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As the second term of the year went on, things seemed to quiet down. Sure, there were still pranks, and Harry continued his campaign against Draco's sexuality. The Ministry passed a new law regarding slander and libel. Harry smirked when he heard that. This was the first time he indirectly manipulated a whole government. He was really a Slytherin at heart.

The group of friends picked up one more in January. First year Hufflepuff Milton started hanging out with them. Luna had introduced him to everyone else, and insisted that he hand out with them. It helped that Ginny and her convinced Harry with a double massage.

Milton was a small, shy little boy. He was the sort who just sort of disappeared in a group. No one ever noticed him. He was a loyal friend, and had Harry's back whenever he could. Unfortunately, that wasn't often. Milton wasn't a very powerful wizard. Very few people thought much of him. Except his closest friends. They new different.

Harry seemed to expect it, and the rest weren't surprised really. But in later years, Milton became an insane Dark Lord who caused the death of billions by starting World War Three. Milton, the typical Hufflepuff, controlled muggle governments from the shadows. It was the Wizarding World 'doing what's right' and removing Milton as a power that led to over a billion deaths.

But during his school years, Milton was almost just scenery. He offered very little contribution to any situation. When telling stories about his Hogwarts years, Harry would only mention that Milton was there most of the time, and that would be it. Milton would never really get mentioned again in the story.

The end of the year, and the last day felt like it came way too quickly. Everyone was sitting at their tables enjoying the end of year feast. Slytherin had won the house cup and the Quidditch cup. Ginny had caught all three snitches.

The sky above them, in the enchanted ceiling had a clear sky. It came as a great surprise when a lightning bolt came down out of nowhere. It struck Harry Potter, and enveloped him in a white energetic field. It sucked him back up the bolt, and he was gone. Everyone stared wide eyed at it.

A single envelope floated down and landed in front of Dende. It had his name written on it in Namek. Dende was surprised to see his native language. Before he could open the letter, it was snatched out of his hands by Dumbledore.

"I'll take that. It's important that we get Harry back." He opened the letter and tried to read it. He couldn't make out the weird symbols. "This is obviously some magic language I'm not familiar with. I'll have to spend the summer studying it."

"Headmaster, I can read that language." He extended his hand. "It has my name on it. So may I?" Dumbledore looked around, then handed it back to Dende. Dende looked over the letter. "Ah, we don't have anything to worry about. Harry has been taken by a relative for the summer. He will be returned to us before the next term starts."

The old man looked pissed. He had plans for Harry. How could he be snatched from right under his nose like that.

The day was not going well for Albus. It was just that morning that Prof. Binns had moved on, meaning that he had to find a replacement history teacher. The defense curse struck again. Dende switched from defense to history.

Dende assured Harry's friends that he was alright. They were able to ride home on the train in good spritis. Luna even had a really stupid grin on her face. When asked about it, she'd blush and start talking about some animal from another planet. Well, she knew they were from another planet. Everyone else just assumed she was making things up.

Hermione found her parents at the train station. They greeted her with hugs, and they happily made their way home.

Things were normal for the first couple days of break. Hermione enjoyed her time with her parents. Of course something had to upset that.

The doorbell rang and Hermione answered it. A delivery man handed her a box, she signed for it, and took it to her parents. The three of them sat around the table as they opened the box. Inside was two old looking fob watches. Both of Hermione's parents stared fixated at the watches. They each reached and grabbed one, opening it.

A yellow glow flowed from the watch and enveloped both adults. They looked dazed for a moment, then looked over at each other.

They instantly had identical stupid grins on their faces. "I remember." They both said at the same time.

"Mom, dad, what's going on?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione!" her father yelled, and enveloped her into a hug. "I"ve missed you so much. Look at you!"

"You're scarring our daughter husband o mine. And knowing her, she needs an explanation."

"Too true. But we need the company of one more. You want to signal him? Or should I?" said her father, releasing Hermione.

"You do it, while I take Hermione into the living room." Her father nodded and ran up the stairs. The two women made their way into the living room and sat down.

"Mom, you guys are scaring me. What's going on?"

"You always were one who couldn't stand not knowing something, weren't you Hermione?" said her mother.

A few moments her father and another man came down the stairs. That confused Hermione, even more then the strange sound she her moments before.

"How? I mean, I thought I was the last? Especially after the Master died." Said the stranger.

"Nope. All will be explained momentarily." The two men joined the women in the living room. The stranger was dressed in a pin stripe suit. "Hermione, this is the Doctor. "Doctor, this is our daughter, Hermione Granger." At the name the Doctor's eyes widened.

"Really now? That is very interesting."

"Our story is one that the two of you both need to know."

"Who is this man dad?" Hermione asked.

"This dear, is the Doctor." Said her mother.

"Doctor who?"

"Exactly." Said the Doctor, smirk on his face.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" said Hermione.

"Yeah, I'm a bit in the dark on this, and I hate that." Said the Doctor.

"Doctor, why don't you tell Hermione who the Time Lords were, or are, whichever." Said Hermione's dad. The Doctor raised an eyebrow.

"Ok." He turned and looked right Hermione. "The Time Lords were one of the most powerful races in the universe. Their knowledge of the cosmos was immense. They took it upon themselves to watch over space and time."


