Title: In the Arms of an Angel

Author name: Ham

DISCLAIMER: No I don't own Harry Potter. I just write fanfics for fun and make absolutely no money out of it. It all belongs to the great JK Rowling

Summary: A small H/G drabble.

This chapter is a gift for someone very special. They know who they are.

Thanks go to - Rachael (rdprice29) for the amazingly fast beta.


In the Arms of an Angel


Harry woke up to find his head lying on a soft lap and someone gently running their hands through his thick, messy hair. A few strands of her long hair were tickling his nose and that was what had woken him up.

He had crashed on the couch in the common room after a long and vicious dueling session with Mad-Eye, and had been so tired that he had fallen asleep immediately.

His sleep ridden, emerald green eyes opened slowly and met a pair of bright, chocolate brown eyes.

The look in those eyes struck him speechless for a few seconds.

"Don't look at me like that," he said slowly, his voice raspy with fatigue.

"Like what?" she asked softly, continuing to look at him.

"Like the sun rises and sets in my eyes."

"But it does," she said simply.

"Don't. It scares me."

"Why does it scare you, Harry?" she asked gently, as she brushed his hair back softly.

Harry closed his eyes and sighed. "Someday you are going to realize that I'm not perfect. That I have my flaws like everybody else and I'm just a regular person. When that happens, your heart will break and you will hate me."

She laughed, the sound of it making his blood sing with a fierce joy.

"Harry, I know you aren't perfect. Whatever gave you the idea that I thought you were?"

Harry opened his mouth to speak and he was shut up by her finger on his lips, stopping him.

"Hush. Let me finish…" she said smiling down at him. "Harry, you have a lot of flaws. You have a nasty temper, you can be amazingly thick at times, you have this really irritating nobility complex, and these are just a few things of a long list. But you know what?"

"What?" Harry mumbled, speaking through his closed lips.

"When I compare them to the things about you that I love, they seem so insignificant that I just can't see the flaws. You aren't perfect, love. But you are perfect for me."

Harry looked up at her, taking in all of her at once. Her long, fiery red hair. Pale, creamy skin which was scattered with freckles. Her huge brown eyes, which held so much love for him that it was more than he could bear. Her soft pink lips, curved into a tender smile.

She was so beautiful! She was a goddess. She was his.

"I love you, Ginevra Weasley."

"I love you, Harry Potter."

He gently reached up and pulled her down to him, catching her mouth in a fiery kiss. The feel of her mouth on his was unbelievable, his whole body felt alive. Blood raged through his veins, making him feel like he would explode with pleasure.

Ginny broke off the kiss and whispered naughtily in his ear. "Of course, it helps that you are a fantastic snog and have a cute bum."

Harry went beet red.

Ginny laughed. "You are too easy, love."

Harry just pulled her down for another kiss and shut her up.


A/N – I just felt like writing fluff. This is the result.