Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata: This is French; its meaning is as follows: Unacceptable person, dislike, or person of dislike.


Meet Riku Papu. A twenty-one year old, working at Taverse Hospital. He is officially the biggest asshole on the face of the planet or even the galaxy. Don't believe me? Then lets dissect his life and I'll let you decide. Riku hates every single living organism known to man, humans included. Ironically he's a doctor. Do you see where I am going with this? No? Then let us continue. He loathes everything abnormal such as homosexuality, ecstatic morons, cripples and or the disabled handicapped, children and pretty much anything that breaths.

Convinced now? No? Then let us delve deeper into the pit that is Riku.

He secretly hopes that a comet will hit the Earth head on and plunge the human race into another ice-age and effectively wipe-out all living organisms. If your not convinced now, then let us take a look at his daily beginnings. Lets delve into how he starts his mornings and ends the day, shall we?

Work begins at 7:00 AM, therefore, Riku wakes up at 6:59AM. Do you see where this is going? Let us proceed. Once up and ready to fuck-over any idiot that gets in his way, Riku stumbles around his luxurious flat in the dark. Why no lights? Because to leave the blinds open and let any amount of light into his bachelor sweet is an offence towards God and even worse; Riku.

After giving the paper boy his morning heart attack by turning on the sprinklers on the poor boy ( even during winter ), Riku has his morning cup of steaming black coffee. The time is now 7:30AM. At eight in the morning, Riku graces his job with his presence. Why doesn't he get fired? Because he's drop dead gorgeous, has an I.Q higher then Einstein, wealthy, and the director of the hospital just so happens to be a Homosexual by the name of Cloud, who has been chasing after his hot ass since the beginning of time. Enough said.

Life was going normal, well as normal as Riku's life goes; until one faithful day Cloud, his boss, invades his personal space. What do you think happened? Oh you bet your ass, he flipped out like a drama queen missing an eyelash at a beauty pageant. It wasn't pretty. Let's skip the fighting details for now and just say he was summand to court. The judge threatened to take his doctor license away unless he agreed to attend three months of anger management classes. This is where his life flips upside down with a boy name Sora.

Meet Sora Destiny. Seventeen years of age, a homosexual, seemingly overly happy, mute, obviously human, and is attending college to become a student councilor and work with children.

(Take a moment to soak the information in.)

Through personal issues in his past, Sora remains mute. That's not to say he can't talk. What ever tragic and angst shadows that fills his past, has made him lock away the truth by silencing himself. In order to be qualified to enter the courses needed to be a councilor, he must get over this disability. Issues occur, that sends Sora to anger management classes which he must attended or face expulsion from school.

What will happen when these two opposites collide? Their world will be turned upside down and flung every which way. Together, each will learn the meaning of change, acceptance, friendship, and love.

Will Riku get over his immense hate that fills all of his being due to his dark past? Will he open up to the one person that represents everything he loathes? Will Sora get over his disability and tell Riku his dark past? Or will they kill each other? Scared? You should be.

Welcome to the lives of the fucked-up. If you have read this far, I congratulate you.