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Chappie 9: The royal city

All the hams could do was stare. The royal city lay stretched out before them. A huge mass of gold and ruby. Castles and streets littered the way along the dusty canals. And there in the valley, in the middle of a huddle of girls, was Snoozer.

"Snoozy!" Boss called out, leading the hams to his side "We've been looking all over for you!"

"Zzzzzz" Snoozer snored.

"I love it when he does that!" an excited girl giggled. She stroked Snoozer's fur.

"We love you, Prince Omar!" The girls cried, scooching ever closer to Snoozer. (anyone who has seen this episode knows who Omar is, for the not knowers, Omar is a rich hamster who is identical to Snoozer)

"So that's what this is all about!" Sandy announced "They think you're Omar!" Snoozer might have nodded in his sleep, but maybe it was a trick of the light. The girls scooted in even closer to Snoozer, or shall we say, the prince. The hams decide to play along and bowed down to Snoozer, muttering things like "your sleepiness" and "majestic prince of snores." But their fun was soon to end. Soon, the king emerged from his tower and made an announcement.

"Everyone, the wedding of Prince Omar and Princess Sweet will commence in half an hour. Omar, please come to your changing room. Your friends may come."

"You're getting married!" Cappy shouted after the hams had entered the room. Snoozer snored on. Suddenly, they heard a tap on the window. The real Prince Omar stood just outside the window. Bijou hurried to let him in.

"Sorry I'm late!" Omar said, slightly flustered. "Please tell me I didn't miss the wedding!"

"You are just in time" Maxwell told him. "Our pal Snoozer almost got married to Sweet. Where were you anyhow?"

"Please don't tell the king! I was gambling at the casino! Please keep quiet about it! The king will think I'm too irresponsible and then I won't be able to marry her!" Omar sobbed. The hams made a pinky swear.

"In that case," Omar announced "you are all invited as honored guests at my wedding, which is right now! I gotta hurry!" The hams took their seats just in time to hear the vows.

"I do" Omar uttered. Sweet followed him.

"You may kiss…" But Omar and Sweet were already locked in a fierce embrace. Bijou looked at Hamtaro, slightly red.

"I wonder what it would feel like to get married." She told him. Hamtaro turned red too.

The hams said their goodbyes to the kingdom and a servant led them to their goal. The other sock. It was almost sad to leave, but the bottomless feeling in their stomachs made them forget. They landed with a thud on the clubhouse floor. Snoozer was snoring loudly.

"What a crazy adventure, eh Snoozer?" Cappy said. Snoozer took no notice.

"Aww, he fell asleep on the ride home." Sandy cooed.

"Uh, guys, due to his natural sleep patterns and body temperature, it seems he never was awake." Maxwell told them.

"YOU MEAN HE WAS SLEEPING THE WHOLE TIME!" Boss yelled. Snoozer might have flickered a smile, but, once again, maybe it was a trick of the light.

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