Links in the Chain
By Lacey52


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Chapter Sixty One: Not So Silent Declarations

Last Day of School, May 25th


'Too early…'

Beep, beep, beep.

'Ugh, why do we have to go to school when all we're going to do is sit around?'

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

'Alright, alright,' Danny finally rolled over and pressed his alarm clock's snooze button, 'Five more minutes and then I'll get up…'

Five minutes, however, passed far too quickly in the opinion of a halfa who had spent the last three evenings over at the house of…well, he wanted to say 'girlfriend', but she had already semi-nixed that idea.


'Fine, I'm up!' Danny grabbed his alarm and turned it off, then pulled back his covers and rolled out of bed, 'I can't believe this is my last day as a Junior at school. At least we don't have a boring lecturer like we did at the end of last year.'

"That's a plus," Danny noted out loud sleepily as he began to move around his room, grabbing random items of clothing and giving them a quick sniff to see if they were still clean enough to wear. Finally getting his wardrobe in order, the young man moved to the bathroom to get dressed, the memories of last night coming back to him.

'Sam,' Danny's smile had been firmly in place for a good two weeks and he found his thoughts often drifting back to the same topic, 'Sam, Sam, Sam…'

Changing quickly and then giving his teeth a good brushing Danny smiled, again, as another memory cropped up. This one of him and Sam chatting in her room, which soon lead to them having another impromptu make out session. Funny how those always seemed to happen when all he had been meaning to do was stop by for his nightly chat.

'Not like it's a bad thing,' he smirked as he unsuccessfully tried to smooth his hair, 'I really, really like it as a matter of fact…and Sam does too, so that makes it even better.'

He had to admit though, as wonderful as their relationship was, there was something that weighed heavily on his mind. No matter how many times he thought it over, he could find no answer to his question, 'What are 'we'?'

Danny knew that there was a 'we' between him and Sam. They had started a relationship, and honestly it had been forming in one form or another since they met as children, but now it was being taken to new levels and it bothered him to no end that he didn't know what 'they' were.

Many people had begun to take it that Danny was Sam's 'best friend with benefits'. He really didn't like that idea. It made their friendship seem cheap and their relationship appear to be shallow. It was anything but.

'I want to know,' Danny paused for a moment to look at himself in the mirror, black bangs falling over shock blue eyes, and a sad smile playing on his lips, 'I want Sam to know too, but what do I say? She told me she doesn't want to be labeled, but we already are, so what's the difference?'

Shaking his head, Danny stepped back out of the bathroom and headed back to his room. Gathering up his notebook in case he got too bored at school, he smiled as he found the 'memoir' that Sam had given him at New Years. Opening it to a page near the beginning, Danny couldn't help but smile at the picture of him, Tucker, and Sam enjoying an ice cream at the park when they had been Freshmen.

Matches chose to come running into his room at that point in time and, moment over, Danny playfully ruffled his dog's ears, "Let's get going."

Grabbing his wallet off the dresser, Sam's coupon book from his birthday caught his eye, 'Only three left…'

Flipping through them, a crazy idea formed in his head and left him grinning at how ridiculous it was, "If I did that I'd be dead meat, wouldn't I boy?"

Matches just cocked his head and gazed back at his boy adoringly.

'Sam did tell me that the next decision about our relationship was mine though,' Danny picked up the coupon book and lightly tapped it against the dresser's top, 'I really shouldn't though…should I?'

'Sometimes you just gotta' go for it,' the words Dash had spoken to him several weeks ago flashed into his thoughts, 'You're already half-dead, what do you have to loose?'

Danny began to chuckle quietly to himself then, not quite believing what he was going to do, 'He's got a point…who would have guessed that Dash could be so smart?'

With a happy bounce to his step, Danny headed down the stairs and out the door, too excited about the possible outcome of today to stop for breakfast. If all went according to plan, he'd be having himself another date tonight and his question would be answered, 'Thank God for coupons!'


