Anime: Naruto
Characters: Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi
Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: M (To be safe and the language used.)
Title: Girly-boy

Author's notes:

I no own any Naruto things.

I have bad grammar most likely.

I care no.

Have fun.

Additional: Have you ever thought that a Jutsu could go wrong? It did to Naruto. See what happens when his whole world changes. Or should I say her whole world?

Akemi's day started out bad; so to say…She woke up, half an hour late already by the alarm clock next to her bed, her pillow being drooled on again. She sighed. "I still have my habits…" Her stomach growled and her eye twitched, then she was about to get out of the bed but it refused to let go of her, a blanket tied around her leg to the bed. She fell from this, landing flat on her face, her alarm still going off with the annoying ringing.

She sighed, kicking off the bed sheets and hitting the alarm with a shoe she found on the ground, knocking it off and making the annoying buzzing to stop. She got up, her hair messed up…She wasn't used to long hair much, her hair always being short when she was a boy…It was much easier to take care of. She couldn't help it, but on the way to the kitchen to get breakfast she kept feeling like she needed to brush it badly, it feeling dirty somehow. Her fingers twitched, ignoring it, making her way to the kitchen first.

Her day only got worse. She had set the toaster on fire practically, not in the mood to figure out how it worked and burnt her breakfast along with it. She went for Ramen after throwing out the burnt toaster, only to find her shelves empty. Her stomach growled and her eye twitched, her looking in the fridge…Nothing.

Ok, she had to go shopping, but she couldn't now, she had to leave soon…She grabbed what she found…Bread…Her eye twitched. She was out of butter and she had to eat it raw without a toaster. Atleast it was something to fill her up. She stuck two more pieces into her mouth, eating them while fixing her hair and sliding into her clothes, nearly falling down. She had gotten taller aswell with being a girl, her balance going off alittle but not by much. She really hoped she would turn into her old self soon, not liking the form.

She ran out of the door, closing it on the way out fast, but then falling and hitting the ground again. She growled, getting up and dusting her self off while running again. It wasn't her lucky again. She ran smack into one person she would regret running into, Gaara of the sand.

He turned, her running into his gord, and a glare filled his eyes as he stared at her.

She sweatdropped and waved a hand. "So-mm-rry" She said, swallowing the last piece of bread. She then smiled alittle nervously, running off. "I gotta go now, sorry."

Gaara blinked some, glaring still. He didn't recognize her, but telling from the orange clothing, blonde hair, and lines on her cheeks, she seemed like Naruto in girl form or Naruto's sister if he had one.

She had gotten to the bridge panting alittle.

She hid behind a tree, not in the mood to actually go training or do a mission today, knowing her bad lucky she would screw it up more. "I'm sure if I said I was sick Kakashi would let me off…I mean, he doesn't know what it's like to be a sudden girl!" His eye twitched. She turned and started to run back to her apartment, but then remembered about the lack of food at her house, and the fact that she had sudden cravings…For some reason, ice cream looked like heaven right now. Sure ramen was still good, but she would actually turn down ramen right now for a spoon of nice cold ice cream…She drooled alittle at the thoughts of it and ran to the store. She started buying things other than ramen for once, blinking at some of them that required cooking, a skill she had little experience in.

She was looking at a can of cookie ingredients, something she never imagined what it took to cook them, when a hand tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped some, turning around with a small eep when she saw Kakashi standing there.

He smiled behind his mask. "Akemi? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Sakura and Sasuke at the moment?"

She glared back, instantly defending herself. "Shouldn't you be!"

"Well, there was a book sale on some books I really liked…But never mind that, you should be there."

"I was just going to restock on some foo-"

"You can do that AFTER training." He grabbed her arm, her dropping the basket of food she just picked up and started walking off towards their meeting spot.

She glared, her eye twitching. She did not want to train today…But now she couldn't use the excuse of being sick…Damn Kakashi.

Ok, I finally got off my butt and came to work…Happy? Cause I am…I did post something after all… Sorry it took so long, I still don't have my laptop back and that guy who fixes computers is being a lazier jackass than I am --…Well, I went ahead and tried to write the third chapter, seeing as how there's a 50-50 shot I won't get it back again… I'm working on the 4th chapter now…BaiBai