This is a story I've been wanting to do for a long time, but haven't mustered up the courage to actually write it for over two years. Seeing their isn't much Lunar 2 fanfics out there anymore, I'm going to dedicate half my time to lunar, and the other tales. Hopefully you'll all enjoy this. And yes, this is a nall pov, and takes place between Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue.

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Violence, Dark angst

Darkness Looms

Prologue: Creating the Wound

You don't understand, do you Alex? Seeing you lay here, on deaths bead. You lost your soul when Luna was taken and killed by the Bluestar followers. You were never ok after that, were you? You've lied to me. And now, you're about to leave me… my oldest friend. I just wanted to tell you thanks for all the years. And all the fish. I've never really gotten the chance to say this until now but Alex…Alex? ALEX!

I have the same dream every night. That same nightmare. It haunts me, and has made it, it's prime goal to destroy the remainder of my eternal damnation. That dream, it's so real. The prickles on my white fur, his loosening grasp on my wings. The feeling of lose and despair. Ever since Alex died, I've lost a part of myself. My true identity. I've lost what made me me, Made me Nall.

Lifting my light color fur head, I glanced around the dark alleyway. Dawn was approaching, and the harsh cold of winter was drawing near. I used to love winter, honestly. But now, it just feels so empty, and sorrowful. Sighing, I cracked open my ruby eyes fully, and made aware of my surroundings. This was my home. It was a dingy dark alleyway in Meridia, made out of some sort of stone. Seeing the alley was made of stone, the cold seemed to stay for hours after the morning frost. Might I add that even my thick layer of fur can't protect me against something this cold.

Outstretching my wings, I stretched my paws, and felt the usual feeling of cold brick beneath me. I didn't remember falling asleep the night before. Then again, all the days seemed to merge. Swishing my wings casually, I gently departed off the ledge I called my 'bed' and flew down to the dirt that lay at the bottom of this 'hell-hole'. As I strode into the sun, my current state was evident. The coat that once shone so bright was now a dull brown, and the ruby eyes that used to be filled with so much enthusiasm were space less beings.

"And so dawns another day," My voice had grown less squeaky and naïve over these past years. The once young kind-hearted white dragon was gone, and replaced with a much more mellow white dragon, even if I had no right to continue to bear the title. How long was it before I could take my place as the protector of the goddess Athena? How long?

"Better catch some grub, before the sailors leave port," Muttering the words to myself softly, as if not to let anyone hear, doubting there was anyone around. Casting suspicious looks around, I began my daily trout down the sidewalks of the bustling town. Oh how this town held so many memories to me. The shops of Ramus, Jessica, Kyle. Everyone that I ever cared about was dead. Jessica, being the half-human she was, was the last to die. Last year to be exact. I didn't attend the funeral in her honor. I lost the will to do that when Mia passed away.

I guess talking to yourself makes time go by, seeing I reached the port in no time flat. Shifting looks at the stands by the boats, I estimated my timing to grab a fish, and scamper away without being seen. To think I was once a respected dragon, and now a scoundrel scavenging for food. Twitching my left ear, a chill ran down my back, through my wings, and past my curling tail. Uneasily, I began my assault.

Humans are quite pathetic, although at one point I used to admire them so much. How they can easily miss the things right in front of them. Easily catching a fish by the neck, I swoosh by the usual stand. The fat man with the odd moustache always missed my surprise snacks. What an odd man he was.

"Like taking starlites from a dead soldier," Sure, the comparison was cruel, but it was true. And my current state really did fit the expression. Flying to a high ledge above the market place, I set down the fish and laid down upon the soft belly of my stomach. It had been more then twenty four hours since my last meal, so the temptation to bite into that fish was strong. But I had other prioties.

Turning my back to the overlooking ledge, I gently tapped a paw against the glass of the broken down building. How the glass remained in tact all these years was a mystery. Waiting for a few moments, a small calico made her way from the other part of the house, to the windowsill. Her green eyes glistened with starvation.

"Here. You know, you should try your hand at street life, it's quite amusing to play tricks on these humans," If it wasn't for the human degrading, you could have thought I was back to myself.

"Thank you, kind dragon," The feline purred and took the fish in her mouth. "But I must turn down your purposal to leave this house. My caretaker is ill, and leaving her would break her fragile heart. But thanks for the meal." She bowed her head and jumped down. The hole I slid the fish through was just large enough for this type of fish, but wouldn't serve well for a cat to slip through.

"Felines…" I muttered.

Author's Note:

Prolouges are always short. This was just a foreshadowing on Nall's life, and how he turned so bitter. The transformation to be able to turn human, AND the power of the White Dragon's will be soon. Well, if anyone reads this, thanks!