Welcome to Snoozer's World!

Chapter 1: Fishing with wormholes

"And they call these easy to peel!" Oxnard was wriggling on the kitchen floor, struggling desperately to peel a Clementine orange. He managed to spray himself with orange juice twelve times, wind the peels halfway up his waist, and actually shove his paw into the orange before Hamtaro and the gang came to rescue him.

"Oxy!" yelled Pepper, rushing over to his orange flavored side. "Don't y'all just stand there snickering!" she called, glaring at the hams. "Help my poor Oxy baby!" The gang laughed and chuckledtheir way over to the juicy mess and tugged, finally breaking him free from the peels.

"Thanks guys!" muttered Oxnard, catching his breath.

"No problem, Oxy baby." sniggered Stan. Oxnard gave him a piercing look.

"So, you ready to go?" asked Boss. Oxnard gave him a blank stare.

"Go where?" he questioned.

"Duh! The fishing trip!" he said. Another blank look. "The one we've been planning for months?" Boss said, a little more desperately now. The blankest stare of all.

"Oh, that trip." Oxnard agreed with a fake look. He allowed himself to be led into the back yard and onto the rocky path in the woods.

"How long until we get to the river?" asked Pashmina, after they had been walking for twenty minutes.

"We're halfway there!" Hamtaro said brightly. "Who wants trail mix?"

"Ate it." Oxnard said.

"What about the chocolate seeds?" Hamtaro asked.

"Ate it."

"How about the…"

"Ate it." By this time the hams were extremely hungry and giving Oxnard angry glances. Oxy had no shame and walked proudly as the other ham's stomach's growled desperately.

"Oak…wee…" Penelope muttered hungrily. She collapsed into the dust. Pashmina gave a shriek of worry and loaded Penelope onto her back.

"Ohh, my poor stomach!" Bijou yelped as her stomach gave a loud gurgle. "Ugh. I think I will lay down by zis berry bush."

"BERRY BUSH!" yelled the hams as they scuttled to the lushbush and began plucking the sweet raspberries from the leaves.

"Krm krm krm krm." The hams muttered as red juice dripped from their chins. After the bush had been picked clean and the hams were considerably full, Hamtaro led them on. Finally, they reached the river.

"It's beautiful!" whispered Bijou, unloading her finger length fishing pole. The hams sighed in agreement.

"Uhhh, guys?" Boss muttered. "Look at this!" He held up an empty jar.

"What's that? Invisible fish food?" Joked Stan.

"No." Boss said. "It's where the worms were!" The hams were stunned. Oxnard turned bright red.

"Those were real worms?" Oxnard said with a sick expression. He started stroking his stomach. "My poor, poortummy!" he cried. Howdy put his paw on his face with a look that clearly said "How can he be a hamster if he's as smart as a kumquat?"

"No worms mean no fish and no fish means we came here for nothing!" Boss yelled. With angry looks the hams packed their things and made the long walk back to the clubhouse. Oxnard tailed behind all the others, not wanting to get his head ripped off.

"Snoozer, we're home!" Cappy yelled as he crossed through the doorway. Snoozer, as you know, never left his sock and was rarely seen talking. As a matter of fact, nobody had seen Snoozer from the neck down. Does he even have a neck? Anyway, back to the hams.

"Snoozer?" Cappy called. He ran into Snoozer's room. "AHHHHH!"

"What the…?" mumbled Boss. He led the hams into Snoozer's room. There was Cappy gazing at a sight none of the hams had ever seen. Snoozer's sock. Empty.

"Snoozer!" yelled the hams to no response. Where was Snoozer? Cappy plucked up the sock muttering "I've always wondered if this would make a good hat." He sat it on his head.

"Cappy," Pashmina said. "That's not a ha-AHHHH!" The sock had slid over Cappy's body and crumpled, leaving Cappy nowhere to be found. The hams looked scared.

"You know what we have to do now, right." Boss said.

"Scream really loudly?" asked Dexter

"Scream really loudly." Responded Boss


While the others were yelling in fright, Maxwell had decided to investigate. He opened up the sock to find himself being pulled in. He clamped it shut. "Aha!" he yelled triumphantly. "It's merely a linking chamber to another realm." The hams stared in confusion. "A wormhole?" he recited to nods from the gang.

"Should we follow him?" asked Sandy, knowing the answer.

"I'm afraid we'll have to." Maxwell said. "The odds of Snoozer returning on his own are about 335746.9078 to one."

"For Snoozer!" Boss yelled as he dived into the sock.

"For Snoozer!" shouted Pashmina, Oxnard, Hamtaro and Sandy, climbing in.

"We're coming Snoozer!" sounded Bijou, Dexter and Howdy.

"Oakwee!" Penelope yelled as she flung herself into the sock.

"For Snoo….oh what the heck." Said Stan, stepping out of sight under the sock.

The feeling of the wormhole was incredible. Like they were flying and roller skating all at once. Their surroundings were a blur as they sped past blobs of color and finally landed on a hard stone floor.

"Where are we?" several hams yelled. Their echoes were slightly eerie.

"I don't know, but let's get out before we find out!" screamed Pepper. She climbed up a rope that seemed to appear from nowhere and headed towards the hole they came out of. The instant she touched the portal, it closed. There was no way out.

"Help!" shouted the hams in harmony. A moment later, an answer to their call was heard.

"I'm coming, don't you get yer knickers in a bunch there lassies." Responded a strange voice. It was getting closer. The first instinct was to run, but the hams seemed to be glued to the spot. The stood there, vulnerably awaiting their rescue, or doom.

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