"Thunderbird Five to Tracy Island, May Day! May Day!" John called before a massive explosion rocked the geostationary orbital satellite, plunging it into the chaos of computer consoles shorting out and blowing up with shrapnel flying everywhere. The pilot had been thrown back from the main console and slammed into a bulkhead in the passageway leading to one of the gantries that made up Thunderbird Five.

Stunned and felt his left arm shoot rapid attacks of pain to his nerves, John fought back up on his feet and over to the consoles, shaking on his feet slightly while checking around the burning station, hearing the computers sparking and fry under the fires and short circuits caused by the explosion.

Checking the computer console in front of him, John grabbed the edge of it before his knees gave away making him gasp in pain and clutch his left arm tightly to his chest so not to hurt it any more.

Working one handed on the console battling into trying to find what systems were online and what systems were offline while trying to keep the communication channel open and intact. A sudden cracking sound gained his sudden and full attention, looking around John found a crack developing in one of the windows of the control room.

The crack grew larger every second being pulled and tugged at by the pressure of outer space, John knew then that the satellite was doomed as well as his life. The crack let out an almighty loud boom as it blew out into space. Air rushed out through the breach in the hull, John fought to hold on, but the pull of space was too strong, it picked him up and sent him tumbling helplessly through the breach into space.

Jumping awake, John breathed heavily and felt sweat travelling down his cheeks and forehead. Shakily, he threw the light blanket off and swung around till he had his legs on the edge of the bed. Resting his head in his hands with his elbows on his legs, he rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands.

Another nightmare, one of the series of nightmares John had been having ever since the encounter with the Hood, when the Hood had attacked and crippled Thunderbird Five in order to move the rest of his family away from the island.

Sighing John fought up onto his feet and over to the open double doors that led out onto the balcony. Looking out over the view of the darkened jungle and glimmering ocean beyond it, he realised that it was still early in the morning and with a glance to his watch, John figured out that sunrise wasn't for another three hours.

With a deep sigh John moved back inside and got changed into a light shirt and trousers, he would have a shower later but right now he needed to get away from the house.

Soon he finished changing, made sure his hair looked neat, then quietly left the room and away into the main complex before heading to one of the jungle paths that John had been walking along since being let out of the complex after his injuries had healed.

Opening his eyes, the young man stared at the ceiling and sighed to himself knowing that next door slept one of his brothers.

Shaking the sheets off, he grabbed his shirt off the back of the chair before putting it on along with his slip on sandles and stepped out of his room to follow his brother in the shadows.

Stepping out into the early morning mist that had formed over the pools during the night though will soon fade once the sun appeared over the horizon. John stretched tenderly and sighed before heading into the jungle for a walk to clear his head before heading back to bed for a few hours for some much needed yet denied sleep.

Weaving in and out of the fastly overgrown jungle path that was still need tending to as some things did get forgotton in the aftermath of the incident when the residents of the island was held capture in the freezer or the boys being trapped along with their father on the crippled Thunderbird Five.

Shaking his head, John jumped over the tree roots that stuck out along the path. This jungle path was one he mostly used to get up to one of his favourite cave hideaways, it gave what he thought was the best view of the night sky over the ocean but it also gave the best view of the ocean for when he needed to get away from the craziness of the island's residents whenever he was down on Earth.

The young man followed along the path, being careful not to make a noise that would give away his location and his plan of following his brother.

He was worried about John and wanted to try and help, seeing him wounded and covered in dust and grime from the fires and explosions up in the satellite had made him more worried than he had been since International Rescue first started.

He always worried about his brother being alone up in Thunderbird Five with the occasional call from the base up to see how he was or visa versa, but still his presense was missed down on the island.

The small party of having their youngest brother joining the ranks of the thunderbirds, as they were so named in the press, was a nice way to be all together as one happy family. Smiling at the memory of the fun they had when the temptation of leaving John floating on the air bed became too much and they had ganged up on him, making him fall off the bed into the water below.

Sighing, the young man continued following John and made sure that he did not make a single out of place noise and a nice distance away so that incase his brother wanted to check his surroundings that he could hide.

John climbed up and half slipped as he climbed up the side of the cliff until he reached the top of the cliff, he had discovered this a few years after they moved to the island. Whenever something bothered him and he was down on the island, John had crept out of the main complex and through the jungle to this spot.

It was a small rock formation that formed a small and shallow cave, it was enough to protect anyone or anything in the shelter it gave. The view was either out to the jungle or towards one of the larger beaches and the ocean depending on where the person sat to, either in the shallow cave or up on top of the rock lip.

Sighing as he climbed into the shallow cave, John sat down on the moss covered rocks and looked out over the darkened jungle and the sky that was begining to brighten up. Resting his head in his hands he felt the shudders of the nightmares he had been having resurface due to the darkness his hands pressed against his eyes provided and made him look up away from them.

Getting back up on his feet, he made his way over to the edge of the cave and leaned against it, his head turned to face the view below.

To be continued...

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