Whispers of ancient China,

hush hush, sighing winds,

The night is nigh, and still

my silk slippers dance on into dark

Hum, hum beating drum

Royalty awaits thee

A rare beauty in the north,

With the power to entrance

Stain red my lips

Lust and power, and

Still my slippers dance, dance

Cull men with my dagger lance

Hush , hush .

Take my bright dagger,

And shred the green shoots

Silk brocade , hide my sight.

My slippers dance on, on

Vengeful needs

And weeping willows,

Summers been and gone

Now take this stopper

That plugs my worthy heart of love

Trained to feel no pain,

Roar against the sighing wind,

Elegant ghost of the echo dance.

Light to light the dark,

As out of the shadows I prance

Beauty that can bring a man to his


With every moan of the nights song

Unto the night I prowl, skin

On skin

Block your flying dagger,

And still my slippers, dance on….

I shall live for one and one alone,

The sight I pretended not to see

'One glance from her the whole city falls'

Rescue me

'The nation left in ruins'

To beautiful to die, yet too dangerous to live

I have never been more cherished,

by anyone, but you'

And my slippers

They cease their morose


As the wind sighs : 'Hush , hush

And Winter moves on…………….