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"You're the only one I know whom I can turn to who would not laugh at me just like that…"

the whole household was as quiet and serene as he can remember. This wide and big Japanese house, with its simplistic yet elegant motif made the construction flamboyant as one could imagine. There would be several spacious rooms enough to accommodate almost half of the village, neatly polished floors that were shined to perfection; one might be peering straight at a mirror. The house pillars speak of how much strength they have to hold on to this antique house; exactly like the master. The sand garden was beautifully and carefully arranged that one would not get tired of gazing at it. The sakura trees inside the vicinity were also in full bloom. Summing up, the whole place was like paradise.

He stood before an open panel door conversing with someone he really knew. He closed his eyes for a reflex.

"It would be in a few minutes. There was nothing I can do. And I did not plan on doing anything either."

The serene breeze lightly grazed his face playing with long, raven hair but was not messed up, as it was held in place by the kenseikaan.

His companion just stared at him with that kindly smile that brought him comfort.

He continued to talk, the other person contented to just listen.

"I know this sounds funny since I don't really talk that much but…" he let out a sigh and followed, "you know I've always been like this around you.

"Everything has been prepared. How about you? What would you have done if you were in my place?

"Ah, but surely you will not let this happen. The same with him. Or the worse, you could have left and fled to another realm lest this should commence.

"The irony of it all… we are total opposites. But…" he was interrupted by one of his servants.

"We should be going now, Lord Byakuya."

Kuchiki Byakuya fixed his scarf and robe.

"Yes, I will follow. Wait for me outside the gates."

The old man bowed and went on to the mentioned place leaving him again on his own reverie.

He straightened his long, white vest with the kanji of the number six enclosed in a circle on his back, being the captain of the sixth division of shinigami.

"You could have saved her unlike me… who chose to submit to the rules. I know. You really could have gotten what you wanted with a mere persuasion. You could have swayed my decision and end up appealing to the courts for her…

"And since I can see no reason for it, I remained silent. You're not angry at me, are you?"

He gripped either sides of the panel doors and slowly closed it, as if unwilling to do so and leave his ever smiling companion.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to save Rukia. Forgive me…" he murmured as the door almost came to a close.

"I'll be back… Hisana."

She did not even reply. She just continued to smile at him. But of course, a mere picture cannot talk.

I'm sorry, Hisana. I wasn't able to save your sister.

Kuchiki Byakuya slowly walked out of the special room forhis deceased wife, Kuchiki Hisana and prepared to go to the execution grounds of his adopted younger sister, Kuchiki Rukia.


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