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Chapter 1 The Very Boring Beginning (The Re-do)

The sandy haired, brown eyed werewolf paced his living room anxiously.

"Where the bloody hell is he?"

The young 24 year old snapped to himself and the clock struck 12,

"He said he would be here at half eleven".

"If that barmy old, codger doesn't get here soon I'll-"

"Yes Remus?"

Innocently asked an old looking man, his pearly white beard almost ghost like tucked into his belt.

He was wearing midnight blue robes with stars and moons on them, his robe complete with the matching hat.

Remus looked at the floor guiltily.

Albus Dumbledore was the sole reason that he could go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, allowing him to have friends who truly cared for him, allowing him not to be an outsider like he had previously.

The old man chuckled, "Not to worry Remus you should hear what Severus calls me," Remus allowed himself to grin at that.

Severus Snape the newest teacher at his old school, potions master.

Remus used to go to school together, knew him quiet well considering that they were arch enemies.

Sevie was one man who you certainly didn't want to meet in a dark alley at night.

Albus' face lost all joyfulness and took on a serious look,

"I've brought him with me Remus no need to worry."

The elder man sighed, a deep look of regret and misery etched across his wrinkled face,

"It's a shame he chose the easy path, the path of darkness."

Remus sat down tiredly his lack of sleep catching up with his exhausted mind,

"He chose that path Professor, there was nothing we could do to help him" he rubbed his forehead,

"Who would have thought that the famous marauders would ever end up like this…?"

"Don't stress over it all Remus it is not good for the body, get some sleep I shall awaken you at 9 so you can get ready for the trail, though I must ask one thing…"

"What's that Professor?"

"Have you ever tried a Sherbet Lemon?"

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