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Akito shifted and grumbled against his futon, unable to sleep. The nerve of those two. How dare they go against their god? Akito sat bolt upright, covering his mouth with his hands, coughing violently and trying to cover it. Damn, it was getting worse. Was he actually going to be alive for much longer? What kind of life was this anyway, sitting around waiting to die?

"Is everything okay Akito-san?" Kureno asked, quietly sliding open the door. He never was that far away anymore, as Akito had ordered.

"I'm fine, go away!" Akito snapped. He kept up his snarl until Kureno bowed his head and exited, sliding the door shut as silently as he had opened it. He was so annoying, so boring, just like a ghost, there but not really there. His but not really his, not any more.

Akito covered his mouth, letting out a distressed but muffled groan. He didn't need Kureno coming back to check on him that quickly anyway. What did he need him for? Kureno only pretended to care, only pretended to want to stay around. They were liars; they were all liars who wanted to leave him. He was dying and they were just going to leave him alone and pick someone new. They'd probably bit that annoying Tohru Honda too. They all seemed to love her didn't they? They all loved her and no one loved him.

He had to bite down a snarl. He didn't want Kureno coming back to try and make him stay in bed. He was dying, he wasn't an invalid. Akito stood quietly, straightening his yukata. He waited. No sound. Good.

Quietly as he could, Akito padded across the tatami and over to the sliding door to the outside. He slid it open, sure that he was making so much noise that Kureno would return and stop him. In reality the door slid open and quietly as the one Kureno had opened only a few moments before.

Barefoot and quiet Akito continued to pad across the polished wood. If you walked long enough around the edge of main house of the main house you would end up at any room in the house. Akito walked, having to stop occasionally to muffle his cough. It was both chilly and humid, which was not helping his condition. He ignored it. He never felt good, he got used to it.

On he walked, stopping at where he knew Hatori's room was. He slid the door open just a little and peaking in. Hatori was laying on his futon, back to the outside door, though the slow rise and fall of his shoulders signaled to Akito that the dragon was indeed asleep. Akito quietly pushed the door open a bit more. He glanced around, no sight of Tohru Honda.

Akito stepped inside, sliding the door shut. He walked through Hatori's room, careful not to wake the nosey physician until he got to the inside door. Again he quietly slid the door open and shut, stepping though it in between. It was a bit late, but servants were still about, doing their final clean up before the morning girls would wake and begin their work. Akito moved passed Hatori's room before roughly grabbing the arm of one of the girls.

"Where is Tohru Honda, tell me where Hatori put her?" Akito snarled.

He saw the woman's eyes widen in fear, and something else that made Akito want to scratch all the skin off her pretty face. There was ambition there. He knew her thought process, if she could sleep with him then she might birth the next heir and she would be revered like Ren-san. And that was exactly why this woman would not be working in the main house after tomorrow.

"This way Akito-sama," the woman said, with a flirtatious smile and he had to keep himself from hurting her. He could get rid of her as soon as he got to that ugly girl.

Though the servant annoyed him merely by her existence she got him to what he wanted. He smirked, leaning down and kissing her. "Thank you for your assistance," he said. He turned away, coughing a bit half for show and half reality. "I think I would like to see you again. Can you be my personal server in the morning?" he asked with a smile. The stupid bitch was so excited. She had no idea that when she showed up in the morning she would be physically thrown out of his main house.

Akito turned back to the matter at hand. He turned and slid open the door, stepping in. "Wake up, I know you're not asleep," Akito said, having seen Tohru's stiff, and her eyes shut when he opened the door.

Tohru sat up slowly and looked over at him. She forced herself to smile. "Akito-san, it's a pleasure to see you again. How can I help you?" she asked in that disgustingly bubbly voice.

Akito reached out with gentle fingers, sliding down into a kneeling position in front of her. "Oh, I just wanted to see you," he said with a pleasant smile. He reached up, stroking Tohru's cheek, watching her freeze. He was well over the boundaries of normal society, but he was god and could do what he wanted. "I heard about that little mess with Yuki-san and Kyo-san," he said. "It's such a mess, isn't it?"

"Akito-san?" Tohru asked, looking unsure and untrusting.

Akito's fingers gently traced along her jaw, up her ear and then into her brown tresses. He playfully spun a bit of it around his finger and tugged it close in a manner that suggested he might want to kiss her hair. Very suddenly his kind but invasive touch turned violent. He wrenched Tohru's hair, dragging her forward as she let out a yell.

"Shut up you stupid bitch! What made you think you could get away wit trying to seduce them away from me?" he snarled.

"I didn't Akito-san, I didn't!" Tohru cried, tears in her eyes. Akito stood, starting to pull her with him. He started to pace, forcing Tohru to follow him or else he would drag her around the room by her scalp.

