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Ten Years
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I first met you ten years ago… ten long years. I was still a child then, still a princess. I was not a young woman, and nor was I a queen. My father was still alive then, but alas that he was killed by demons four years ago; he met the same fate as my mother in the end.

However, no matter that the demons have caused all the pain in my life, I still cannot bring myself to hate them. No, I cannot hate them because, in hating demons I would hate you too, and I could never hate you: I don't think anyone ever could truly hate you, Raenef.

I told him to wait for me when I was forced to leave you. I told you to wait ten years for me. Well now ten years have come and gone, and still I have heard nothing from you.

Don't you love me, Raenef? I have always loved you, always, and yet you have never come back to me. I wish only to see your face once more, to know that you love me as I do you.

Ten years, one hundred and twenty months, five hundred and twenty weeks, three thousand, six hundred and fifty days… it's an awfully long time, is it not? And yet I have waited, waited for you to come to me.

Yes, I have waited ten years for you, but I am still waiting. And I will still wait; I will wait forever if need be, for I need once more to see your face. I will see you again, perhaps, but ten years have passed, the promise is broken. It has taken me ten years to realise this but perhaps you never loved me after all… did you?