This chapter explains why Jimmy and Cindy had fought at the Candy Bar.


Books, volumes, and manuscripts of every shape and size lay scattered on the small wooden table. A dim desk light glowed on the yellow stain page as a thin hand trailed along the undersized print absorbing the knowledge though the worn black ink of the passage. Licking her dried lips, the small figure leaned back away from the small enclose source of light, endearing her face in the shadow of darkness. The stiff chair creaked while it tilted back as the chair's weight was shifted to the back hinges. The same thin hand reached up and rubbed the owners tiring eyes. Faint steps echoed on the marble floors as it inched closer to the figure.

"Cindy, here are the rest of the historic books that you requested" The figure leaned forward and her face was once again in the muted light.

"Thanks Mrs. Kim" as the librarian placed the weighty books on the table.

"Nick hasn't shown up yet?" the librarian inquired.

"No, he hasn't, I should have known after waiting two hours, but I guess I got distracted...It wasn't a waste of time really, I would have gone to the library anyways..." Cindy sighed and thought to herself; maybe I shouldn't have gotten back together with him...letting the thought trail off.

"Well the library is closing in 15 minutes and you should be getting back before it gets any darker."

"Thanks Mrs. Kim, I'll just check these books out before I go."

The grandfather clock stuck 11 as Cindy exited the main lobby. One hand grasping a textbook on Ancient Arts, she made her way to the main entrance, yet stopped at the clear glass door. Outside were two bodies intimately fasten in one another. Cindy let out an agitated groan. That asshole she thought, as her hands tighten its grasp on the innocent book. I did not wait four hours in his benefit to be stood up because this idiot decided to do likewise. As more angry thought came to her head Cindy quickly excited and as she reached two feet of her target she threw the poor book at the male figure's head.

"Ahh damit! Who the hell!," said Nick as he turned his head to a grinning yet unhappy Cindy

"Was I interrupting something?" Cindy mimic.

"Cin..uh hey.. It's not what you think..." Nick tried to play off, running a rough hand through his ebony hair. The girl next to him just stood confused, making the stereotype of a dumb blonde so realistic.

"Hey Cindy come back!!!!" As Cindy turned and left. Cindy began to walk off into the night not caring anymore as hot tears began to fall, staining her checks. She should have known better then to hook up with him again.

The streets were abandoned and for once she felt very alone. It even began to rain lightly but quickly turned into down pour. Somehow she didn't care. Her thin teal blue tee shirt stuck to her wet skin as Cindy began to shiver in the rain. Turning into a familiar street, she saw her house in the distances. The lights were out, and she knew her mother had left on a business trip so really there was no home to return to again... Cindy instead made her way across the street. This time a light burnish through a small window as Cindy came closer to it, yet it wasn't from a house, it was from a make shift shed in someone's backyard. Lifting a thin finger that was dripping rain water to the door bell Cindy was hesitant to ring. Putting it down, she was ready to turn and leave when the door swung, open exposing a stream of yellow light. Cindy gasped and so did the tall figure.

"Whoa scared me there." Jimmy grin but then his expression quickly turned solemn. Jimmy looked at Cindy scanning her drenched image into his photographic memory. Her pretty green eyes were red, and her checks were flushed and stained not with rain but tears...

"You ok Cin?" placing both of his masculine hands on Cindy's slumped shoulders. Cindy turned away.

"Ye-Yeah," Cindy stuttered "Sorry to bother you I just..."

"Want to come in?" Jimmy resorted to, not wanting to chase the girl away. Cindy nodded, her tears falling again.


The lab was Jimmy's sacred place. He spent most of his childhood building it, and half of his teen years testing out experiments in it; for the most part, nearly igniting it to the ground every time.

"Sorry it's kinda messy, been working on a new invention of some sort" said Jimmy leading a teary Cindy to the near by sofa. Jimmy pulled out a space blanket and wrapped it around Cindy who gladly except. Sitting beside her, he let the silence settle in. After a while Cindy looked up and asked,

"Do you think I'm beautiful?" asked Cindy sincerely.

"Huh?" Jimmy replied off guard as Jimmy made eye contact with two green orbs. He could feel his checks turning red like the time by the lake and couldn't help but smile. Cindy turned away taking Jimmy's expression in the opposite intention and letting a tear fall once more.

"Cin...I—don't take it--- you're beautiful," Jimmy finally stated. Hoping it was the right answer, even though he meant it truly.

"Then men must fine me easy to love," Cindy Continued as she unwrapped herself from the space blanket, exposing her damp figure. Jimmy sat stiff, not sure what was going on. Looking at her from the corner of his eyes, he couldn't help but gaze at her astonishing beauty. Her soft golden hair had semi –curled and Jimmy was tempted to reach out and touch the wet locks.

"Look at me Jimmy," said Cindy. Jimmy cocked his head and was catch in a daze. For some particular reason it felt like everything else was on mute and the only thing he could hear was his harsh rhythm of breathing, in haling in and out. Looking down at Cindy's soft pink lips Jimmy quickly looked up afraid to break eye contact.

Cindy didn't no what overcame her, but somehow she just yarned for the feeling of being love, the feeling she never received from Nick even when they were both interested in each other. Cindy's heart began to pound as she leaned forward wrapping her arms around Jimmy's neck and putting most of her weight on Jimmy before pulling him into a shy kiss.