"Shut up! Stop screaming. Don't lie to me. I'm not stupid like you are, you nasty, ugly little girl," Akito said with a triumphant laugh.

"I'm not lying Akito-san, I swear," Tohru said emphatically, but softer. At least the stupid cow could listen to directions.

Akito stopped, flopping down to sit on the now tangled futon, dragging Tohru down with him. "Come, now, don't like to Akito-san," he said in such a pleasant tone, tightening his grip and wrenching her into his lap so he could see her pained face. He forced her head up so he could see her tears. "Now tell Akito-san, which one are you aiming for?"

"N-neither," Tohru said, shuddering with a suppressed sob to try and not be so loud, but she hurt.

"Now, now, you know you're lying, tell me the truth," he chastised, digging his fingernails into her scalp now. "Tell me, when you get home, which one are you going to take up on his offer?"

"Neither," Tohru said louder.

"Neither? How can that be, two beautiful boys tell you that they love you and you're not going to pick one? How can that be?" He asked.

"I don't love them like that," Tohru said softly. That wasn't exactly true. She didn't love Yuki like that. She had some… she wouldn't call them feelings, but some little shivers of… something she wouldn't name toward Kyo. But Kagura loved Kyo, and Tohru loved Kagura and didn't want her to get hurt. Kyo had Kagura. He'd be okay… and Yuki… so many people loved Yuki. Surely someone would come along.

"You're seriously telling me that you're going to turn them both down?" Akito asked, dragging her closer.

"Yes, I am," she said softly, letting out pained whimper. She gasped when Akito let her hair go. She pulled away, reaching up to gently touch her throbbing scalp.

"Ew, I got your nasty blood on me," Akito said softly. He looked at it for a moment, sniffed it to see if it was human, and then wiped it the futon's comforter. "Apologize for getting your nasty blood on me. Apologize."

"I'm sorry Akito-san," Tohru said quietly, not looking at him. Good, seemed like the woman was finally learning her place.

"Tell you what, since you've been such a good girl I'll grant you a wish," Akito said with an overly big smile.

"A wish?" Tohru asked.

"Yes, a wish. Are you looking forward to turning Yuki-san and Kyo-san down and breaking their hearts?" he asked.

"No, no, of course not," she said both emphatically and loudly. There was a silence that followed. "I'm sorry," she mumbled. Maybe that kind of clumsiness would have been cute to someone. To Akito it was annoying and ugly, just like Tohru Honda.

"Of course not," Akito said, purposefully ignoring her apology. "But I can make it so that this doesn't happen. You can tell them no and they can't be sad," he said.

"How?" she asked, not seeing it.

Akito smirked. "Easy, I'm god. I can do anything," he said.

"I don't see," she said.

"No, I suppose you are too stupid to see," he said with a heavy sigh. "It's very simple. If their god finds the love of their life then they have to be happy no matter what," Akito said with a smirk. "It's how our bond works," he said softly.

"I still don't see," she said, but he felt like she was just being annoying now to try and be cute.

"I will take you as my lover," he said, watching her pale. "Don't worry. I have no want to sleep with someone as ugly as you," he said harshly. "No, it's only for pretend. But I'm so good at pretending that everyone will have to be happy for me. When you turn them down then they won't hurt. They'll just be happy that I'm happy," he declared.

"I don't know," she said quietly.

"Of course you don't. You don't know anything about us. But I know everything," he declared. "You can break up with Yuki-san and Kyo-san and not hurt them, isn't that what an ugly girl like you would want?" he asked. Tohru only nodded. "Then what's the problem? Just agree!"

"Oh, okay," Tohru said.

"Now, shake my hand," he said, extending his hand and watching her trembling hand reach out and take his, shaking it. He'd have to sterilize that hand later. "Good, now give your lover a kiss."

"Akito-san!" Tohru said, sounding alarmed.

"Fine, fine, I'll let it got for now, but you'll have to eventually to sell this. If you want your first kiss to be special then you better find your special someone fast. You've got no time at all," he said, getting up.

"Where are you going Akito-san?" Tohru asked, suddenly surprised to see him leaving.

"To bed? What? You really want me to stay here?" he snarled.

"No!" she said suddenly. A silence followed, but neither of them broke it. Akito simply glared at her and left, heading back to his room.

She was such a stupid bitch. Oh well, didn't matter. This way he could show everyone how horrible she really was. Once he ruined her in front of all the zodiac then they're realize how ugly and common she really was. She would disappear and their endless banquet could finally begin.

Akito let out some loud, throat-shredding coughs as he headed back to bed, having to stop and grab the wall to stay upright. Damn. He'd used up all his strength on that useless ugly girl.

"Akito-san, are you okay? What are you doing up?" Hatori asked, still kneeling on the floor from where he'd quickly crawled half awake his inside door and flung it open.

"I'm fine, I'm going back to bed," Akito spat, walking past Hatori.

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