"Danny!" Sam was heard from nearly across the school yard, as the temperamental teen walked up with Tucker in tow, "Why didn't you meet up with us like you always do?"

"About that," Danny nervously shifted from one foot to the other, smiling lightly as Sam approached, "I kinda' had some, uh, homework to finish, so I just came here early."

"Homework?" Tucker raised his eyebrow, then removed his glasses to clean them on the edge of his shirt, "Man, we've got to work on your excuses. Homework…that's pretty sad."

"Alright, so I didn't have homework," Danny swallowed his nervousness and grabbed Sam's hand, tugging her slightly closer to him, "If I say I'm sorry for ditching you and coming here early will that make things better?"

'What's he doing?' Sam was about to lose it as she moved the tiniest bit back from Danny, several eyes on them as the halfa was far more openly affectionate than he normally was, 'Is he overshadowed or something? Okay, so that's ridiculous, but still…'

"No," Sam huffed as she finally got the much needed distance between them, then sadly realized she didn't like the absence of his body heat next to her, "but it's better than nothing."

Danny had tensed and expected a full out rant from Sam when she had stepped back and told him 'No,' but was pleasantly surprised that she moved back on her own, no tugging needed and they were now standing shoulder to shoulder.

Physical contact had always been a big thing between the pair, and for Danny to have instigated it on school grounds was a red flag for Sam. Sure they had been much more…intimate of late, but never in front of people. The only thing Sam could remember in front of people that hadn't been avidly denied later was when he had kissed her hand and cheek in front of her parents after prom.

'What are you up to Daniel Fenton?' Sam watched him chatting congenially with Tucker, who had already forgiven him for leaving them to walk to school on their own. A hand found it's way around her shoulders and suddenly Sam was leaning against a nervous, and yet bouncy feeling, Danny.

"Uh," Tucker took a second to look from Danny's smiling and lightly blushing face to Sam's shocked and heavily blushing one, "Danny, you do know that you just pulled Sam against you right?"

"Yeah," he gave a half shrug and kept smiling, "So?"

"Just checkin'," Tucker replied happily and then continued their conversation leaving Sam in even more shock than before.

'He just pulled me against him and he's even blushing and he's acting like it's no big deal?' Sam tried to puzzle it all out for a moment, before she realized just how comfortable it was to be able to lean against the boy and not have to stand all on her own.

As Sam lost her inner struggle to remain standing on her own, Danny tightened his arm slightly and looked down at her, giving her a happy smile, 'Alright, so this is working out…what else can I do?'

Sam felt Danny's eyes on her and looked up to met his blue gaze, happiness swirling in her eyes as she felt how much affection he held for her at that moment, 'Not to mention love…he's really feeling loving today.'

Sam put those thoughts out of her mind though, as Danny broke off his conversation with Tucker, and removed his arm from around her, "Hey Sam, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure," Sam shrugged and let herself have a moment of girlish joy when he caught her hand again and led her over to a more open and empty spot, "What's up Danny?"

The young woman laughed as she observed her halfa begin frantically digging through his nearly empty, and yet still messy, backpack for a moment, before triumphantly holding a coupon between them, his eyes dancing with good humor and the affection clearly visible in his gaze, "I gotta' use this coupon, it's pretty important."

Glancing down, Sam was confronted with, 'Free Advice on Whatever,' and gave a puzzled frown as she accepted the coupon and placed it in her pocket. With a nod, she signaled him to begin and was very quickly smiling at what he was talking about.

"So, you know that Tucker likes Valerie and all," Danny began quickly, a hint of mischievousness and happiness lapping at the edge of Sam's thoughts, "and I'm starting to think that maybe Val likes him back."

"So you want me to give you advice on how to hook the two of them up?" Sam crossed her arms, leaning back as Danny leaned in. It was actually pretty funny to see, as Sam was starting to bend over backwards and Danny was still leaning, "Not gonna' do it."

"Why not?" he straightened and smiled as he watched Sam do the same, perfectly in time with him, "You promised you'd follow the coupons."