"Well, until recently, I thought I was the last one. And then I'm out flying around in my TARDIS, when I get a signal to stop here, and I find two more like myself." He looked at the adult Grangers. "Mind continuing this story?"

The husband and wife looked at each other, smiling.

"Well, we knew that the war was coming, and decided to take precautions to make it through."

"Wait, that's impossible!" yelled the Doctor. "You couldn't have known the Time War was coming. No one saw it coming."

"We did. But then, we aren't exactly normal Time Lords."

"What do you mean mother?" asked Hermione.

"Before we were Time Lords, the two of us, and four others, were Kais." Hermione's father received blank looks at his statement. "Come now Doctor, I'm sure you've heard of the Kais."

"All I know, is that they're considered myths. Beings higher than even the Time Lords who over saw the universe. Not a popular myth to an arrogant people."

"Too true. But the whole Time Lord race was started by six retired Kais. That's one of our people's biggest secrets by the way, so be careful who you tell." Said the father, with a wink. "Anyway, the time has come for us to come out of hiding, and do this or that."

"This or that?" asked Hermione.

"No worries dear, we know you'll be perfectly safe spending the rest of your holiday with your friends."

"But I don't know where Harry is, and the Weasley's are all in Egypt." Said Hermione.

Both the parents looked at each other. "It's the summer after your…second year, isn't it?" asked her father. Hermione nodded. "Well then, I guess a trip to Egypt is in order. You've always wanted to go there, haven't you dear?"

And it was decided right then that Hermione would spend the rest of her summer in Egypt with her friends, and her Time Lord Parents would run off to adventure through time and space with the Doctor.

The last thing her father said to Hermione before they parted was this "Promise me that when you figure it out, that you remember who I was is not who I am. And don't tell anyone when you do." Her father sounded way more cryptic then normal. But after spending two years around Old Albus, she knew a mystery when it kicked her in her huge ass front teeth.


Hermione and Ginny found themselves an empty compartment on the Hogwarts express. They were the first of their little gang to arrive. They knew not to expect everyone. Blaise's family had finally put enough pressure on Blaise to start 'acting like a proper pureblood'. And as any proper pureblood would rather associate with a shit flinging ape then Harry Potter, Blaise needed to start hanging out in different circles. Harry, being a good best friend told him he understood, and wished his friend luck. By doing so, Harry forever ensured Blaise's loyalty, a hard feat for a Slytherin.

That explained Blaise. Milton was off stalking some big chested seventh year who will never give him the time of day. They still had no clue what happened to Harry. And no one ever really knew what was going on with Luna.

A few moments later, Harry and Luna walked into the compartment, holding each other. Ginny didn't look too happy. Hermione did, she missed her best friend. She took in his appearance. The Harry Potter before her stood with a new sense of power, yet at the same time, relaxation. He seemed at great peace with himself. He was also now wearing earings. Little golden ball earings, that for some strange reason Hermione couldn't figure out, didn't look completely gay on Harry.

"Hey guys." Said Harry.

"Harry!" Hermione squealed as she jumped up and hugged Harry.

"I missed you too, Hermione." Harry said, returning the hug. He held her for a moment, then parted so Harry and Luna could sit down in the compartment. Harry sat, with Luna on his lap.

"Something you'd like to tell us Harry?" asked Hermione, grinning like an idiot.

"As I'm sure you've noticed, Luna and I are quiet close. Yes, this means we've entered into a relationship. It started over the summer, while I was gone. And before you go into scary Nazi interrogator mode over that Hermione, I can't tell you much. I'll give you what details I can when we're in a more private setting." Ginny really didn't look happy, but Luna noticed this.

"Don't' worry Ginny. I don't plan on our sex live being monogamous, so if you want to jump his bones at some point in the near future, I wouldn't mind. "Ginny's eyes widen at Luna's statement. Then she looked like she was in deep thought, then nodded to Luna in understanding. The two girls knew each other well enough.

It was at that moment that Ron decided to pop into the compartment.

"What up bitches? Guess what? Second year on probation! Boo yeah, who's you damn daddy now?"Ron was practically yelling. He was doing a little dance that made him look like a complete artard. He then jumped up and started off towards the next compartment.

"Excuse me." Harry pulled Luna off his lap, hurried to the door with his wand, pointed it out at Ron and said "Permentus Erectus!" He sat back down just in time to hear all the girls scream in the next compartment.

"Did that do what I think it did?" asked Hermione.

"Of course it did." Said Luna.

"And how would you know Luna?"

"Who do you think taught Harry that spell?" said Luna with a dreamy smile.


Everyone found themselves seated at their house tables, sitting through the sorting. When the list got to the Ps , everyone was surprised to hear 'Potter, Phillip.' This stopped all whispered conversations. A small, dark haired boy, who looked a lot like Harry stepped up to the stool. The Sorting Hat was dropped on to his head.

A moment later, the hat yelled out "Gryffindor!"

As Phillip hoped off the stole, the Headmaster shook himself out of his surprise. "Excuse me son, but many of us were under the impression that there were no more Potters. Who are your parents?"

The small boy looked like a deer caught in some headlights. "Um….Patty Halliwell and Harry Potter."

The entire Hall turned as one and looked at Harry.

"The Fuck?" Harry asked. And then, right there, the last cosmically significant event of the 20th century took place. Harry Potter feinted.


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