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Sakura's Village

Chapter One: New Mission, Sakura's Fears

"Where is Kakashi sensei, does he always have to be so late?" Sakura yelled out furiously, pacing back and forth at the front of the empty classroom. Honestly, and he yells at us when we're even a couple of seconds late, and he can show up whenever the hell he wants!

"Yeah, he tells us to be here on time and then he shows up late every time!" Naruto agreed, slamming his hands down the desk in front of him.

"He's coming, now." Sasuke said from his seat near the back of the classroom, looking up and over towards the classroom door.

"How can you be so sure?" Naruto asked angrily, shaking a finger in Sasuke's direction.

"I can hear his footsteps, idiot." Sasuke replied, just as the door slid open and proved him right.

"Hello." Kakashi greeted raising a hand to all of them, he lazily looked around at the three students before him.

"You're late, Sensei!" Naruto yelled, "How come you always lecture us about getting somewhere on time, but you always seem to contradict you own rules?"

"Because I'm a sensei, I'm aloud to." Kakashi said, his one eye, that wasn't covered by his ninja headband, giving the clue that he was smiling broadly behind the blue cloth that covered the bottom of his face.

"Can we go and get our next mission, please, sensei." Sakura asked, while inside she was screaming, you go Naruto! Let him have it!

"Alright, let's go." Kakashi agreed, then turned and left the classroom, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke at his heels.

Five minutes later the four of them stood in front of the Third Hakage, who held a scroll before him, that was green in color and had D's written all over it in black.

"The D scroll! Why can't we have a mission from the C scroll! We completed that other C ranked mission, why can't why have another one?" Naruto asked, once his eyes caught sight of the scroll the third Hakage had in his hand.

The Hakage eyed Naruto steadily for a moment, and then said, "That was, at the time considered a low ranked C mission."

"Then give us another one!" Naruto urged.

"There isn't any low ranked mission's listed on the C scroll today, not after what happened with yours!" The Hakage answered.

There was a light knock at the door, and the Hakage called out, "Enter."

The door slid open and Master Iruka entered and approached the third Hakage, "Grand Master Sensei, I just received another request, but,"

"What is it?" The Hakage asked.

"Well, I'm not sure how to classify it." Iruka said, "You see, the mission isn't that hard, just finding the simple arsonists behind house burnings, but they've been only small fires, they think that it's probably only some punk kids. See, it's village itself that's the problem, you can only enter if you have a reason to be there, and they want us under cover."

"Sneak in, we are ninja's, I think we can handle a simple village."

"Yes, but Grand Sensei," Iruka said, and then, lowering his voice to a bare whisper, added, "the village, its Sato Difensu, the village of defense."

"Ahh, I see, so," the third Hakage started, but never finished his sentence; Sakura had caught the name of the village that Iruka had whispered.

"Sato Difensu, what's wrong in Sato Difensu? There are arsonists in Sato Difensu?" Sakura's voice was full of alarm, arsons, in Sato Difensu, house fires? Oh no, please, don't let it have been burned down! Please don't let it be my old house that has been burnt down!

"You are familiar with Sato Difensu?" The Hakage asked Sakura.

"Yes, I grew up there, until I decided to come here." Sakura explained.

Hakage raised an eyebrow at Sakura when he heard Sakura's answer, "Do you know anyone that lives there?"

"Yes, Kamiku Toegasagi, she was my best friend, and after my…after…my parents…past away…her family…they, they took me in." Sakura answered the hakage, her emerald eyes growing teary as she spoke, I completely forgot about Kamiku, I hope her house wasn't burnt down, either, oh please let her be alright!

"Do you think that if you went to Sato Difensu, that they would let you in?"

"Yes, they know me very well there."

"What if you brought a couple of people with you?"

"I'm sure that they would see no problem with it," Sakura suddenly stopped, and eyed the Hakage suspiciously, "why?"

"I would like to assign you, and the rest of group seven, to this mission of finding who is behind these arsons?"

"Alright!" Naruto exclaimed, punching the air with his fist, "A real mission, and it's all thanks to Sakura! Thanks Sakura!"

Naruto threw his arms around Sakura and thanked her over, and over again, as he hugged. Sasuke glared at Naruto as he kept his arms tight around Sakura. Sakura, who usually whacked Naruto over the head every time he hugged her, stood quite still, and wide-eyed.

