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Chapter Forty One: The Flames Of Sound


Ijimekko could have glared daggers, but all she did was huffed heatedly, turned, and march off, without a single word spoken. However, it was the one who ran from the room next that made everyone there cock their heads in wonder. Shinja dashed from the room, and after a few uncertain moments, Shouni ran after him, and then everyone else, including Sakura, even as the recording staff called for her to come back.

The group pursuing Shinga searched the halls and finally, Shouni, who was leading the way, heard something up ahead, she rounded a corner, and there was Shinga, leaning with his back against the wall, tears on his cheeks.

"Shinga?" Shouni spoke gently, "Shinga, are you alright?"

Shinga closed his eyes and then suddenly slammed his fist into the wall, "Damn it, DAMN IT!"

"Shinga?" Sakura spoke as she came to the front of the crowd, to see him.


Sakura was stunned, and she was even more stunned as a few tears fell from Shinga's flaring eyes. Sakura herself, though, didn't cry, and she didn't stutter when she began to speak, in slow, careful words, "Shinga, I understand that. No...really, I do. It's just very hard for me, I haven't had anyone around, that could help me. When I left this village, there was no one who knew Kai, and so, there was no one that I could talk to about him. Shinga, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

Shinga smiled in an almost laughing manner, "Sakura, why is it you are such a ditz. When you left, Kai was right beside you, in more ways then one. I know he was, I guess you just haven't seen him, standing there, yet."

Sakura blinked, and looked around, almost expecting to see someone new in her presence, but, no, only Shouni, Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi, stood around her, Sakura cocked her head to the side, as she looked at Shinja, "What?"

Shniga shook his head, then walked slowly to Sakura, he gave her a small kiss on the forehead, and then he spoke softly, "You'll see him soon enough. I'm sure of it."


Everyone jumped, Kakashi took off quickly, and after a seconds hesitation, the rest of Team seven dashed after him. Shinga gestured for Shouni and Kamiku to stay put, and then headed off after the others.

Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura caught up to Kakashi, and ran with him to where the female voice was still screaming for help.

Kakashi stopped as he exited the recording studio to fine that the tea shop right next door was in flames.

"Miss Maso!" Sakura called, as she saw an elder woman she knew being pulled out of the building by some guy, Sakura rushed to the woman, and helped the man move her away from the flames. It was only when they were further away that she realized that the man was Sukitsu.

"Sukitsu!" Sakura exclaimed, staring at him, wide-eyed.

"Sakura-chan!" Sukitsu spoke happily, "Thank you so much for helping."

"Ka...SHIGURE!!!" Naruto's voice rang out, and Sakura turned in time to have Kakashi rush past her, she turned the other way to spot a figure running away, and around the corner.

"STOP!" Kakashi shouted, knowing full well the figure wouldn't obey his command.

Kakashi turned the corner, and just caught the sight of the person disappearing into the shadows of an alleyway up ahead, Kakashi approached the entrance to the alley, and peeked around. He saw no, and so slowly, he made his way into the darkness of the alley.

About halfway down, Kakashi paused in his movement, and glanced around, trying to spot the figure he'd seen, but with no luck.

All of a sudden, Kakashi's hands were on his ears, trying to block out the sudden blast of what sounded like high-pitched heavy metal music. Within second the pounding sound made Kakashi see spots, and had him weaving in and out of consciousness.

What..is this? Kakashi said, the sound was so loud it was painful, and Kakashi's eye snapped tightly closed against the pain, and within a second of his eye being closed, something sharp was plunged into his abdomen, and the last thing he could feel before falling completely into the darkness was the intense pain, and the warm blood seeping from his gut.

The next thing Kakashi knew he was waking up in his temporary room at Kamiku's home. Sakura was sleeping at the desk with a blanket draped over her shoulders, Naruto was snoozing on the window seat, his head resting against the cool glass, there was no Sasuke present. Kakashi shifted in his bed, and a cloth fell from his forehead. He suddenly noticed, that his headband wasn't on, in which case his Sharingan eye was completely exposed.

