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Chapter 2

Worry and Guilt


Hayate was presently sitting Indian-style in the center of one of the dojos, meditating. The rain began to lighten, the sky still dark and heavy with clouds. Random candles were placed about the large room, providing little light and heat. Hayate was adorned in his dark blue outfit with matching headband. The black cloth that would cover the lower half of his face hung loosely around his neck. By his side was his katana and wakazashi which were usually hung across his back and horizontally along the small of his back. A ninja scout entered, treading softly towards his master before kneeling near him.

"Hayate-sama, we've lost Kasumi."

"Pull your men back and send out Isugi's force," Hayate replied quietly without opening his eyes. The scout nodded before rising and leaving the young master alone. Once the ninja was gone, Hayate opened his eyes, red orbs scanning the room. He then frowned, sighing to himself. The last time he'd seen his younger sister was in the 3rd Dead or Alive tournament. When he told her that she was never to return home… and she accepted it.

His train of thought was broken when a random soldier came rushing in, a sign of urgency on his face. He kneeled before the redhead, his breathing labored.

"Hayate-sama, Ryu Hayabusa-sama has entered the village." Hayate stood, addressing the soldier.

"Send him to the main temple. I'll see him there."

"Hai, but he has someone with him." He shot a glance at the man, his expression unreadable.

"Who is it?"

"I couldn't see, Hayate-sama. I merely rushed to inform you."

"Very well, I've told you want to do." Hayate turned, leaving with his weapons, the warrior hurrying off to fulfill his master's wishes. "Ryu…. Why are you here," the redhead whispered.


As Hayate entered the main shrine, he noticed his best friend was staring out at the clearing sky. Upon Hayate's entrance, Ryu drew his attention away form the night sky, the horrid storm passing over.

"Ryu, what can I do for you? What brings you to the village?" Ryu gave him a grim look as though hesitant to respond. "I've heard that someone was with you."

"Hai, it's Ayane…" Hayate flinched, giving him a side-glance.


"Her village was attacked –"

"By who?"

"…Raidou." Hayate's brow creased, the mere name making his blood boil. "…yate? Hayate?" The redhead blinked, looking over at the super ninja.

"Gomen, where is she?"

"With the doctors, hers of her village were slain." Ryu paused for a moment before adding, "She's very stubborn." Hayate glanced at him, confused by the statement.

"What do you mean?" Ryu drew in a deep breath, letting it go as he brushed his ponytail over his shoulder.

"She didn't want to come here…." Hayate felt a pang in his chest, as though his heart sank, which Ryu noticed due to his expression. Upon frowning a bit, Hayate turned and walked away, his friend trailing behind him. "Where are you going?"

"I want to ask Ayane why. I want to hear it from her." As Hayate reached the door, it slid back on its own to reveal one of the doctor's male assistances, his face flushed from obvious running.

"Hayate-sama! The girl, Ayane-sama, she's gone!" The two men glanced at each other, nodding.

"Leave it to us."

"She couldn't have gotten far, believe me," Ryu murmured as they ran out of the shrine.

"Where would she go?" Ryu shook his head, unsure.

"Hayate?" The redhead froze; turning toward the main house where a woman stood in the doorway, worry clouding her dark, gray eyes.

"Kaa-sama, what are you doing up?"

"I heard Ryu-sama was here. O-genki desu ka?" Ryu gave her a slight bow respectfully, glancing up at her. She appeared paler then usual, her eyes dull and expression seemed tired.

"Hayate, Ayane may –"

"I know. Kaa-san, you should go lie down, we –"

"What about Ayane?" Hayate gave her a confused look, curious as to why his mother took such interest in the lavender-haired shinobi.

"It's nothing you have to worry about. Please go lie down." Ayame frowned, doing as her son wished, hearing their soft, yet rapid footsteps as they hurried off. Once she reached the other side of the room, she kneeled down before a small alter where a glass orb rested. Within the orb was a purple butterfly, which was presently resting at the bottom. However, once she lifted it, it began to flutter about. She smiled faintly, watching the dim candlelight dance and flicker across its dainty wings. As she replaced it, she began coughing, drawing the attention of her servants.


