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' "Shut up you damn rat! You don't know shit about how I feel!" The cat shouted breathlessly. It looked as if he had just run a marathon. He was breathless. Beads of sweat were running down his tanned cheeks. His eyes were dilated into almost cat-like slits. When he fought with Yuki he always looked like this. Yet there was something wrong. His movements were not quiet as assured, and confident. For the first time she had ever seen he looked uncomfortable in his skin. His eyes didn't quiet seem to hold the same fire for the fight they normally did. But the most obvious change was his voice. When he shouted his voice quivered slightly, and it sounded so… almost… defeated.

" Yes I do you stupid cat! Don't believe that you're the only one who cares!" The reigning Kaibara high prince shouted back. Yuki was acting different too. If she didn't know better She'd have thought he was about to cry.

" Um… Hey Yuki, Kyo… w-what's the m-matter. Is there something wrong?" She asked meekly. The intelligent part of her brain told her not to interrupt this fight. And yet still she asked, why had she asked.

It happened to fast for anybody to stop it. Both cursed boys turned to stare at her strait in the eye. They turned and shouted. They turned and shouted and replied.

"I love you!"

And then it was done. It couldn't be taken back or changed or ignored. They both said it and they both meant it and she couldn't handle it. And she ran.'

' I don't understand. I don't understand' She kept repeating in her mind over and over again. 'I don't understand, how can they say that… feel like that… about…' "me?" She squeaked out the end of her thought. Though she knew she should not have run she could not bring herself to turn back. So her feet continued to carry her to an unknown destination. At this point she didn't care anymore. She could feel nothing, she was so confused.

She closed her eyes, continuing to run. She mentally begged for an excuse to stop, because she knew that if she didn't stop soon she'd never stop running.

"Oomph… I'm sorry mis-Tohru?"

"Hatori?" She asked, her eyes still squeezed shut tightly.

The young doctor looked down at the girl. When he had first run into her, before he knew who she was, He'd wondered why this girl would be out running around an a stormy night like tonight. Now that he knew who she was though, he wondered why she was out with out Kyo, or Yuki, or even Shigure. He wondered why she had her eyes closed so tightly, and why she wasn't opening them. Wait…! Tears…? What had happened?

"Tohru?" he asked, gently taking the girl by the arm and starting to lead her to his car, " Why are you out so late, and alone? And with out shoes?" The last question came out rather surprisedly, he had only just noticed the girl was only wearing socks.

It would be about five minutes before any response would come, in that five minutes the dragon had assisted her into his car and gotten into the driver's seat. He had barely closed to door before she started sobbing. They were soft at first, so soft they had been covered by the sound of the wind. But soon they had grown into full out sobbing.

"Oh Hatori, how could it go so wrong? I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't understand." She dissolved back into tears. The doctor started driving, not toward shigure's house, but the main house.

"What's Wrong Tohru?" He asked, his eyes never straying from the road.

"It. It happened so fast, I didn't know what to do… I was afraid, more afraid then I've ever been. I don't know what to do, I don't understand . I don't understand." She ended in a whisper, bent over her forehead resting on her knees.

"Slow down Tohru. Take a deep breathe. Now tell me what happened." The doctor said stoically. It seemed though that his words helped her. She sat up and took a deep breath and slowly started to speak. Though he noted, from the corner of his eye, that her eyes were very blank.

"I had been in the kitchen making diner, and I heard Yuki and Kyo come in. I thought it was kind of weird for them to get home at the same time, because usually one of them will come in at least five minutes later than the other even if they actually arrive at the same time. But today was different, they'd both come home very late, much later then normal. And they were fighting. But not like normal. The both looked tired, as if they'd been fighting, but neither of them had even a scratch. And the way they acted, it was like they were exhausted, like they were… tired of life…" she paused for a moment to take a breath, she didn't seem to want to continue though.

"Continue." He told her softly. Urging her to finish.

"Well… I listened to them continue to fight for a few moments. Then I came out of the kitchen. I watched them fight for a minutes or two. An-and I asked them what was wrong… and they told me…"

"And? He asked, pulling the car off to one side of the road.

"They told me they loved me." She said softly, starring at her hands.

" And?" he asked, actually looking at her now.

"I ran away." She whispered more to her self then to him. New tears ran down her cheeks. "I was. So. Afraid." She said between small, little sobs.

"Why?" he asked. He was far from a psychiatrist, even still after having listened to so many problems from the Zodiac children and Akito, he'd learned a few techniques that he'd found quiet useful, and usually ending up with the person in better mental health than before.

" I don't know…" She replied softly. Now starring at the rain as it fell hitting the sea of pavement surrounding the car.

" You probably do. "were you afraid of the fact that they loved you? Or was it something else?" he asked, watching the sixteen year-old closely.

"Something else." Came the whispered reply.

"Tohru, I don't want you to answer right away, but think of what this something else is. Can you do that for me?" he asked her.

She turned to look at him. She nodded, looking slightly more like the girl he knew. She said nothing for a while. And it was silent. Finally she spoke.

"Pain." She whispered. "I… I don't want them to get hurt, I don't want to have to choose." She concluded.

He nodded. Putting the car into gear. "In consideration of what happened I think it might be best if you stay with me tonight, I'll phone Shigure and tell him where you are."

"thank you."

They rode in absolute silence for the rest of the trip.

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