"Uh..." Kakashi spoke, as he sat up, and pressed a hand to his hand to his expossed eye.

"You idiot, lay back down," A voice spoke from the doorway.

Kakashi knew the voice well enough to know who it was without looking over, and he obeyed, and laid back down, as Sasuke came to his bedside and set a bowl of ice water on his side table, and a stack of dry cloths beside it.

"The fire...what happened?" Kakashi asked weakly, he felt groggy, and really out of it, the feeling reminded him of the many nights long ago when he had drunk to much and was left to pay the price the next morning.

"It's out, no one got hurt too badly," Sasuke answered, and then glanced at Kakashi, "Well, except for you...although that wasn't because of the fire..."

"What about that...person," Kakashi had to strain his memory to even remember vaguely what the figure had looked like at all, "It looked like a guy...I think...I don't really remember."

"I don't know, by the time we caught up with you, you were unconscious, bleeding from the ears, and your gut, and you probably would've been dea...deaf if Sakura hadn't done some quick medical work, on your ears, and some on your stomach."

Kakashi was about to say that Sakura shouldn't have done that inside a village that believed that they were just average people, for he knew that Sasuke meant that she had used her chakra, and her medical nin-jutsu to heal his hearing, and bleeding abdomen however, he was too tired to say such a thing, plus, he was thankful that he could hear the things going on around him.

"What happened?" Sasuke asked.

Kakashi pressed his palm to his forehead, his head was in major pain right now, "Uh..."

"Is it still hurting?" Sasuke asked.

"Was it hurting before?" Kakashi asked.

"Well, that's what you told Daisuke and Sakura yesterday," Sasuke said.

Kakashi was suddenly sitting straight up, "Yesterday? What the hell? What do you mean yesterday? I don't remember waking up at all."

"Lay down you idiot," Sasuke said, as he walked over to Sakura, he seemed to hesitate, but then crouched and shook her lightly by the shoulder, "Sakura, Sakura, wake up."

Sakura stirred, and stirred, and then opened her eyes to look at Sasuke, she sat up and glanced over at a still upright Kakashi.

"Lay that butt of yours down Shigure!" Sakura commanded in a hot tone, getting to her feet and coming to Kakashi's bedside, her voice had Naruto stirring, but he didn't wake up.

Kakashi obeyed, but only when Sakura forced him to lay down by means of her hands on his shoulders.

Sakura touched her hand to his forehead, and sighed, "Damn it, that fever of yours is sure persistent! Sasuke, hand me a cloth."

Sasuke wet one of the cloths on the bedside table in the bowl he had brought up, rung it out, and handed it to Sakura, who folded it neatly, and laid it across Kakashi's forehead. Kakashi instantly felt his fuzzy head start to clear, and he knew Sakura was once again using her chakra to heal him.


"Shut up."


"SHE SAID SHUT IT YOU DIMWIT!" Sasuke shouted, which made Naruto jump awake.

"Where's the cannon!?"Naruto asked dumbly, as he fell off the window seat onto the floor.

Naruto looked around, and he jumped to his feet when he saw Sasuke and Sakura at Kakashi's bedside, "Shigure! Are you okay?"

"I think..."

"You are not!" Sakura spoke sharply.

Kakashi glanced at her, "I feel better."

Sakura glared at him, "You know that's just the 'medication', it won't last forever."

Kakashi sighed, and closed his eyes, he knew that the 'medication' Sakura was talking about was her chakra, but, for some reason, he felt very agitated to investigate this person he had seen. Plus, what the hell was all that horrible music about?

"Shigure?" Naruto put in.

Kakashi glanced over at his student, "Hmm?"

Naruto pondered a little before saying, "Um...get better..."

Kakashi gave Naruto a puzzling look, and realized that the three members of his team look extremely worn out, and sensed Sakura's fairly low chakra level. Kakashi understood, and he smiled at the fact that his team had been so worried about him.

"How bad was I messed up, anyway?" Kakashi said, and then remembered a question he'd asked eariler, and still hadn't gotten an answer to, "And what did you mean by yesterday I told you I was in pain?"

