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Destiny Watches, Destiny Waits
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Time passes always. There is nothing that anyone, mortal or immortal, living or undead, can do to delay its passage. No one, that is, except for him, the one with the powers of a god and the corrupt, black heart of a demon. Only destiny itself can corrupt time's flow, for destiny is the one over whom even the gods themselves have no power.

Thus destiny rules over time, rendering time itself obsolete in some cases. Destiny can control all; it maps the paths of all before they are even born to this earth. Destiny pits brother against brother, father against son, and thus delights in the downfall and destruction that eventually befalls all races.

Destiny pits its own sons off against each other in the hope that one will rise victorious over the other and thus prove himself to be the ruler of all darkness. Until, of course, destiny decides that he too should die and fall into a dark lake of despair, just as his brother before him.

Destiny controls the lives of mortals, though destiny itself is neither living nor mortal. Destiny is the lord of life and of death, and with each tick of the glowing heart-shaped watch that is time mortals draw closer to their deaths.

Destiny knows this; destiny rejoices in it. It knows that all must come to an end one day, yet destiny itself shall always remain. However, now destiny merely waits for its sons to battle, for the Lord of the Shadows, the one who will seem to all else to be as demonic as destiny itself, to arise from the darkness of the night.

But for now destiny will wait, and it seems to smile as, with each tick of time's heart-shaped watch, mankind's doom draws closer…