Count Dracula looked out the window of his summer palace,(though, go figure, it was winter) night had come and so had a large snow storm. It would have been cold enough with out the storm, at least that is what Dracula thought. He was fully alone now; Aleera, Verona and Marishka were all dead, along with all his children. He was hollow, yes, but the pain he felt was so extremely deep. He had no one now, except for Igor (if you wanted to call that company). Yet, he did not care as much as he could. He was growing tired of his brides anyway, though, he did remember some things about them... their beauty... their loyalty. Still, he would find another, wouldn't he?

Suddenly, Igor entered the room, holding a crystal goblet filled with a deep red liquid.

"Master," he said, bowing slightly, "I've brought you a little something, I found him walking around the palace, trying to break in."

Dracula took the goblet and brought it to his lips, "Ah, yes, a young man around 23 years of age. Strong, yet extremely stupid. Well done, Igor, you may leave."

"Thank you, master." Igor bowed again, went out the room and closed the door behind him.

Dracula took another sip of blood and looked out the window. The storm had only gotten worse. It was going to be a long, cold night. Suddenly, he noticed a tiny figure trying to make its way through the storm. He looked closer at the figure from the window and tried to make out a description. The person wore only a hat, a torn blue shirt, pants and a thin shall.

"Not even close to warm enough," Dracula mused.

Suddenly, the figure tripped, the hat flew off and a head full of long, golden hair looked up from the snow. She brushed the snow from her eyes and pulled herself up. Dracula started in amazement, almost dropping the glass he was holding.

"It's... a young girl." He said, a very evil smile creeping over his lips as he placed his glass down. Maybe he would not have to fly to town for his meal tonight.