"What do you want me to say?" Sam shook her head, "Be sneaky and get them together, like maybe tell Tuck that Val likes him and then tell Val that Tuck likes her?"

"Has anyone ever told you, you could be a psychic?" Danny teased, his blue eyes bright and happy, and making Sam feel all the better herself.

"Only every other day," Sam replied dryly, though truly she was trying not to laugh, 'Must be because it's the last day of school. He's happy, so he's making me happy…'

"So really," Danny looked down and toed a clump of grass, "I mean, Tucker might need some help…he claims to be a ladies' man, but he really needs to work on that."

"All I'm going to say," Sam took a breath, watching as Danny moved in closer to her and as their friends began to approach them, "Is that you should just leave them alone. It it's meant to happen, then it will happen."

Throwing caution to the wind and ignoring the fact that all their friends had just come up to them and were trying to figure out their conversation, Danny leaned in and kissed Sam on the tip of her nose, "Oh, you mean like us…"

Danny had to dodge a punch from a flustered Sam before he could leave, listening to all the teasing remarks that were flung his way for the 'cute kiss' he had just bestowed upon Sam's nose. Cheeks blushing slightly, Danny made it into the school and began to laugh as he thought on what he just did. Shaking his head and humming a tune to himself, the teen continued on his way.

"Having a good day, Mr. Fenton?" Edward Lancer asked amiably as he watched the teen lightheartedly walk down the hall, a smile on his face and laughter in his eyes.

"Better than I could have dreamed of," Danny winked at the older man, then headed for the auditorium. So far, things were turning out perfectly, and the day was on it's way to being one of the best of his life, 'Just you wait Sam, you may not like labels, but I'm ready for one, especially one that involves you.'


'Thank God this is the last day of Junior year,' Sam sat up a bit straighter from her spot on the floor and stretched, her back was beginning to bother her after so many games of cards, 'I can't believe summer's here already…I can't believe we're going to be Seniors.'

As the thought finally began to settle over her, Sam dared a look around, ignoring Tucker who was dealing out the cards and fussing about something or other. Her friends were gathered around her and, at the moment, that was all that Sam could have hoped for.

'Everybody's changed so much,' Sam realized with a half smirk, and a raised eyebrow, earning a knowing look from Danny, 'Even people I never thought would change have. I know that I have…'

There was Dash, sitting next to long time target Danny, chatting and joking and downing a Dr. Pepper. He had matured over the past year or so, and Sam had been pleasantly surprised. They had been such good friends until fifth grade, and honestly it had broken her heart when someone she cared for had turned from her. Having him back, and knowing that he truly was, and would stay, her friend made Sam's mood even lighter than it was before.

Valerie was another person that she had never thought would change, though Sam was more than thankful that she had. She had never really thought about her need for another girl in her little group of friends, but it was definitely a nice change of pace to have a girl to talk to about girl things. The added bonus, of course, was that she no longer hated Danny Phantom, and was no longer interested in dating Danny Fenton…Tucker, seemingly, was started to fill that place in her mind.

Tucker was another one who had changed, though his changes were much more subtle and harder for Sam to pick out. He was a bit more quiet and definitely not as girl crazy, though Sam secretly suspected that he always would be. Tucker had become the big brother, the guy to lean on, and the matchmaker who put way too much time into figuring out his friends. His PDA and all the records he kept were proof of that. All in all, Sam saw him maturing in a very different way from those around him…though different situations matured people differently.

Kwan was still the same old Kwan, still just as into sports as he had been, though now he had no hesitation in showing just how kind he truly was. Sam had always known that the jock was a big teddy bear, he just needed the right opportunity to bring it out. He was also quite the joker, giving Tucker a run for his money at times with the way he could mouth off. Thank God that Star was around to keep him in line.

Star had changed much like Kwan had. She was still a bit stiff at times, but then again, old habits die hard. She had a caring heart and most of the time wanted to do what was right, but was too easily led by the majority. Slowly, Star was coming out of her shell and learning that individuality was a good thing, and that thinking for herself was one of the best things she could ever do. If Sam ever found the chance, she'd tell Star just how proud she was of her.

