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Title means: 'Legend of Sun and Moon'

Italics - thoughts


Chapter 1


Rain. It was like the night Hayate was crippled, but now he was home again, safe and sound. However, his sister was no longer a resident there, taking up the occupation of a runaway shinobi in his name and honor.

Ayane wiped her brow, more rain replacing the lost droplets, dripping along her eyelashes and hair. Lightning flashed above, thunder following close behind as the storm raged on. Across the courtyard of her village of the Hajimon, the intruder knocked down another guard before looking up at her, eyes glinting dangerously. The man smiled cruelly.

"Raidou…." He smirked, turning fully towards her.

"My, my, precious, you haven't changed much since I last saw you with that boy." She glared, the horrid memory of the night forever burned into her mind… and heart.

"What… do… you want," she ground out, her teeth clenched. Raidou raised his hand, waving his pointer finger back and forth playfully, his grin still lingering.

"Sore wa himistu desu, Ayane-chan." Letting the 'chan' term go, she got down in a stance, ready to charge. She changed her footing a bit, the rain making it a bit difficult to stand due to the softened ground. Her dark shinobi garb clung to her due to the rain soaking through it, making it seem like a second skin.

"Don't underestimate me, yarou. I'm stronger now," she hissed, malice clear in her voice.

"Whose to say I'm not either." Ayane shook her head, as if to clear it, water splashing all around from her hair. Raidou began charging, knocking down anyone else in his way. "You're mine, Ayane!" As he came up, he executed a roundhouse kick, his heel missing her head by seconds. As she ducked, Ayane spun around, spinning her leg out in what ended up as a failed attempt to knock him down. Ayane rose just in time for Raidou to grab her head and smash it into his knee, a headache swarming her senses.

"Ahh!" She screamed, grabbing her head a moment, then attempted to throw a blind blow to his head only to have her wrist caught. Pushing her arm aside roughly, he nailed her hard in her midsection, sending her flying back into the wall of the shrine located behind her.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don't tell me that's the best you can do..." He looked up at the shrine she was leaning against. "So, is it here?" She looked behind herself, recognizing this specific shrine before getting up and running inside. "Must be," Raidou muttered to himself, following.


As she ran in, monks scattered in fear while warriors stood ready to defend them and the treasure, only to relax once they realized who it was.

"Ayane-sama! We have heard that that beast, Raidou, whom had attacked Shiden-sama's village so long ago is –"

"—here. Hai, he's outside." She wobbled a bit, the young warrior beside her grabbing her arm to steady her.

"You're hurt," he observed, worry clear in his eyes. They all knew how dangerous Raidou was. Everyone in the two villages knew about the battle she and Hayate had with Raidou and of Hayate's outcome.

"I'm fine… Where is the bracelet?" He frowned, pointing ahead, further into the shrine.

"Still on it's alter, Ayane-sama." She nodded, running towards it.

"I'm taking it!"

"Demo, Ayane-sama!" The warriors began protesting but her voice rang loud and clear as she returned with the trinket.

"I'll take full responsibility for it but it must not fall into the monster's hands. I will not allow it!"

"Ah, but I really wanted it," came a deep voice. The guards turned toward the doorway, poised. "You see, I must visit someone in the Tenjimon village and I was hoping to give her that as a present." Raidou walked in as he explained his intentions, his gaze never leaving Ayane's.

"Like who?"

"Your mother…" The lavender-haired ninja remembered clearly the night that Ayame admitted to her that she was of her flesh and blood. The heartache she felt when she realized she could have lived in the Tenjimon village.

"Ayame, but why?" Raidou took a step closer, causing the soldiers to stiffen and raise their weapons.

"Well," the male assassin began," in a few days, it's going to be a sort of anniversary for us. Actually, it should be in late November or early December but something specific happened this month all those years ago."

'What the hell is he talking about! Today is… August 2nd … The only thing I can think of is…. my…'

"You look confused, dear." Ayane came out of her train of thought, glaring at him.

