Life without eddie…..

It's been a month sinece eddie guerrero's death and everyone in the wwe and in his family still miss him and think about him. His widow Vicki decides to pay a visit to both brands raw and smackdown. She is still pretty upset about his death but she also knows she must move on for her children so she and her girls aboard a plane for new york for she must become a diva so she can take care of her daughters.

Meanwhile on smackdown chris benoit is in his lockerroom getting ready for his main event match for the us title and he starts to think about his best friend eddie knowing he is watching him with a lot of love and support. But benoit can't help but cry over the loss os his friend but knows he must live on without eddie in his life.

On raw john cena is getting ready for his match against kurt angle and prays to god and eddie for a victory. John always thought of eddie has a father and looked up to him a lot eddie taught him a lot about wrestling and how to treat the fans. Now john must go out there alone without eddie there to support him in life but cena knows that eddie supports him from heaven as well. He still misses eddie a great deal but knows that he would try and be just as good as eddie was. He starts to head for the ring knowing eddie is there with him.

Well there's chapter one I hope everyone likes it……Eddie will be missed a great deal and I want to show how the people in his life are trying to move on with their lives.