most plausable situation possible. And that was with his aunt and uncle. So that way, in ten years time, when Harry was 'rescued' to the wizarding world, he would be more...malliable. It did not sit well with Dumbledore that the boy was missing. He was the centerpiece.

"I think we need to find him, don't you Professor Dumbledore?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"Yes, quite right Minerva. I'll get as many member from the Order as I can on this right away. The boy is very important to our world." More important then you can ever imagine.

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