Sam's eyes traveled across the auditorium, picking out random people that she had known over the years. A few Seniors who would be graduating, Freshmen that would become Sophomores, S'mores that were becoming Juniors, and the members of her own class that she was the most familiar with getting ready to step up as the new Seniors.

Rolling her eyes, Sam couldn't help but think of the song 'Circle of Life' for some reason and she started laughing at her own strange thoughts, 'I'm cracking up…great, I really am going crazy.'

"What's so funny?" Dash had picked up his cards and was arranging them, ready to play and being as blunt as he always had been, "See somebody slip and fall on their face or something?"

"No," Sam shook her head and picked up her cards, grinning at the three aces she held, "I was just thinking about how weird this past year has been. Weird, but good. Then I was thinking about how much everyone has changed."

"Yeah?" Valerie piped up as she lay down three jacks and a run of hearts, the six, seven, and eight, to be exact, "You know, I think we all've changed a lot."

Danny smiled to himself and nodded, then turned to look at Sam, "I think she's right. We've definitely changed."

The rest of the group watched as something past between Danny and Sam then, leaving Danny smiling with a tiny blush and Sam turning away with a bright blush of her own. They could only guess, and Tucker was going to guess out loud…nothing was better than a 'blushy moment'.

"What? You thinking of something we should know about?" Tucker wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, then playfully frowned as Valerie got ready to hit him in the shoulder, "Then again maybe we shouldn't ask…I mean, I don't want to have bad mental images the rest of my…ow!"

"Shoulda' stopped when you had the chance," Kwan laughed as he watched Tucker rub his shoulder, Valerie smirking to herself at getting the teen to be quite.

Laughter went all around, as did the sodas that Dash had brought and the multiple snack items that the rest of the group had volunteered to bring. A small speaker system was set between them, courtesy of Tucker, playing many of their favorites, and sometimes in the case of Danny and Sam, least favorite songs.

"Ember! You will remember!"

"God, make it stop!"

"Sorry, Danny," Sam looked down to her side as he tried to bury his face in her shoulder, "Once Tucker starts singing, it never stops."

Her halfa just shook his head and sat back up, giving Tucker a semi-evil glare and getting ready to play his cards. He had been extra attentive to her all morning so far, and Sam was left blushing from his displays of affection several times. The feelings that he had been broadcasting all morning hadn't hurt either, as Sam felt about as giddy as she had after their most recent…kissing session, 'And that was definitely nice…but he still feels a little sad when we're together.'

Taking a glace over at the boy who had went from being her friend to her best friend to her crush to the love of her life, Sam couldn't help but notice that under all those happy and wonderful feeling emotions, there was still tension, fear of rejection, hurt, and trepidation.

'It's not like we aren't together,' Sam pondered while she played out her turn, 'We're definitely together, but…we aren't anything specific. I know that bothered Danny when I told him that, but what's the big deal? I guess that maybe it would be nice to have some sort of name to put to our relationship…just so everyone else knew. The next decision is his though, so if he wants it that bad, he'll tell me.'

Taking a quick peek up at the young man her thoughts were currently resting on, Sam returned his shy smile at being caught looking at her, then shook her head as she focused on the game with a sigh, 'He won't tell me…he's too shy.'

Sam had once again underestimated just how much a person could change…especially in matters of the heart. Perhaps if she had continued in her perusal of all their changers she would have realized something very important.

She had changed, yes, in many ways. She felt more mature, more receptive to the world around her, and less afraid of becoming ordinary. Indeed, she had done several things that one would deem as common teenage behavior, and honestly, it hadn't been as bad as she had thought it would. Sam was losing her fears, but then again, so was Danny.