"Well, you see, it's January 3rd," Sakura answered, matter-of-factly, "You've been slipping in and out of consciousness for about a week and a half, now."

Then as Naruto quickly closed the bedroom door, Sakura whispered, "Your brain was trying to 'heal' you, on it's own, but, ended up making matters a thousand times worse, by using up all it's 'energy', cause it didn't seem to know exactly where the problem was. Either that or it couldn't decide whether to focus on your bleeding gut, or your close to deaf ears."

Sakura waited a moment to make sure Kakashi understood what she was saying. He nodded, his brain had known something had happened, but couldn't figure it out, so it released all it's 'energy', or in ninja terminology, chakra, trying to firgure out what was wrong, and then tried to heal him, of course, that zapped a lot of his chakra. Kakashi suddenly clued in, to why everyone was so exceptionally worried about him. If Sakura hadn't pumped her chakra into him, and healed his ears, and calmed his bleeding gut, in which case letting his brain know that it didn't need to send his own chakra to heal him. If Sakura hadn't so quickly administered her chakra, his brain would have used up all of his, and he would have died.


For the next week Sakura tended to Kakashi, and slowly he needed less and less of her chakra, which was a life saving fact for Sakura, since she had already had to borrow about a third of Naruto's charka, and half of Sasuke's, just so she could keep administering the correct amount of chakra to Kakashi. After a few more days, he was able to leave his room, and move around a bit. Sakura even aloud him to take a much needed bath. However that was only after he head-locked her, and allowed her to take in the sweet scent of his sweaty hadn't-been-bathed-in-three-weeks arm pit. Of course, she made Naruto and Sasuke take turns knocking on the door and waiting for a reply every ten minutes, to make sure he was doing okay.

Sukitsu, Sakura happened to noticed, didn't seem to be around much. Sakura silently hoped that he had gone home, since Kamiku's birthday was over. Of course, Sakura was disappointed one night at dinner, when Sukitsu walked in the front door, and it was discovered that he had been trying to convince the winter festival council not to cancel the festival, but he had been unsuccessful. The council had grown to be very concerned about gathering so many people in one place, for something as frivolous as a winter festival. So, that meant that Sakura had no compitition to sing for, which, she had to admit, disappointed her somewhat.

"So, I guess," Mayuko said, as she took a bite of her meal, "That the only thing that you kids have to look forward to is wonderful school!"

All the 'kids' groaned, and Sakura joked to Kamiku, "So, Kamiku, I guess it's just you, me, and my band of merry men."

Sakura and Kamiku stared at each other, and then burst out laughing, and their giggles continued for quite some time.

After what seemed like ten minutes of non-stop giggles, Sakura and Kamiku ran and bear hugged the 'band of merry men'. Naruto grinned happily, Kakashi chuckled, and Sasuke just huffed. Kamiku, and Sakura noticed this, and glared at him, and then took their arms away from him, and just hugged the other two.

In unison, the girls chanted, "If you insist on being like that, we're going to save all our love for these two!"

This little act was followed by another round of giggles, and this time Naruto, and Kakashi, as well as Mayuko, and Yagitsu, joined in, of course the others let out laughs that were more of chuckles, then giggles.

Sakura looked around as she noticed two were missing, "Hey, where are the kids?"

Mayuko smiled, answering, "Shouni was watching them for us, while Shigure-san was being tended to."

"Why?" Kakashi asked.

"They, well, Hanakato, wanted to help out, but caused more health problems then it healed," Mayuko said, and then added, "and Amai is just so young, and Sakura didn't know if your fever was from a flu bug brought on by your weakened emmune system, or just a side effect of the medication, so I asked Shouni to take her for a little while, so she didn't catch anything."

"I apologize," Kakashi said softly, feeling alittle bad that Mayuko had to send her kids to be taken care of by someone else, just because he had gotten sick, or whatever the correct term would be.

Mayuko smiled, and laughed lightly, "Don't worry, it also gets them out of my hair for a while."

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