Links in the Chain
By Lacey52


An exploration of Danny and Sam's 'psychic connection.'


A note: This officially marks the beginning of my editing and re-writing process. Please bear with me as this fic is under construction and pardon my dust! March 22, 2006.

I'm humanizing the characters just a bit. Sam is still sarcastic and gothic, but not overly so. Tucker is still the techno-wiz, but doesn't play on his PDA every five seconds, nor does he over do the 'lady lover' image. Dash isn't as dumb as usually made out to be. Paulina isn't quite as oblivious, and truth be told, neither is Danny.

Basically all the characters have been 'toned down' a bit, so if they seem OOC this is probably why. I like for my characters to assume slightly more 'human-like' characteristics. Cartoons usually play up one aspect over another in character development for easy recognition among the target audience.

Really, I'm working backwards; keeping those main points prominent, but offering a reason behind them or toning them down to natural levels. Otherwise, I'll try to keep as true to character as I possibly can.

Please don't hate me, and any suggestions, criticism, critiques, or comments are welcome, but flames aren't. If you don't like it, then tell me in a constructive manner please, and I'll do my best to appease, or explain why I've done what I've done. I love getting reviews, but they aren't necessary for my survival, so no worries ;). Hope you enjoy!


Chapter One: Prologue: Reconnection


Danny was wide awake. Of course, that could have had something to do with the fact that he had just chased another random ghost around town for the past thirty minutes. He was thanking his lucky stars that this had become much more rare lately, as the ghosts were slowly learning that the 'halfa ghost child' was not someone to be trifled with.

His grades had been improving slightly again, going from near failing to average over the last semester because of the slow turning of the tides in ghost attacks. Tucker was proud of course, thinking his tutoring had done the trick, but Sam seemed to know. She kept that mischievous smile on her lips whenever asking about the number of ghostly encounters.

'Of course she realizes it,' Danny thought to himself as he finally got the idiotic ghost into the thermos and heaved a sigh of relief, 'She knows I've been sleeping more, not to mention the fact that I've actually had time to do my homework. Tucker just wants to get some credit, I guess. They both deserve a lot more than I give them sometimes.'

Chuckling to himself and shaking his head at his own thoughts, the halfa firmly secured the lid and giving it one last twist for good measure. Turning to glance over his shoulder, Danny observed the town he protected before setting off once more.

'Gah, its only 4:30,' he sighed silently to himself, noting the bank's clock and making his way back towards home with a yawn, 'Maybe I can get another couple of hours or so….or maybe I can play video games until Mom comes to make sure I'm up.'

To any person who would just so happen to be on the sidewalk near the Manson Mansion at so early a time, they would have sworn that the wind was chuckling. Thankfully for Danny, no one was out quite yet, 'Or awake for that matter…'

"…wait a minute," the soft glow from a second floor window caught his eye as he questioned himself and the light wind that had kicked up, "What's Sam doing up so early?"

Peering through the foggy glass, he found Sam with her head resting on her arms in front of her computer, sound asleep…and was that drool? The papers Lancer gave out to be written were boring, but were they really that bad?

'Oh man,' Danny tried to keep from laughing as he phased into her room, 'She'd kill me if she ever knew I saw her drooling. Best change before I move her, 'cause I really don't need her to wake up from the chill and have her clobber me. Or worse, scream…'

Touching down on her carpeted floor, the young man strode forward with a grin, changing as he went to the girl's side. He shook his head at the way she was almost cooing when her breath was sucked in through her slightly parted lips. She had an adorable tendency to do that when she was out of it.

"C'mon, Sam," he spoke softly as his now human eyes adjusted to the light, "time for sleep in an actual bed. You'll get a crick in your neck sleepin' this way."

He scooped her up easily and tucked her into cool, purple sheets, smoothing her hair down before he moved away slightly to gaze down at her. As she shifted in her sleep, seeking a warmer spot, Danny paused for a moment longer than he had meant to in his observation.

There was something indefinably good about this particular moment in time. No ghosts, no worries, and his friends and family were all safe and sound asleep in bed. The word 'good' shifted into 'right' for him at that point. Watching Sam sleep was relaxing. She looked so peaceful, and Danny felt it…no, he was reaching for it.

The halfa panicked for a second as the sensation traveled across his mind. The part that he had long ago identified as 'Sam' was filled with a contentment he hadn't known for a long time. He did not want to start this again…but it was the middle of the night. Well, morning, but who would know? He hadn't been able to share this with the girl in such a long time, and truly it was something he feared, but he missed it more than to let that get in his way.

'Huh, 'psychic connection'. She'd kill me if she knew I let myself slip and do this,' he thought to himself with another grin as he leaned a little closer to her, 'Maybe I should do this more often…but only when she's happy and doesn't expect me to. She's scary when she's upset, and I don't want to put her in any danger. Maybe only when she's asleep, that way no one ever has to know…'

He set himself on the edge of her bed, forcing his thoughts away from that subject, and just watched and felt. Breathe went in, went out. Heartbeat was a constant rhythm, though it was heard only in his imagination. For the first time in a long time, Danny felt truly and completely at peace; as if he didn't have to be on alert for an attack or ambush or anything.

'I won't do this any other time Sam, I promise, but you'd agree with me…this is kinda' addicting,' a sigh slipped from his lips, 'If only we could go back. We'd be able to do this all the time. It was so comforting to know what you were feeling, to be able to know that you were alright.'

His thoughts continued on for a few moments, silently reliving painful memories and happy moments from his childhood, the young woman snuggled into her bedding beside him in almost every one. When a slight shiver running down his spine called attention to the fact that he was clad only in boxers and a hastily thrown on under shirt, Danny slipped silently back into his ghost form, alleviating the chill by becoming a part of it.

Blinking down at his best friend, Danny dared to run one chilled, gloved finger across the girl's cheek, smiling when she wrinkled her nose from the feeling. Sam could be rather entertaining at times, especially when she didn't know she was being messed with. Not that he'd ever done that intentionally of course.

'But I've thought about it,' he grinned wickedly at all the pranks he could pull on his friends, 'I've especially saved something for Dash though. One of these days he'll go too far and then…oh he'll be sorry. Teddy bears will be his worst nightmare.'

Laughing quietly, Danny looked down at his friend and then over to her clock, as a bright '5:02 A.M.' pushed a sigh from him and forced him into action. The young man stood and stretched before pushing himself completely intangible and invisible, easily floating through her window and out of her room, "Night Sam."

And that was how, whether Danny realized it or not, a ritual was started for the young halfa. A nightly visit that began as a friendly check on someone precious to him. It became his solace, especially when bad days came to call, or the ghosts were a little too vicious, or Dash got a 'D' and took out his frustration on him.

Sam's contentment in sleep really was addictive, and Danny let a part of himself that had been closed off for a long time come out to play. A reconnection was made, for better or for worse, and the exploration of the two's bond was beginning again. The only question was, could the past be prevented from repeating itself?