Chapter 18

Jess came to a halt jolting Harry slightly, he raised his head wearily and asked in a hoarse voice " Why have we stopped?" Jess slowly put him down and ushered him behind her legs and kept her eyes locked upon the person walking towards them, "Whatever happens Harry, run. Do not let them get you, every flash of light dodge, keep moving never stop. Promise me Harry."

Harry, clutching on to the back of her legs, nodded whispering "I promise"

Jess nodded biting her lip, wishing that for this moment she had Louise with her. Not that she'd be much help but maybe she would have been able to do something, come up with a plan.

The hooded figure that had been walking down the hall way towards the pair stopped in front of her. Their eyes met, Jess took a deep breath and unleashed her secret weapon;

"RAWR!" (keep in mind this was said in the most camp way you can imagine)

A loud thump echoed shortly after and Jess opened one of her eyes. And then promptly shut it again, wondering if they had actually done something to her.

"Hi Lou!" came Harry's voice from behind her, she opened her eyes and she was once again met with the sight of Louise holding a bat, slung across her shoulder, which seemed oddly familiar.

"That so would have been a home run if we were in America"

Jess looked at her friend cautiously "Are you okay Lou? You don't look to good. Don't tell me you've had a break down." Louise nodded with a bright smile. "Bugger. You finally broke down and I wasn't the cause. I really must be losing my touch"

Louise laughed "Actually you were the cause, now lets go, I've left your mother and father with Sirius and Remus - when I look back at that decision it perhaps wasn't the best idea in the world" and she walked off.

Jessica stared at her oldest friend as she began to walk away her words not sinking in until "Wait - my father!" needless to say Jessica quickly hurried after her friend.


"Where's that wretched girl gone now?" Marrisa hissed, giving the shadows a filthy look just in case they were listening, "Silly girl will end up dead. Shock! That's what it is - shock! Can take muggles the wrong way, can magic. Send them dizy in the head. We should ha-"

"Quiet woman! Cease your rambling!"

Marrisa glared at her husband but obediently shut up, Sephoros clutched his wand in a fist and signeled for the group to stop. He waited a few seconds before suddenly thrusting his fist into a nearby shadow, it quickly revealed a corpse that fell into the waiting arms of the man who's wand was stuck up to the handle in his eye. Sephoros pulled it out without hesitation and wiped it in his sleeve before continuing.

Remus and Sirius stared at the corpse for a moment longer, Marrisa patted them on the shoulder and whispered, with a touch of pride, "He's never cast any curse in his life.", she caught the look they gave her, "What? At least he isn't sadistic about it"

"What? Killing people?" She spared Sirius an affronted look,

"Put it this way; would you like to be in the kidnapper's place?" She jogged after her husband, Remus shrugged and followed her. After a seconds hesitation Sirius shook his head, stepped over the body and jogged after them.

The group wandered for a while, Sephros was in the lead but didn't seem to be paying any attention to which way he went, and Sirius wasn't about to question a man who seemed to switch his psychotic tendencies on and off at random. His ear's pricked as the sound of footsteps suddenly became apparent, the group stopped and Sirius stood on tip-toe to see over the heads of those in front.

It's Jess.

It was Jess.

Did that man really just stab his own daughter?

Where on earth did he get the sword from?

Sirius let out an odd spluttering noise as these thoughts passed through his mind and ransacked any part of it that might have made the situation make sense. Remus seemed to be going through the same thing and Marrisa was hyperventilating against a wall.

"Take my daughter's face off before I rip it off!"


"Hey diddle, diddle! The cat and the fiddle! The cow jumped over the moon!" Jess and Harry attempted to cower from Louise's over-cheerfulness while, at all times, following her as closely as possible. They resembled crabs with heat-stroke.

Louise's mind was burning with the speed the idea's inside were whizzing round ; everything made sense! Even Septhros; she understood his twisted mind and why it worked. She knew where the other's were, who had kidnapped Harry, she knew what was going to happen. She also knew that this epiphany was not going to last long and once it was over she would be plain Louise again, but now, in this moment, you could hear the capital 'L' and she was going to make sure it was earned.

