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Wasting Away
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I suppose that, in truth, I was wasting away for years before my death even begun. The first part of me disappeared when he went away – I will not mention his name for even thinking it causes me much pain even now. I loved him, he deserted me, and a part of my heart withered.

The second time my heart was broken was when Nathaniel was born. I loved him deeply even though he reminded me of my betrayer, my lost love, and yet my parents did not. My son was born out of wedlock, and because of that I must say that even a servant-girl would have faired better in my situation than I did. I was forced to give my son to my sister, Alice, and her husband. So he became Nathaniel Drablow and I was no longer his mother.

The third and final time my heart broke was when it happened. I need not recount in detail, for I am sure that all will know of the circumstances in which I lost him. I was watching from his nursery window for him to come back. The trap had sunk into the marshes before I could even scream. A dark fate for my son indeed; he was only six years old, and one so young should have never even heard of death, let alone embraced the Reaper himself. He was taken from me, and so my heart finally withered into nothingness.

I had already wasted away inside when the disease set in. Because of that my beauty faded, by skin became taut and sallow and I seemed, in truth, no more than a living corpse. Alas, I felt myself to be no more than that, for my soul was dead and my body dying.

I died twelve years after my son; died of that disease that had caused my body to wither in much the same way as my heart had. So now I remain here, a tormented ghost, unable to forgive my sister or any others in this pitiful place for the carelessness that cost my son his life.

Yes, my soul and body wasted away a long time ago, but the pain in my heart did not, and so I remain here until the day of judgement, my pain preventing me from moving on. For I am Jennet Humfrye, sister of Alice Drablow, mother of Nathaniel Drablow. I wander this place forever in pain, for eternity because I am the ghost that haunts this place; I am the woman in black.