Chapter 1

Hirmoshaka stood over the precipice of the local mountains. Beside him sat his good friend meditating Kraqazikal. Both were lean muscular males with good attitudes. Finally Hirmoshaka spoke, "hey we should be getting home soon." "Yes I think that would be a wise decision," agreed Kraqazikal. The two friends claimed down the cliff with only one minor problem. Hirmoshaka almost slipped down from about ten feet up. When the two friends got to the bottom of the cliff Hirmoshaka said, "Man that was a close fall!" "Yes a little too close if you ask me. I think that rock was jarred previously to slow us down for some reason?" questioned Kraqazikal.

When the two friends started out on the road two men ran out from the forest and they barred the road. Kraqazikal said, "Move we are trying to get home." "No way we will never let you through you are the key to the Black Legions plan," said the lead man with a velvet scarf obscuring his face Hirmoshaka thought oh know the Black Legion my parents told me about them over dinner last night. The Black Legion was an evil gang of villains that was kicked out of the army. The two men rushed toward them drew there swords and distracted Hirmoshaka out of his train of thought. Hirmoshaka and Kraqazikal drew there swords and went into there defensive stance Kraqazikal engaged with the lead Black Legion man. They were a mess of swords and limbs. Hirmoshaka waited for his opponent to make the first move. The second solider stabbed and Hirmoshaka parried. Than in a flurry of blade Hirmoshaka disarmed his opponent. The solider fell to his knees saying, "Please let me go, I have a family and two kids." "I'm sorry but the black legion killed Kraqazikal's parents. Plus that line I've herd too much from you soldiers." With that Hirmoshakah drove his sword through the man's shoulder. He looked over to see how Kraqazikal was doing he had already moved his solider to the ditch to the side of the road. Kraqazikal was moving toward Hirmoshaka and Hirmoshaka decided it would be best if he moved his soldier out of sight too. When Kraqazikal finally reached Hirmoshaka the soldier was off in the side of the road out of sight. Kraqazikal said, "Did you rid yourself of that Black Legion soldier?" "Yes I did." said Hiromashaka.

With nothing more to say the two brothers continued walking down the road to there house. They past through the green wooded forests that surrounded there home. When they got out of the dense forests the brothers looked at the house and were amazed at what they saw. The gate to the farm estate was broken down and still burning the wodden was still burning and smoldering. The brothers looked for a place where they could safely go into the once lush grounds of the estate. When they got in side the grounds they saw mass carnage everywhere.