Summary: 'Bestiality?' she asked, confused. 'All of our powers have consequences. Can you in all honesty say you did not suspect this one?' Everything has a price.

AN: So here we are, chapter one of a story that I have started and will (hopefully) finish in under 30 chapters. Feedback in various forms is welcome. This will be in first-person from Sakura's POV, and will feature various heterosexual pairings. Sorry to disappoint yaoi readers!

On the spelling of "bestial:" It is spelled correctly, as is "bestiality" and "bestially." Although they are derived from the word "beast," they are not spelled "beastial" or "beastiality." Double-check with a dictionary or word-processing spellchecker if you don't believe me. Blame it on the quirks of the English language.

Chapter One

I woke up, opened my eyes, and was promptly blinded by the sun that had snuck in through the crack in my curtains.

"Uuuurrrggghhh," I moaned in pain, curling up and pulling the blanket over my head. This was obviously a sign from above that it was not time to get up—look at what I got just for opening my eyes! I blissfully slipped into the cool darkness of sleep again . . .

"WAKE UP FOREHEAD GIRL! YOU CAN'T JUST SLEEP THE DAY AWAY! BESIDES DIDN'T YOU HAVE A MEETING TODAY? GET UP GET UP GET UP!" my delightful roommate yelled. I'm sure you can already tell from the term of endearment who it was.


Some things never change.


My "meeting" was really nothing more than a training session. Even though I had (finally) made jounin (although, to tell the truth, most of us struggled with the exception of genii like Neji and Shikamaru), it doesn't pay to let your combat skills get rusty. Occasionally I would train by myself, running through various katas and routines. Other times I would fight one-on-one with someone. Most of the time I fought in a team against another team. We would make up mission objectives like Kakashi used to do for us—like, "get the bell or no lunch." Rock Lee was a big fan of the incentives, although his ran more along the more extreme lines of "get the bell or run 10,000 laps around Konoha."

Today I was training with Naruto and Neji against Shino, Kiba, and Kakashi. I don't mind being the only girl, although there usually is at least one other—it's not like kunoichi are that scarce. However, Kurenai and Hinata were training new groups of genins. Ino had a mission today that would take her away from town for at least a couple of weeks. Shizune was doing something for Tsunade. That basically exhausts the number of women in our circle. A surprising number of kunoichi are in ANBU. If you looked at the number of ninjas who are only jounins, the ratio of men to women is about 3 to 1. However, if you include everyone in ANBU as well, the ratio is somewhere between 1.5 and 2 men for every woman. In ANBU the ratio is nearly one to one. We women are quite good at being sneaky.

At any rate, I had decided that since I had both Neji and Naruto on my team, I was in for a sure win, so I decided to let them do their thing. Alright, the truth was, I was still tired and I was looking to catch forty winks in a discreet and relatively hidden location. The "objective" for this "mission" was to capture a member of the other team and hold them hostage until sunset. Team NNS (Naruto, Neji, and Sakura) decided to split up but to stay relatively close. I opted to stay at our "base" location—where Neji and Naruto would bring our hostage. This is on the same level as glorified guard duty over a patch of ground. I know, I'm just so generous and helpful, right?

If I hadn't been so tired, maybe I would have re-thought the situation out a bit better. I mean, really now. It's hard enough to even get near Neji, let alone touch him—especially since he can conveniently see everything around him for miles. And Naruto? He has so much chakra and can create so many clones that it creates a big headache even trying to think about how to capture him—he's just that powerful. So, unfortunately, I am the weak link—although I am by no means weak. I have quite a few nasty genjutsu and medical ninjutsu tricks up my sleeve. Not to mention I have incredible strength. But in terms of accessibility, it is quite easy to capture me—especially if I'm sleeping on a wide branch overlooking our base camp. Which, as I'm sure you can tell, is precisely what happened.

I was enjoying my nap in the nice, cool shade when something—a fly, I supposed—landed on my nose. I sleepily swatted it and rested my hand on my forehead. But the damn fly bothered me again. I repeated my gestures, still keeping my eyes closed. The fly tickled my cheek, and then my nose again. I opened my eyes and sat up—only to end up nose-to-nose with Kakashi, who had been tickling me with a leaf.

There was a second where I just froze. My mind blanked, and I'm fairly certain my mouth had dropped open. I was just that shocked, and that off-guard. Bad Sakura! Then I rolled off the branch, swearing under my breath. Or, at least, I intended to roll off the branch, except Kakashi grabbed my wrist—I will never cease to be amazed by his speed—and pulled me back up.

"Really, Sakura," he said, with his visible eye scrunched up—a clear sign that he was grinning at me, "I could have sworn that I taught you better than that. I would expect Naruto to fall asleep, but you?"