Louise sped up.

Jess and Harry shared a worried look and followed.

'The devil makes work for idle hands', Remus thought, 'And I'd bet he bases it all on what Sephros does when he's calm' He risked another look at the imposer-Jess, it didn't look like Jess anymore. Raw mince meat came to mind briefly, before Sephros reversed whatever evil he had done and Jess was lying on the floor again in a heap.

"I will not reverse what I do next." Sephros said in a voice sane people would use to describe the weather, "You will die"

Imposter-Jess sat up and glared at him, "Fine" said a familiar voice, "I did my job, I only came to gloat. Have the brats. More useful alive at the moment anyway." She smirked at Sirius and apperated.

The group stood in silence not daring to look at each other.

"And when they were only half-way up, they were neither up nor down" As one the group looked left.

"Harry!" Sirius leapt forward and snatched him from Jess and proceeded to cuddle, kiss and fuss with no sign of stopping until he was snatched away for a quick hug from Remus before been claimed once again by his godfather.

Jess was receiving a similar reunion from her mother, Sephros gave her a small nod before turning to Louise who was sliding down a nearby wall and giggling.

"I think" he said in a voice so calm it should not have been heard in the racket being created around him, "We should leave".


"I have the blood" Steph removed her hood and held up the vial for inspection,

"Do they suspect?" the hooded inspector asked, reaching out a thin hand to take the vial from her.

"No, they believe we wanted him dead"



"I can't understand why you would do this! It obviously wasn't me!" Jess shouted at Sirius who stood before her

"You're a liability," Sirius stated calmly, gazing at her with cool eyes

"And how the hell did you figure that one out?" Jess questioned with a slightly mad tone to her voice

"It's really very easy, ever since we met you, ever since you became involved in our lives things have gone from bad to worse, I -"

He was cut off by Jess laughing rather manically and for a brief moment he saw the resemblance between father and daughter.

"Didn't you think it could be a coincidence? Did you not think that maybe they thought it was time to make there move after waiting so long."

Sirius shook his head, "No, I've made up my mind. I don't want you coming anywhere near me, Remus, Harry again. I wont have them hurt just for you"

Jess closed her eyes, "Sirius, pleaseā€¦ I -" she shook her head, "Is there no way, nothing I can do to change your mind" her eyes met his, she quickly blinked her eyes repeatedly trying to keep the tears at bay as he shook his head in response. She took a step backwards and nodded sharply in answer. Taking a deep breath she started to walk towards the front door, "Good luck then Sirius"

"JESS!" shouted Harry running out of the kitchen towards her, Jess quickly crouched down as the small body came hurtling towards her. She took hold of him and held him close as he trembled, "Don't go" he cried into her shoulder, however before she could respond Sirius was grasping Harry around the waist and pulling him away from Jess who blinked, straightened up and left without a further word.

"Sirius no! Put me down! Jess please, please Jess. I'm scared" Harry's voice slowly began to die down as he was carried away from her retreating form and into the kitchen, Sirius placed him on Remus' lap "Keep him here"

"Sirius, what's going on?" Remus stood up, Louise looked up from behind him nursing a mug in her hands.

Sirius just shook his head and looked pointedly at Louise; "Don't you even think of talking to me like that" she said in a cheerful, if slightly dazed, voice. Sirius opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by Remus' warning look; "Go and calm down Sirius" Sirius clenched his jaw but left without another word.

"I'm gonna push off before Jess does something stupid" Louise said, giving Remus' shoulder a squeeze, "Let me know how your chat with Sirius goes, see you both soon" With a final smile she left, Harry turned to Remus with a thoughtful expression; "Nothing going to be the same is it?" Remus hugged him, "No, but don't dwell too much on the bad things Harry or you'll miss the good ones"

Harry smiled.

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