Soft lips caress the outside of Jimmy's mouth, and for a second Jimmy went stiff, unsure if it was real or not until he heard his own soft moan as he relaxed and pulled Cindy into a deeper kiss. It was a while before they broke a part, both breathless.

"Cin- I--" but Jimmy was interrupted as Cindy put her forefinger against his lips and silent him

"Shh—it's ok." Cindy pulled Jimmy back into a another passionate kiss, this time letting Jimmy take control. Automatically Jimmy slipped a hand under the back of Cindy's shirt, rubbing gently has he began to descend to her neck. God he didn't know what he was doing, but continued to preceded. Cindy was beginning to enjoy herself, until Jimmy stopped midway. Jimmy's brow was fixed and he backed his weight off of her, sitting himself up.

"What's wrong," Cindy asked, afraid it was her fault that he had lost interest. A thought had cross over his mind; did Nick and Cindy do this too? Was he just some puppet used at the moment?

"Cindy... You're with Nick..." Jimmy finally stated sadly. "We shouldn''s not right even though he is the biggest ass pirate alive..." Cindy let out a small grunt.

"It's all an act. He doesn't love or even care for me. I just look good with him. Half of Rectroville knows he's screwing that one dumb blonde Brittney chick." Cindy turned away.

"You're actually the first person I ever attempted to have sex with," Cindy stated bashfully. Fidgeting with her fingers, "I think for once you might know more then I do in this case."

Jimmy smiled and reached over and titled Cindy's chin up with his fingers. "I think were in the same boat," before he began kissing her again as Cindy worked her way to undress Jimmy and vice versa.


"Where's Jimmy?" Judy asked her husband as she placed breakfast on the kitchen table. "I haven't seen him all of last night or this think he's in his lab? Why don't you go check on him?"

Hugh put his wooden dock down as he diverted his attention to the eggs and toast on his dish. "Awe sugar boggier it's Saturday morning. Just let him sleep in."


Jimmy woke up to the sent of sweet flowers as Cindy's hair tickled Jimmy's face. Jimmy couldn't help but smile as he pulled a naked Cindy closer. Cindy stirred and turned over to face Jimmy and smiled. Pulling the space blanket closer around them, Jimmy and Cindy laid arms in arms nuzzled together. Cindy trailed a nude finger over Jimmy's bare chest as Jimmy twirled a lock of Cindy's golden hair...I love you were the unsaid word.


"Cindy, girl you ok in there?" Libby asked knocking on the door. There was a flush of the toilet and Cindy walked out pale and sick looking. Cindy weakly smiled and nodded yes even though Libby didn't buy it yet respected her friend enough to not ask any questions.

"Ok...I have voice lessons like right now.. But girl if you need me I'll stay." Cindy shook her head in protest.

"Alright Cin. Call if you need me ok," as Libby exited. Alone in her room, Cindy crumbled to the ground and started to cry silently, not wanting her mother to find out. She was pregnant. Oh God please help me, Cindy thought to herself. Cindy was tempted to run across the street and tell Jimmy but she was afraid. It was less then a month before graduation and well he would be leaving soon. A baby would ruin his future. Yet a part of her wanted to tell Jimmy, that part wanted him to stay. It was dark before Cindy left the house in search of Jimmy. She had remembered early that he had mention something about the library and therefore made that her destination. Walking up the steps to the library Cindy stopped midway. There was Jimmy and Betty...

"Hey Jimmy thanks for helping me with my science project," as Betty stood eyeing Jimmy sweetly.

"No problem," Jimmy smiled handing Betty back her books, but as Betty took back her books she leaned forward and planted a kiss on Jimmy's lips. It was quick and innocent but had done the deed. Cindy was half way down the street before Jimmy could even back away from Betty. Ironically it began to rain just like before.



Both Cindy and Val were glad to get off the plane and be back in Michigan. Though they were only gone for a week, Cindy was anxious to be back. After their encounter in Cindy's hotel room, Jimmy and Cindy had not spoken unless it was about business. Jimmy and his company had agreed Jimmy would fly over within a month to watch over the project on his company's behalf. Val on the other side, did not take out her anger on her father like many times before by partying and what not, but had just kept her distances from him. They were both changed women.

"Ahh I'm glad to be back," as Val and Cindy pulled their luggage to the commons. Cindy was interrupted before she could reply as a small figured ran towards her.

"Mommy Mommy Mommy!!" as Cindy caught the little boy in her arms. Hugging and kissing him dearly she couldn't help but thank God for the little boy he had given her. Val smiled and asked,

" Aww Denzel, don't I get a hug and a kiss too?" The little blonde hair blue eyes toddler tuned his cute head and reached his small hands toward, "Aunty Valie." Cindy turned her attention to Val's childhood nanny and family butler as Val showered Denzel with kisses making the little kid wiggled in attempts to escape in her arms.

"He wasn't much trouble was he?"

"Not at all Mrs. Vortex, the rocket that he assembled and lunched missed the pool house and only hit a near by tree," replied the Butler coolly. Cindy smiled, though Denzel was only two he was a very smart baby.


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