I couldn't resist the childish urge to stick my tongue out at him. Really, I tried very hard—okay, you're right, I didn't try at all, and Inner Sakura and I enjoyed every second of it. So there. Nyeh.

Kakashi laughed again, and I used the distraction to stab him with the kunai that I had slipped into my hand while sticking my tongue out at him—see, everything has its use! Unfortunately for me, Kakashi is much speedier than me even at my most awake, so I ended up in a hold with my kunai grazing my neck. What made it even more shameful was the fact that it was my hand holding the kunai. Kakashi was gripping my wrist. Eh, well, nothing ventured, nothing gain.

"You're getting sloppy," he murmured.

"We both know that at this particular moment I have absolutely no chance in hell against you—but I couldn't just roll over and let you get me that easily."

"True," he said as something cold and metallic tightened around my wrist.

Handcuffs? Kinky. But I'm not surprised. This is what happens when you read erotica for years and years: you start bringing naughty toys with you everywhere because you've rotted your brain. That, and you can't have regular sex—you have to spice it up. I contemplated voicing this opinion to Kakashi, but decided that as he had the upper hand at the moment, I probably shouldn't push my luck. Who knew what other kinky sex toys he had in his pockets? Really though—a genin knows how to get themselves out of ropes in any situation. Standard equipment for a capture includes handcuffs and ankle shackles with chains coated in a layer of black rubber—to minimize noise and light reflection. The exposed metal is black as well. But it really makes a statement about my impression of him that when I felt the handcuffs the first thing I thought of was his sex life.

Without much ceremony, Kakashi cuffed my hands behind my back, turned me around, and flung me over his shoulder. Not that I'm complaining. He doesn't have bony shoulders, and . . . well . . . let's just say I can't complain about the view. Now, I know what you're saying—Sakura, he's 14 years older than you! But the man is a ninja, and he's still in his prime. And his body has just gotten better and better with age. It's common knowledge (and popular opinion) that Kakashi is one of the sexiest ninjas in Konoha. I can hear what you're thinking! Gasp Sakura, but what about Sasuke! Well, it's true, I was fixated on Sasuke when I was 12. But after someone is gone and completely cut off from you for the better part of 3 years, then you rescue them and they ignore you for the next two, and your hormones are developing and raging and rampaging and whatnot, you can't help but notice other people—even if it's in passing, such as when you walk into your sometimes-sensei and notice, "My, Kakashi-sensei, what firm and surprisingly defined abdominals and pectorals under that rather loose vest you have." (The correct response would have been, "The better to look all hot, sexy, and to be mysterious with, my dear," but luckily, I managed to keep my big mouth—read: Inner Sakura—shut on that one.)

But I've gotten sidetracked again. Right, the view—and by "the view" I mean his rather nice ass—looked very firm. It's a good thing my hands were behind my back because it was just too tempting to grab it. Inner Sakura was practically foaming at the mouth—wait, scratch that, she was foaming at the mouth. :Aw, come on—just one little squeeze? Please? GODDAMMIT WOULD IT KILL YA TO JUST BITE INTO THE DAMN THING! OOOO IT'S SO FREAKIN' TIGHT :

We arrived at their "camp" fairly quickly. As Kakashi bent down-- :OH YEAH THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BABY!:: --and let me off his shoulder, Kiba jumped down in front of us. He looked me up and down and raised an eyebrow as he grinned at me.

"Didn't put up much of a fight did ya?" Kiba said. I blanched. I really, really, really did not want Kiba to hear about how I had been watching the inside of my eyelids. Aha! I had it! The excuse that works in every situation.

"Mumble mumble mumble woman mumble mumble pain mumble mumble cramps mumble." I bent my head over and groaned a bit to look convincing, forgetting who I was dealing with.

Kiba closed the distance between us and inhaled deeply. He promptly smirked and opened his mouth, but then froze. He closed his eyes and leaned in closely and inhaled again, keeping his mouth open. I knew this because he exhaled warm, moist breath against my neck. Of course, I was thoroughly confused, especially when Akamaru came over and sniffed at my knee.

"Whoa, hang on a second! What do I look like to you—the canine version of catnip? Back off!" I took a step backwards and bumped into Kakashi, who placed his hands on my shoulders to steady me. Kiba opened his eyes and shook his head as if to clear it.

"Sit down there," he growled at me as he leapt back into the tree he had been hiding in before. Jeez! What was his problem? I discreetly turned my head towards my shoulder and sniffed. Nope, I smelled fine to me. My clothes were clean; I brushed my teeth and showered this morning. What was Kiba's problem? I know he has a sensitive sense of smell, but really now. Maybe he was allergic to my new bath gel? Well, it's not like I had anything better to do, so I sat down, trying to get as comfortable as possible with my hands cuffed behind my back. Kakashi sat on the ground in front of me, leaning against a tree. He pulled out an orange book. I wonder if he actually reads it when he pulls it out or if it is just for the sake of appearances. Now—time to plan how to get out of here.