"We have to go to Sato Difensu?" Sakura asked the Hakage, but what if, what if, he's there?

"Yes, you can say you are there to visit your friend, Kamiku Toegasagi, do you think that they would allow you to stay with them?"

"Um, I'm not sure, do you know who has residence there?" Sakura asked, please no, please no, please don't let him be living there anymore.

Sasuke glanced over at Sakura; he could have sworn that he had heard a small trace of fright in her voice.

"Iruka, who has residence in the Toegasagi household?" The hakage asked, glancing over at the Chuunin beside him.

"There is a Kamiku Toegasagi, Sakura's friend, a Yagitsu Toegasagi, Mayuko Toegasagi, that is the mother and father, and there is also a, " Sakura drew a sharp breath, which only Sasuke seemed to take notice of, "a Hanakato Toegasagi."

"Hanakato?" Sakura asked, slowly letting out the breath she had been holding, I've never heard that name before.

"Yes, a young girl of three, how long has it been since you've visited Sato Difensu, Sakura?" Iruka asked Sakura, turning to face her.

"Four or five years, I guess that's why I never got to meet her." Sakura concluded sadly, I would of liked too, but I'm glad, at least, that he's not there, anymore.

Sasuke, even though Sakura sounded, in the basic sense, sad, he couldn't help but notice that Sakura seemed, maybe not exactly happy, but relived.

"So, you three should go and get really to leave," said the Hakage, and then he turned to Kakashi, "Kakashi if you would please stay behind to get the finer details of the mission."

"Yes, sir." Kakashi answered, as Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto, who had finally let go of Sakura, bowed to the Hakage, and left to get ready.

"Kakashi," the Hakage started, looking over at the Jounin, "I have an unsettling feeling about this mission, be on watch, but I don't think there is anything to worry about."

"Yes, sir." Kakashi said, bowing to the Hakage.

"You may go now, you know the mission." The Hakage said, and with that Kakashi bowed and left the room.

"I wonder if I, myself, should take this feeling more seriously?" the Hakage asked himself aloud, but shook his head and called for the next group to receive their mission.

"Come on, Sakura! We have to go!" Naruto shouted at the pink haired Genin, as he, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi walked through the Leaf's village, Sakura was a little ways ahead looking at things in different shops.

"We can't go to Sato Difensu, under cover, without dressing in better clothes then our Ninja things!" Sakura yelled back at Naruto, "Plus, I need to get a gift for Kakikaji, and, of course, Kamiku, too."

"Who's Kakikaji?" Naruto asked.

"The gatekeeper at the village, his birthday is today, so I thought I should get him something, and it's Kamiku's on Saturday. Plus, like I said before, we can't go to Sato Difensu like this," Sakura said, indicating her, and the others, clothes.

"Why not?" Naruto asked in a shout.

"Because that's just not the way they like people dressed in Sato Difensu." Sakura stated simply.

"Then let's get the stuff quick, I want to get to my mission!" Naruto said in an excited tone.

"Okay, okay, and it's our mission, Naruto." Sakura said, waving a hand at Naruto impatiently, "Now, help me look for something."

"Yeah, okay, fine," Naruto, agreed, "Anything that gets us to Sato Difensu faster!"

They started looking around at the different shops for a gift, Naruto kept saying that Ramen noodles were loved by everyone, and would be the perfect gift, but Sakura waved the suggestion away, not really listening to his suggestion at all.

Sasuke stopped in front of a crafts cart and mused over the items displayed, soon, for some reason, Sakura found herself directly beside him, standing a little closer than she needed to, Sasuke noticing this, try to move a few steps away, but it was like Sakura was glued to his hip, so he sighed and simply allowed her to stay beside him.

"Hey, what's this, it's so pretty?" Sakura asked the man behind the cart of crafts, picking up an interestingly crafted picture frame.

"That's a picture frame, ma'am." The man answered.

"I know THAT, you idiot! I mean what are all the symbols around the edge." Sakura said, pointing to the craved wisps on the frame, as well as odd-looking letters.

"It's a frame that gives good luck to the holder, and to whoever the picture is of."

"Wow, cool, how much is it?" Sakura asked.

"3000 yen" the man said.

"3000 yen, for a picture frame!" Sakura yelled furiously.