Ayane slowed her pace, clutching her sore stomach as she finally stopped, leaning her back against a tree. The dark sky finally began showing stars, the sinister clouds moving along their treacherous path. Ayane peered up, taking deep breaths carefully so as not to cause herself more pain.

"That baka yarou. Who the hell does he think he is? He… he couldn't be… my… could he?" Tears formed at the corners of her eyes, threatening to fall. She pulled at the thin kimono she was wearing, wishing she were in her shinobi garb. The lavender kimono was given to her to get her out of her wet clothes but before the servants could return to check on her, she had gotten away. No doubt that Ryu and Hayate were informed by now. "Hayate-sama, gomen nasai…"

"For what? That's what I don't understand…" Ayane let out a small gasp, finding Hayate to her right.

"H-Hayate-sama!" She moved to get away but he moved forward, grabbing her wrist.

"Ayane, what's wrong? Why are you avoiding me?" To his surprise, she was actually trying to get away from him. "Ayane?"

"Please, let go of me…" Jerking her towards himself, he spun her around to face him, tears cascading down her pale face. He frowned, worry clear in his crimson eyes.

"Ayane…? It'll be okay." She continued crying in his chest, refusing to meet his gaze until he forced her by pulling away and grabbing her chin. "This isn't like you."

"I know. I don't know what's wrong with me," she murmured softly. Just then, something caught the redhead's eye. Still holding Ayane's arm, he noticed the bracelet she was wearing was glowing an soft black.

"What is this?" Ayane glanced at it, narrowing her eyes.

"Oh, that," she mumbled. She sighed deeply, "It's a treasure from my village. Some sort of strange relic." Hayate looked at it curiously then let go for now.

"Ayane, please come back to the village with me."

"Iie," she said, looking away again. "I don't deserve to be anywhere near you."

"That's what I don't understand. You—"

"I'm not strong enough! I wasn't then and this proves I'm still not!" Hayate froze, staring at her wide-eyed. Suddenly, his expression softened as he pulled her closer, embracing her. She stiffened, her eyes wide. "H-Hayate-sama…"

"Baka, you've been blaming yourself this whole time? It wasn't yo—" A loud explosion nearby cut him off, both warriors breaking away and looking for the source. "What was – oh, no…. Ryu…"

"Ryu-sama?" Suddenly, form the dark of the forest, Ryu came flying back, slamming into a nearby tree.

"Ryu!" The two ninjas ran up to their fallen friend, finding small, yet numerous wounds on his body, blood dripping from a few. His hair ribbon was gone or broken now, his long, brown hair falling over his fair and shoulders. "Ryu! Daijobu desu ka? Ryu!"

"Hn…." The super ninja let out a low groan, a sign that he was still alive.

"Who could've done this?"

"That would be me." Ayane froze, shrinking back behind Ryu and the tree he was leaning against.

"Raidou, you son of a –" Raidou stopped him by grabbing the front of his shirt, pulling him forward.

"Don't worry, I'm not here for you. Or the other pretty-boy. All I want…. is that bracelet… and…" Raidou hissed his ear, eyes searching for the lavender-haired girl. Once he finished speaking, they heard a small, soft voice chanting, growing sterner as the chants continued. Recognizing the voice, Hayate suddenly pulled his arms up along his chest, breaking the scarred man's hold on him before pushing him back hard with a blow to his gut.

" – tou bon!" Ayane unleashed the spell, which sent Raidou deep into the forest, catching him off guard. Hayate took this time to get Ryu up and help him escape with them.

"Ayane, will you be okay?"

"Hai, let's get going." They hurried off, hearing Raidou's angered scream in the distance, birds flying off, startled.


Once they arrived back at the village, the doctors rushed up to get Ayane, only to realize that Ryu was in need of their care as well.

"Go on, Ayane, it'll be okay. Oh, and, sensei, be careful with Ryu-dono's back." Hayate broke off with the group upon seeing his mother up again. "Kaa-san…"

"Hayate, where is Ayane?"

"With the doctors now, the same ones who told you to go to bed." He walked up to her, smirking at the fact that he was right. "Listen, isn't their a bracelet in our trove?" Ayame's eyes brightened, eyeing her son carefully.

"Hai… why do you ask?"

"Nothing," he murmured, walking away.



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