Chapter Five

Are you sure that you're ready to go back John? We can take it one step at the time Jeff's voice echoed in John's mind as he looked out onto the ocean from his balcony of his room.

"I'm sure Dad, I've got to do this…even though I fear what I might do back up there" He muttered, leaning down on his arms as they were crossed in front of him on the bars that made up the balcony ledge.

Hey John, ready to hit the simulators? Don't want to get rusty now do you? Scott's voice echoed in his mind.

If I spend any more time in there Scott then I would be able to out fly you on your own bird John's reply with a slight laugh appeared in his head.

John shook his head trying to clear the voices of the memories repeating themselves in his mind before he moved back away from the balcony and looked into his room to see his bag almost full.

Gordon was prepping Thunderbird Three along with Jeff and they would all go up oanto Thunderbird Five to give the satellite once last check while Jeff said that he would stay up in the geostationary orbital satellite with John for a week or two.

John believed that his dad just wanted to stay up and check on him, see if that the talks they have had over the past month had helped with John getting over what had happened in Thunderbird Five.

The brothers argued that Jeff should stay on the island saying that it was important that he stayed there incase anything went wrong with Tracy Industries but Jeff simply said that Scott had been learning how to run the business and it wasn't like he wasn't going to be easy to contact. He then told the whole family that they mattered to him first and always had even though Jeff didn't show it.

I love you all, I know I don't show it or say it enough but I do! You should be able to tell me anything that you are afraid to tell me or show me that is what got us into this mess in the first place. So I'm going with John like it or not!

John smiled as he checked over his bag, Thanks Dad that means a lot He thought as he did his bag up and slung it up on his shoulder before looking over his earth-side room for the last time in what will probably be a month.

One last sigh, John left the room closing the door behind him before walking down to the office where his family had gathered to see him off. Just like when we first started except this time its just three of us going up there instead of all five of us. He thought with a soft smile shifting the bag up farther up his shoulder.

"Thunderbird Three go ahead, you're good to go!" John said cheerfully going over the new systems while checking over the airlock to make sure it had been locked down successfully.

"F-A-B Thunderbird Five, we're all set here so see you in a month!" Gordon's voice came back with the same cheerfulness.

"Yeah hopefully will keep you on your toes this month, see you around Gordo!" John replied before cutting the communication channel and he looked out of the window to see the large red rocket fly by the satellite before disappearing around the planet to go back to the island.

John sighed deeply; it had been three months since his first return after his break down and the first month had gone quickly with Jeff up here to help him settle back into the routine offering any assistance or just to be there to talk to.

Now, International Rescue was back to its full operations without a hitch even if the last two months had been quiet with only ten rescues in a month compared to the average twenty.

Scott had called up to ask if he was ok, just being the typical big brother watching out for his other brothers.

John shook his head at the memory, That and he was bored He thought to himself with a smile as he got his baby to go over the planet surface scanning for any brewing trouble that only the Thunderbirds could help with.

Going over the input and happy that the satellite was going to do what he asked, John pulled back away from the console and walked out of control to the living space. He looked out of the large glass windows and sighed deeply with a sigh of content, "I'm home" John said out loud to the satellite to hear beeping from a computer nearby as he entered the living space welcoming him back.

Going across to the large window that showed a part of the view of deep space, John sighed deeply again looking out at the stars without any help from his telescope or Thunderbird Five's scanners.

The fear is still there, it still haunts my dreams but now I know that that's all they are, they are dreams. They are dreams of the past and we all have learnt from these, the dreams will remain to remind me that things have changed but they have changed for the better.

John looked around the living area seeing that it had been remodelled slightly as the whole of the geostationary orbital satellite had been; sections had been rebuilt and redesigned for the better.

Yeah, the changes are for the better. We're back and we're going to stay! I'm no longer afraid of the darkness, I feel that the darkness will come one day but for now I treat the darkness with respect knowing that somewhere amongst it there is always a small light of hope.

That's right, a small light penetrating the darkness.

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