"Tell you what, if you do me a favor, I'll let you have it for free." The man said, his eye glinting mischievously.

"Sure! What's the favor?" Sakura asked, and Sasuke, who was still beside her glanced at the man as he made his request.

"A kiss."

Sakura's, and Sasuke's eyes widened in shock, but Sasuke's eyes soon turned to a glare, Sakura remained in an odd sort of shock.

"Of course," said the man who had made the request, "if that doesn't suit your fancy, then I could always settle for," the man stopped mid sentence, and his eyes that had been focused intently on Sakura's pink lips, dropped lower to take in the sight of her medium sized chest, and his hand followed where his eyes led it.

Sakura suddenly froze; it was like she was made of stone, her eyes grew wide and she drew a sharp breath. Where's Naruto? Where's Kakashi sensei? Wait! Sasuke, Sasuke help me, please! Sasuke, HELP ME!

All of a sudden a Fuuma Shuriken appeared just above the man's wrist, and a voice, deep, dangerous, and angry, spoke, "If that hand moves any closer, you'll lose your hand within the time of two seconds!"

The man who had frozen at the arrival of the Fuuma Shuriken looked over at Sasuke, as though he had just realized he was there.

"I believe you have a gift for the young lady?" Sasuke stated in the form of a question.

The man stared at Sasuke for a moment, his hand still outstretched towards Sakura, then, his eyes widen as the meaning of Sasuke's words sank in, and he dropped his hands to the table before him and picked up the picture frame Sakura had been looking at, and offered it to Sakura with a bow, "Oh, yes, please, take this, no charge."

Sakura didn't make any moves in taking the frame, and Sasuke noticing this reached over and took it himself, from the man, then, after withdrawing the shuriken, hegrabbed Sakura's hand with his other hand that wasn't holding the picture frame, he led her away from the craft cart, and the man whowatched angrily as Sasuke, and Sakura, walked away.

"Now, where the hell are Naruto, and Sensei?" Sasuke asked angrily, to no one unparticular, still dragging Sakura by the hand, "We need to go."

"Huh?" Sakura asked, shaking her head, and looking at Sasuke in shock, "What are you talking about, Sasuke? We still need to get a present for Kamiku, and we need to get better close for an undercover mission!"

Sasuke stared at Sakura as though she was nuts, "What? Did you not realize what just happened about five seconds ago?"

"I do realize what happened five seconds ago, but that doesn't mean I should stop living, does it?"

"I," Sasuke started, and at the look in Sakura's eye, he sighed and finished, "I guess so."

"Then let's go find Naruto, and sensei, and find a present for my friend's birthday on Saturday." Sakura said, dashing ahead of Sasuke who stopped, and since their hands were still together, Sakura fell backwards, and Sasuke caught her in his arms, making Sakura blush a deep red.

"Saturday?" Sasuke asked Sakura, giving her a puzzled looked, and not letting go of Sakura, or helping her stand, so she stayed where she was in his arms, the top of her head just touching Sasuke chest.

"Yeah, what about Saturday?" Sakura asked, don't tell me he actually remembered!

"That's the twenty-eighth, right?" Sasuke asked.

"That's right, March twenty-eighth," Sakura said, there's no way he could of remembered, he never takes the time to remember anything about anyone else.

"Isn't that your birthday?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura could of danced through the street, but she stayed in Sasuke's arms and simply said, "Yes, that's my birthday, why?"

Sasuke shrugged, while still holding Sakura, "I don't know, just…wondering, I guess."

Sakura couldn't hold back the smile that was begging to appear on the stage that was her lips, it slip into the spotlight of Sasuke's deep dark eyes, and danced about her features.

"What's with the smile?" Sasuke asked.


"Ahh, Sasuke, Sakura, there you are. Becoming better friends, I see."

Sasuke, and Sakura, looked over to their right and saw Kakashi, and a pouting Naruto, standing there. Sasuke, and Sakura, then looked at each other and Sakura quickly jumped to her feet and stood quiet and still and bowed to Kakashi. Sasuke just crossed his arms, and looked to the side.

"Have you gotten everything you need, yet, Sakura?" Kakashi asked.

"Not yet, sensei, I still need a gift for Kamiku, and we need to get better clothes for undercover work."