I wondered where Shino was. Hm…I guess he was out toying with Neji and Naruto. Shino definitely beat everyone hands down in terms of mysteriousness. We were never sure of what he could do until he was in action—and he guarded all of his best moves closely. I severely disapproved of the hood. The sunglasses, I supposed I could deal with—but the hood? Seriously now, it was just creepy. Then I got a wicked idea—or Inner Sakura did. What if I sliced off his hood? Yeah! That sounded brilliant! Of course, I wasn't concerned with strategy at the moment, because I was on a stroke of genius—I had formulated a sketchy plan for my escape.

Stretching and shifting a bit, I located Kiba, Akamaru, and Kakashi. Well, Kakashi was right in front of me so it wasn't too hard to locate him, but you know what I mean. They made a tiny mistake when they cuffed me—my hands were together. My hands flew into a series of symbols for an obscure genjutsu I had found while poking my nose in various scrolls. It created a static illusion of me. Since I had just shifted and stretched, it wouldn't be too out of the ordinary if I stayed still for a few minutes—we all had lots of training at staying still (well, except for Naruto, he wasn't really that good at it). Okay, genjutsu in place. I peeked through my lashes at Kakashi—the key to this genjutsu was that, upon casting, the caster could not move otherwise the illusion would be dispelled.

Now for the tricky part. I'd only attempted this a couple of times, but it got easier every time. Concentrating very, very hard, I thought back to my base camp area. I thought of a leaf that I had seen on the ground—it was bright green with a yellow tinge all around the edge. Once I had the leaf firmly implanted in my mind, once I knew intimately its location and orientation, it was just a matter of concentrating chakra—but slowly, slowly pouring it in so as not to attract too much notice. Then, once I had a sizable amount accumulated, I flooded it open and—snap! Kawarimi no Jutsu! I opened my eyes. I was back at the base camp. Hopefully there was an illusion of me with a leaf floating next to it. But I knew it wouldn't hold for long, especially with Kiba and Akamaru there as my scent would fade, leaving a scentless Sakura. It was only a question of which would fade away first—my scent or my illusion?

I was entering what I called "full kunoichi mode"—the adrenaline began to pump, I was more alert, poised for flight or attack as necessary. The handcuffs were easily dealt with using a senbon I had hidden between the metal plate and cloth on my hitai-ate. Getting the needle, however, involved more time than I would have liked, shaking it off my head and contorting myself so my hands could reach up to my neck to reach it. Anyway, that accomplished, I threw the handcuffs as far away from me as I could, in the opposite direction I intended to go. A quick scent-covering jutsu, and I was on my way. I really didn't feel like wasting a lot of chakra on this jutsu, it was just for a quick getaway. Besides, the long-distance blind Kawarimi left me slightly depleted in chakra reserves and strength. My goal was simple: to find Shino, distract him so that Neji and Naruto could take him down, then guard him while Naruto or Neji played around with Team KSK. It would probably be Naruto—his ability with the clones was perfect for this sort of thing.

Swiftly, silently I followed a faint chakra trail—something I had learned to sense while pursuing medical studies. I thought it might be Naruto's; he had so much chakra that the concept of it leaking out made sense. I wasn't really sure if Neji's Byakugan left a chakra signature. I thought I heard Naruto's voice when a large object suddenly dropped in my path and pushed me against a tree, bringing a shriek from my lips. I really need to work on my guard.

Kiba grinned fiercely at me. It was obvious that his blood was up—he was enjoying playing predator to my prey. "Thought you lost us didn't you?"

His hands were wrapped around my wrists, pinning them to the tree on either side of my head, and I knew I couldn't match his strength—his was enhanced as well. Damn my size! I lashed out with my legs, but he quickly immobilized me, using his body to press me into the tree. Then he inhaled sharply through his nose and buried his face in my neck.

"God, Sakura, what the hell is that smell?" His voice came out muffled.

"Hey!" That idiot had no right to insult me like that! "I'll have you know I showered this morning. With strawberry-scented shampoo and honey-scented gel, you ass!" Honey-scented bath gel that cost a small fortune, I might add.

"No, it's not that, I can smell that," he said, moving his nose up to my hair then back to my neck. "It smells like…woman. Fresh, fertile, untouched woman." I felt something hot and wet and shrieked.

"Did you just LICK ME! Get OFF!" I began struggling in earnest, slightly panicked now. Kiba drew back and looked at me. His eyes were glazed over but were beginning to look slightly possessed, slightly hungry. "And I have always been a woman, you idiot!" I couldn't believe he could tell that I was a virgin. Inner Sakura was apoplectic—and I was bright red with embarrassment.