Danny, the teen who was both a hero and a klutz, who had been hunted, beaten on, shoved into lockers, gotten into fights, lost battles, won wars, and saved the world. He had learned long ago that fear wasn't an emotion he should give into, and his last barrier was finally coming down. He was still shy, yes, but the shy fourteen year old who had entered the ghost portal so long ago was changed, replaced with a confident, kind young man, who knew exactly what he wanted.

Danny took one more look over at Sam, then turned to find out the time from Dash. He had only wait a few more minutes before he shocked the heck out of Sam and figured things out. She was either going to kill him or kiss him, and he was betting on the second, 'It's my turn to decide Sam, you said so yourself.'


It was four minutes to the bell and all the teenagers in the auditorium were more than ready to be let out. Summer time had come and the restless energy held by all the students was more than apparent.

Mr. Lancer had already stopped by the small group of friends playing cards, politely and sneakily requesting that no more pranks be pulled on the last day of school. The original trio just smiled happily and assured him that they wouldn't, as such things were no longer necessary.

Everyone else just listened in with confusion and shrugged it off as something they'd never learn about.

Mr. Lancer stood just to the side of them, watching his watch and the students, some of which he would never be teaching again. With a proud smile, he turned to the teenagers he had helped, shaped, guarded, and taught, and watched as a most amazing scene unfolded.

Danny had been feeling antsy for the past ten minutes, ever since he checked the time, and it was starting to get on Sam's nerves. The only redeeming quality of their link at the moment was the overly happy feelings coming from Danny, the chief one among them being love. A curious grin from Sam had the emotions increasing in their strength, leaving her wondering and slightly light headed.

'What is he up to?' Sam smiled to herself, feeling flustered as realizations washed over her as the feelings from her halfa did the same, 'He really does love me…and I guess that he's figured out how I feel about him, I mean, it is hard to hide anything with this connection we have…but why's he acting like that?'

With two minutes until the student body of Casper High was officially let out for the summer, Danny stood up, to the surprise of all of his friends, and retrieved his backpack. Digging out the coupon book, the young man turned with an impish glint in his eyes, and Sam was suddenly was pulled to her feet and on high alert, 'Which coupons does he even have left? I know there's a second get out of trouble card…and honestly I'm surprised he's hung onto it this long…but what's he gonna' do that he feels like he's got to use it?'

He handed both coupons to Sam, who took them calmly, albeit wearily, then took a step closer to the suddenly nervous, yet happy, girl. Gathering his courage, which Sam found to be an interesting feeling, he leaned in the tiniest bit closer as she read the coupons.

"Get a surprise free and get out of trouble?" Sam looked up to find Danny smiling and then he winked at her.

"Yeah, but uh, the surprise one is from me to you," the halfa grinned nervously, "And since you said that I got to make the next decision about our relationship, I thought I should do it now."

Several people had stopped talking and doing whatever it was they had been doing at the moment that Danny had said the words 'our relationship'. This was going to be another one of those wonderful, odd days, and far be it from any of their friends to miss out on it…not when there was so much teasing potential involved.

"I know you don't like the term 'boyfriend' or anything like that," Danny smirked wickedly, his confidence rising as Sam's blush and jovial feelings increased, "so I decided that I'll settle for 'significant other' so long as I actually get to call you mine."

Several whoops were heard at his proclamation, as well as shouts of 'Finally!' and 'Lovebirds!', and Tucker whipped off his hat, holding it in front of him where people soon began to line up, leaving five, ten, and one dollar bills as was necessary, Tucker mentally adding up how much money he had made from this one little endeavor along.

Sam just stood in a trance for a moment, before Danny leaned forward as the bell rang and caught her a very passionate kiss in front of most of the student body of Casper High, and then of course there were the teachers who were watching and generally smiling along with their students. They had wanted it to happen almost as badly as everyone else…the cutesy moments and blushing were starting to drive them mad. You can only handle so much, and after nearly three years everyone was happy that Danny had finally grown a backbone.

Mr. Lancer, himself, was brushing away a tear of happiness and thankfully accepted a tissue from the just as watery Principal Ishiyama.