"Why do you keep calling me that! What're you planning? What happened between you and Ayame?" He grinned, taking another step. Ayane flicked her wrist to her left, then to the right, water dripping from her soaked clothes. Responding to the signal, the soldiers surrounded Raidou. He merely laughed, further startling the men. Swords drawn, they attempted to steady themselves as Raidou took another step toward Ayane. Finally, one of the four snapped, charging forward toward the enemy to whom refused to move until the last second, grabbing the hilt of the warrior's katana, taking it from him and thrusting it through his gut. Two others attacked, one getting stabbed through the chest while the other exchanged blows, sparks flying. As they pulled away from each other, the last fighter came in, joining the fight. Suddenly, the two warriors simultaneously slashed diagonally, pulling back to reveal Ayane who pulled a frontal assault of tornado strikes. Though once her back faced him, he recovered, slamming the hilt of his katana into the small of her back, hitting nerves and sending her forward to the floor.


"Bakamono!" The soldiers charged, one finally killed by decapitation, the body hitting the floor with a sharp thud. Before the other could come back to reality with what happened, Raidou came up, slitting his throat. Looking around at the small massacre he'd just committed, Raidou turned his complete attention to the kunoichi still on the ground. She quickly rose to her feet, despite the pain throbbing in her lower back.

"Now then…" he paused, looking for the bracelet, his eyes widening once he found it. "You put it on!"

"Yeah, and I can't get it off," she complained, which seemed rather unusual for her. She ignored his surprise, crouching down in a stance.

"Now you've done it. You shouldn't have put that on and bad little girls need to be punished." To her shock, Raidou moved with incredible speed, landing multiple blows before slamming her into the wall nearby. Grabbing her by her throat, he lifted her up against the wall, slamming his fist into her gut.

She choked out a cry, blood coming up and trickling down her chin. She recognized the move that both Bayman and Leon used from the last DOA tournament. Raidou was known for stealing techniques.

Backing off, he watched her slide to the floor, breathing deeply. Ayane then turned to the side slightly, coughing up blood. As he watched the crimson liquid drip onto the floor, a small smirk found its way onto Raidou's face. Taking up the katana again, he approached the shinobi, knocking her down further. Now on her back, she hazily peered up as Raidou came over her, straddling her before grabbing her right wrist, which held the bracelet.

"What… are you…."

"I guess that your wrist will just have to come off. I need that bracelet." Her eyes widened slightly as she began to struggle.

"Iie, yamero!"

"Now, now, you should do as your father tells you." She froze, confusion and denial crossing her face.

"My….father… you're not…" Taking advantage of her shocked state, Raidou raised the blade, ready to strike when a shuriken found itself dug into his hand, causing him to jump up and scream in pain. Standing in the doorway of the shrine was Ryu Hayabusa, the solitary ninja of the Hayabusa clan.

"Raidou, leave or you will have to face me." Ryu flicked his wrist, two more shurikens appeared in his hand between his fingers. The scarred man smiled cruelly, standing completely.

"Is that so?" With the blink of an eye, he vanished, his voice still heard. "I guess that's enough bloodshed for now but I will be back. Maybe next time I can finally slit your throat, Ryu Hayabusa!" He laughed, it's sound fading away.

As he replaced his shurikens, Ryu's gaze fell upon Ayane who had now turned over and was now coughing up more blood.

"Ayane…" She looked up weakly as he approached, cursing herself for the state she was in.

"Ryu-sama…" He kneeled down, lifting her chin.

"Daijobu desu ka?" There was a slight pause before he reached down to pick her up, a small yelp making him stop. She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

"Iie, ii kara," she murmured, wiping the blood from her chin. She slowly leaned up, making it easier for Ryu to wrap his arm around her waist and the other under her knees. "This… really isn't necessary, Ryu-sama…"

"That man is dangerous. Look at what he did to you."

"It's nothing."

"Say what you want, I'm still getting you help."

"The doctors are dead… Raidou killed them while they tried to help those who had already fallen…"

"Well, then," Ryu murmured, "I'll just have to take you to the Tenjimon village." Ayane jerked, yelping as pain shot through her body.

"Nani!" She began to try climbing out of his arms. "That's nonsense. I'm fine --" Ryu suddenly pulled her closer, stopping her mid-sentence and ceasing her movements. "Can't we just go to your village?" she whispered.

"Why don't you want to go? Is it Hayate?" To his complete surprise and shock, he saw tears in her eyes.

"I… I couldn't protect him…. And this just proves that I still can't…" She roughly pulled herself from his arms, stumbling a bit, her face slightly red. "He can't see me like this, Ryu-sama! I…" Ryu closed his eyes, his brow creased in a pained look.

"Gomen nasai," he murmured. She shot a glance, finding him gone. Upon delivering a swift blow to her neck, she collapsed, falling over his extended arm. "I really am, Ayane. But I'm doing this for you."



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