Life of a Geisha

Young Honda Tohru walked through the old streets of Japan. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a bun held in with a beautiful red shell shaped clip, while two small brown tresses hung in front of her face. Her face was painted pale white and her lips a deep red. Her cheeks had a hint of rouge and her eyelids painted bright pink. Her kimono was deep blood red embroidered with large white lilies and small pink flowers. Her obi was pink and tight. It held her kimono together. Her sleeved covered her dainty arms and hands. Her feet were adorned with traditional sandals.

She arrived at a large house at the back of town. This is where her first client, Sohma Akito, lived. His house was larger than a traditional bathhouse, but that's because it was formerly a bathhouse before Sohma-sama had decided to buy the property and live there when the old woman of the bathhouse had died.

Sohma Akito, one of the cruelest known men alive. He's known for his terrible raging fits and is heard constantly throwing the house apart. It is said that he has many people around the house to help him keep it clean but barely anyone goes in there. Safety issues Tohru had assumed.

She rapped lightly on the large wooden doors. She heard somewhat quiet footsteps. The doors slid open to reveal a young man with short grey hair. He smiled softly at her and welcomed her in. "You are the Geisha. Honda Tohru yes?" He smiled. His soft purple eyes gave a comforting feeling and made her feel more welcomed.

She nodded. "I am Yuki, I know Akito-sama is expecting you now. I will show you his quarters." She smiled and bowed respectfully to him.

Yuki tilted his head curiously at the girl. "I see you don't talk much." He laughed a little and led her down the halls and up some stairs. She hid her face shyly by bowing her head. He laughed again and showed her up another flight of stairs. Tohru thought she might get lost so she stuck close to Yuki.

Suddenly she heard a crash. She whipped her head around to find one of the shoji doors completely busted out of its place and standing on top of it, a young man in a Kimono left open to reveal small fighters pants. Her eyes widened slightly. Yuki shook his head slightly.

The young man had short messy orange hair. Soon, a young man with white and black hair accompanied him among the rubble. Both of them had an evil glint in their eye. Tohru watched the both of them.

"You'll pay for that Haru! I'll still beat you yet!" the orange-haired boy said.

"Oh shut it Kyo, you just cant stand being weak." Haru repeated.

Yuki pulled Tohru along to get away from a possible eruption of the old house.

They walked past another open door which had two guys playing the board game "Go". Both looked sort of similar except one had glasses laying lightly on his nose.

"Your turn Hatori." One replied.

"Must you insist on disrupting my though Shigure?" the one called Hatori replied as he moved a piece, out smarting Shigure once again.

"Again Hatori? No fair I want a re-match!" Shigure whined.

"That would make it the tenth time today Gure…" Hatori replied.

"Please tori-san?" he pleaded.

"No…" He said as he got up.

They continued down the hall before they went up the last flight of stairs. The hall was dark and slightly dim. Tohru got the chills just looking at the hall. Yuki walked down holding his own façade so as not to alarm the girl. He led her into a wooden door and then closed it behind her, leaving her completely alone…or so she thought.

"Well, well. Look what we have here." A somewhat eerie voice said from the corner. "A little lost kitten who found her way here." He purred. Tohru saw a shadow move. There was barely any light in the room except for one glowing candle. She held her arms against herself slightly frightened.

"Don't be scared my pet…I wont bite…hard." The voices tone was starting to get creepier. Tohru felt a soft, cold hand touch her porcelain face and another rest on her shoulder. She shivered under his icy touch.

"My but aren't you soft?" She felt his hot breath against her cheek. She felt herself pulled against a soft kimono and hard chest. His kimono was open slightly. His icy frost bitten lips caressed her neck. The sensations that ran through her body were unexplainable as he continued his torture.

Soon she found herself on the floor with the beastly man. His hands caressed her small petite, fragile body and he smirked as he saw her enjoying his touch. She barely knew him yet he made her feel so good. He was cold but gentle. His arms were around her untying her obi's bow. He cast it aside and continued to undress her.

Tohru emerged from the room hours later after Akito gave her a…workout. Her first client and her first time. He knew she was a virgin and he seemed to enjoy that. She walked out into the hall to find that Yuki was waiting there to escort her out.

The walk out of the house was silent. When they reached the door both bowed respectfully to each other and Tohru left. She walked down the street and back to the tea house where her mistress, Kaoru, lived. She rapped lightly on the shoji doors and was met face-to-face with Kaoru-sama. Tohru bowed in respect to her mentor and walked inside, taking her sandals off.

Tohru walked to her small floor bed with her porcelain geisha pillow lieing there. She put her head down on the hair protector and soon fell into a light sleep. Her dreams were only filled with wonder. Who was this new danna she would have to visit daily. She hadn't seen his face through the whole first meeting. She had a feeling that this day was only the first of a her geisha life, and wouldn't be the only one where she would be left alone in her room just wondering.