"It's…different…this time," he gritted out. Then he leaned forward and kissed me. It certainly wasn't my first kiss, but it was probably the most forceful. I suppose I should have suspected that from an alpha male like Kiba. I was really too much in shock to do or notice anything except warm, surprisingly soft lips, and a swipe of his tongue on my lower lip before he was pulled off of me and I was faced with Naruto, complete with rapidly darkening whisker markings and growing fangs.

:OH SHIT : I heard in the back of my mind, and I snorted. Yeah, that was the understatement of the year. Naruto flung Kiba into a tree, one hand fisted in his shirt.

"You…will…not…touch…her," he growled out. Lovely, a fight for dominance.

"Naruto, it's okay, calm down." He ignored me. Right then, time for more drastic measures. I grabbed his free arm, and, predictably, he whirled to face me, dropping Kiba and ready to strike at me. I admit, it wasn't the brainiest option, but it worked. He paused, and inhaled. Then he sniffed closer.

"You smell like him," he rumbled at me. His eyes were still wild, he still had fangs, and his whisker markings were still prominent. Hmm…not good. He pulled up my wrists, and sniffed them.

"You were caught—I smell the metal." Then he licked my wrists. Okay, this was officially creeping me out. I decided to send him into a deep sleep (an easy feat for a medic-nin, although for Naruto, it would require more chakra, but it wasn't a problem). I moved to bring my wrists together to form the seals, but he didn't let me.

"Naruto," I said in a low voice, "let me go." He ignored me. And began sniffing me like Kiba had. I could see Kiba over his shoulder, sitting on the ground and shaking his head. He must have hit it on the tree when Naruto threw him against it. A snarl from Naruto had me jerking my head back.

"I can smell him on your lips." Oh heavens, not—but he did. He kissed me, and it was glorious and beautiful and passionate. Having somewhat expected it, I was prepared, and when I felt his tongue gently demanding entrance, I opened my mouth, getting ready to bite it off. What, did you think I was that easy? I was furious! I was going to beat Naruto from here to Konoha and back. And then I was going to skin him and put it up on my wall with a sign that said, "Do not touch me. Or else." But at that moment Naruto suddenly slumped against me, bringing us both to the ground. I looked up at Neji.

"Smell me!" I demanded. The genius raised an eyebrow. "Dammit I'm serious!" I stood up and pointed to my neck. "Smell me here!" He complied. "Well?"

"You smell faintly of honey and strawberries, but mostly of the forest." Oh. Well then. Good to know I was safe from at least one of them.

Dammit. I wouldn't have minded if it was him. Inner Sakura wistfully sighed. I secretly agreed with her. Neji was gorgeous—in a purely masculine sense, of course.

"Might I ask why?" Oh, right, he probably missed the whole thing.

"Because you have matured." Kakashi was leaning against a tree. When the hell did he get there!

"Excuse me?" I said icily.

"You have…matured," he said. It was odd seeing Kakashi at a loss for words. "There's really no other way to put it." Then it occurred to me what he was talking about.

"But that happened years ago." And it had, when I was fourteen and on a mission. Talk about royally sucking. I was twenty now.

"Uh…well," I briefly wondered if it was someone pretending to be Kakashi. He put his arm behind his head and crinkled up his eye. "There's a difference between being physically mature and having everything in balance." I blinked at that.

"In balance?"

"When you are ready…to…" He shrugged. I turned to Neji.

"Are you following this at all?" Neji looked at me and activated his Byakugan, then looked me over.

"Yes." What the hell!

"Would you care to enlighten me?"

"He means that you have reached a balance, an inner harmony."

"Between what?"

"Your physical being and your mental being," Kakashi said. "Your chakra flow has reached an inner harmony with your physical being, with your…hormone levels. It's a bit deeper than that, and it's not the sort of thing that a medic-nin would notice."

This was true. Medic-nins really only saw people on an as-needed basis. We diagnose the problem and fix it to the best of our ability. True, some medic-nins saw people at various ages, but we don't keep records of chakra flow alteration or anything like that—especially not for girls in relation to their…menstrual cycle. Although…it is true that during our monthly and shortly before it our chakra levels fluctuate. That's why all kunoichi are on birth control—so we can better regulate our chakra and keep the levels more stable. But, if we took our pills, we should have some sort of balance, right? Maybe Tsunade would know more about it.

"So my scent changes?" This was just too weird. But it made sense—a girl doesn't really stop growing everywhere until around eighteen or twenty-two, somewhere in there. The scent change would happen at the end. Damn, and I was really holding out for an extra two inches in height too.

"It signals your readiness—for a lover—a mate."


What is going to happen with Kiba and Naruto? Where is Shino? Find out that and more about Sakura's "maturity" and why Kiba and Naruto can smell it in the next chapter!