"Alright then, let's get going so we can get the stuff quickly and left, pronto!" Kakashi ordered.

"Yes, sensei!" Sakura said, bowing to Kakashi, then grabbed both Naruto's and Sasuke's hands in hers, and pulled them off through the village to find what they needed.

"Sakura!" Naruto shouted.

"What is it, Naruto?" Sakura asked, still dragging both boys behind her.

"What about Ramen?" Naruto asked, pointing over to a ramen cart as they past it.

"What about it?" Sakura asked him.

"Why not get your friend Ramen for her birthday?" Naruto asked, pointing like a manic in the direction of the ramen cart.

"Naruto, no one but you would want ramen for a birthday present," Kakashi said, coming up from behind the group.

"Who says?" Naruto shouted at Kakashi.

"I do, it would be," Kakashi started, but was cut off by Sakura throwing her arms around Naruto, and shrieking.

"Oh, Naruto!" Sakura squealed, "You're a genius!"

Sasuke and Kakashi both stared, wide eyed at Sakura as she dashed, with Naruto, towards the Ramen cart.

"Five Chashumen Ramen, five Shoyu Ramen, and five Tanmen Ramen, please!" Sakura told the man behind the counter of the ramen cart.

"Here, or to go?" the man asked.

"It's a gift!" Sakura told him.

"Oh," the man looked fairly shocked by this news, "I thought Naruto's birthday wasn't until October?"

"Oh, it's not for Naruto, it's for a friend of mine that I'm going to visit today!" Sakura explained, laughing slightly at the fact that the man had thought that it was for Naruto, I guess ramen would be the prefect gift for Naruto, too! I have a sneaking suspicion that Naruto, and Kamiku, are going to get along quite well!

"Alright, then! Five Chashumen Ramen, five Shoyu Ramen, and five Tanmen Ramen," the man said, and handed Sakura a bag of ramen, "And for you, since you're a friend of Naruto's, and Naruto is the one that keeps me in business, I'll let you have this for free."

"Oh, thank you," Sakura said with a bow, she was just turning away when the man called her back, she turned and looked at him questionably, "Yes?"

"Here, if your friend likes ramen they should try this new flavor, spicy Chashumen, it has a spicy hot kick," the man explained, putting the ramen into another bag for Sakura, but was suddenly knocked clean off his feet by Naruto.

"Spicy Chashumen! Why hadn't you informed me of this new discovery?" Naruto shouted.

"I'm sorry, Naruto," the man apologized, getting back to his feet, "I only made the first batch this morning!"

"Well, then," Naruto said, sitting down at one of the stools at the counter, "lets see how spicy this stuff really is."

"All right, then," the man said with a smile, he served the ramen to Naruto who dug in before anyone could say anything.

The next second Naruto's face went bright red, and he swallowed the ramen that was still in his mouth then looked up at the man behind the ramen cart, Naruto, for a moment didn't say anything, then he said in a breathless voice, "You call that hot?"

"You don't think it was, Naruto?" the man asked, studying Naruto closely.

"No way, that wasn't hot or even spicy for that matter!" Naruto shouted.

"Then, why, do tell, is your face bright red and your tongue have burn marks all over it?" the man asked with a small smile creeping across his face.

"What?" Naruto yelled out in anger.

"Naruto! We don't have time for you to be an idiot today!" Sakura yelled, glaring at Naruto, then, she turned to the man and said, "But I will take some of that Spicy Chashumen for my friend."

"How many would you like?"

"Fifteen please, she loves spicy ramen!" Sakura explained.

"Then fifteen Spicy Chashumen, it is!"

The man gave Sakura a bag full of the Spicy Chashumen, and she and Naruto, left the ramen cart and ran to catch up with Sasuke, and Kakashi sensei, who had been watching Sakura and Naruto for the past couple minutes.

"Can we go, now?" Sasuke asked, once Sakura, and Naruto, caught up to him and Kakashi.

"No, we need clothes." Sakura pointed out.

"We have clothes." Sasuke said.

"No, we need clothes that will allow us to fit in without to much trouble." Sakura said.

"Fine, then let's get some clothes and get going." Sasuke said with a touch of annoyance in his voice.

Sakura glanced at Sasuke uneasily for a moment, but then, smiled and walked through the village to the clothing shop.

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