"You know what, Sam?" Danny broke away, his eyes the brightest blue Sam could remember seeing them, laughter and happiness and love dancing in his gaze, "I love you."

As the rest of the teens began filing out, ready to start their summer vacations, Sam was rooted to the spot, along with all the other members of the small group of friends that had formed over the year.

"Did he just say what I think he said?" Tucker asked in excitement as he watched his friend chuckle to himself and start to walk away from the dazed Sam.

"Yep," Star sighed dreamily, "Wasn't it romantic?"

At Star's happy sigh, Sam broke out of the happy trance she had fallen into, then realized that Danny had started to walk away, a feeling of smug, boyish cockiness coloring all the other emotions he was feeling at the moment, 'Probably because he thinks he kissed me that well…okay, so maybe he did, but that doesn't mean he's getting away with it!'

Grabbing her bag, Sam put on a determined smirk and marched up to her halfa, popping him on the back of his head to get him to stop, "You can't just tell someone you love them and walk away like that!"

"You can't get mad, I gave you a get out of trouble free coupon," Danny reminded her with a laugh as he turned around and caught her fist, holding it so she couldn't smack him again, "Besides, you know you liked it."

"That doesn't matter right now," Sam nearly growled out, doing her best to keep the smile off her face as she tugged her hand free from his gentle grip, "What matters is that I need to answer you."

Up on tip-toe went Sam, to give Danny a second, sweet kiss, right in front of the very shocked group of friends.

"Always thought they'd end up together, but kissing already?" Valerie watched in amazement as Sam wrapped her arms around Danny, and the halfa leaned down a bit more to deepen the kiss, his hands settling on her waist.

"Maybe they've been together longer than we knew about," Dash was trying his best to rail in all the comments he could make. He had plenty of time for that later, 'Besides, it'll be more fun to tease them about it at one of their houses…that way their parents can overhear it…'

Tucker just shrugged, "Whatever…this just means that I've got more bets to collect…if you all would excuse me. Wanna' come with Val? I need a bodyguard."

"Why not," Valerie replied in good humor as they all began to head for the doors, "Break it off lovebirds, you two need to breath sometime!"

Laughter abounded as Danny and Sam parted, both blushing, slightly out of breath, and grinning like fools. Grabbing the back of Danny's head, Sam brought his ear down to her mouth and quietly gave him her answer, "You know it already, but I love you too…"

"Heh, yep," Danny was still slightly out of it from her kiss and the wash of emotions, "I don't think today could get any better."

"Want to make a bet on that?" Sam smirked as she grabbed his hand and led him to the door.

"Maybe," Danny grinned as he walked hand in hand with his girl, "but I bet you're gonna prove me wrong."

"Definitely," Sam smiled, leaning up to peck his cheek, "You think I'd let you win?"

"I already did," Danny laughed as he kissed her again, finally free to do so in front of those that were gearing up to tease them. It was looking to be the best summer of all his sixteen years, and if Danny had any say in it at all, he'd be damned if it wasn't Sam's as well.

"Let's go already!" Dash beckoned as a paper ball beaned Danny on the head, "Enough lovey-mushy stuff, I'm hungry!"

"Don't make me have to hurt you, Dash," Sam threatened playfully, a smile on her lips. Shaking his head, Danny just kissed the tip of her nose, and smirked as she completely forgot that she was about to fuss at Dash.

'Yep,' Danny thought happily to himself, 'I got my friends, I ain't got to worry about ghosts so much, and I got Sam…definitely the best year ever. Nothing's going to get me off of cloud nine today!'

Some things in life never change, no matter the situation or setting, but others…others are meant to change. Everything in existence, no matter how insignificant it may appear, always can be connected to other poignant moments. Danny and Sam were happily figuring this out, pieces at a time…or rather, were linking the memories and moments and all the things they had faced over the years into the chain that connected them, held them together.

That's all this tale is after all, just one link in the chain of the story of their life. A happily ever after story, might I add, even with all the bumps along the way…


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