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Chapter 1: A Mother's Love

"Inuyasha," Kagome whines. "Can we please stop and take a break? My feet are killing me!"

"I agree with Kagome, Inuyasha. We've been walking for hours without any stops." Sango states. "After all, we are weak humans." Kagome and Sango giggle. A few weeks ago they had come across a large ogre, a powerful one too. Inuyasha had been rendered unconscious by a blow to the head, and Kagome and Sango killed him in a matter of seconds. And ever since then, they seized every opportunity to bring it up.

Inuyasha gives a soft snort. "Keh, you wanted to get to your time before sundown." Inuyasha says with a smirk as he looks over his shoulder at Kagome.

Kagome stops walking and places her hands on her hips, mimicking his glare too. "Are you purposely being a smart ass, or has it just become natural over the years?"

Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara take advantage of the argument and sit down underneath a large oak.

"So how long do you think this one will last?" Sango asks Miroku.

"I'm not a general's soldier, you can only expect so much!" Kagome yells. "I also have to balance school! Keep in mind I'm giving up the most crucial years of my life willingly!"

"Ah not to long." Miroku says confidently.

After traveling for just over three years with the two, they had come to realize three things: 1. Their arguments lasted roughly five minutes. 2. There is never any violence (unless you count verbal) 3. They always end with a sit.

Miroku holds up his hand, counting down with his fingers. "5...4...3...2...1-"

"SIT!" Thud.

Sango gives Miroku a high five. "Three out of three this week, good job."

Inuyasha and Kagome glare at them. Well, Kagome does, Inuyasha can only glare at the dirt.

"Enjoying yourselves?" Kagome asks in a slight sarcastic tone.

"Yep." Shippo says confidently. He lays down with his arms behind his head.

The subjugation spell wears off and Inuyasha sits up. "Well enjoy it while it lasts, because we-" He stops suddenly.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome says slowly. "What is it?"

He ignores her, focusing on the terrible smell. He stands, nose in the air, looking for the direction of scent. It's fresh, human too. He stops, facing the direction of the setting sun. "I smell blood. Human blood, but not a lot." He takes off in the direction of the scent.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yells. She takes off after him, the others right behind her.

The blood is from only one human, but it's a hell of a lot of blood! He bursts into a field and stops dead in his tracks.

"Why did you stop?" Kagome asks when she reaches his side. She takes a couple of deep breathes, then looks at the field. She's stunned at the sight.

In the middle of the field lays a woman. She can't be over twenty and is dressed in every day villager's clothes. But that's not all. She's laying on her stomach, arrows protruding from her back along with several deep gashes. Blood covers her garments and surrounds her in a dark crimson pool.

"Oh my god." Sango says in a gasp from Kagome's side.

Kagome slowly walks up to the dead girl.

"She was attacked by the people in her village." Inuyasha stats, still on the edge of the field.

Everyone except Kagome looks at him, she's too focused on the sight before her.

"The arrows are made from chicken feathers and oak, they're homemade."

Kagome stands next to the woman. "Can we at least give her a proper burial?" She asks. This poor girl, betrayed by her own village. The least we can do for her is give her a proper place to rest.

A soft, weak cry comes from beneath the body.

All six of them jump.

Kagome kneels and she gently rolls the woman's body to the side. A small baby lays in a tattered blanket, covered in blood. She's crying and covered in numerous cuts.

But that's not all.

She has fuzzy black hair and ears, inu ears that is. She's an inu hanyou, a baby inu-hanyou. And her mother had been killed. And from the looks of it, she had been killed protecting her baby. And the only reason why the villagers hadn't killed the baby, is they believed that they could torture the hanyou even more by starving it to death.

Kagome carefully picks the baby up, cradling her against her chest. The baby continues to cry, eyes squeezed shut and mouth open, exposing bare gums. She's so small, she can't be any bigger then the tips of her fingers to her elbow.

She stands, facing her friends. All of them have a stunned look.

"Her mother died protecting her." Kagome states, lifting her arm holding the baby a little to show them. "The villagers never intended to kill her mother, only her. Instead of giving up her baby, she ran, taking her with her. She can't be no more then a day old. The least we can do is carry out her final wishes, having her live. This baby never had a chance, we can giver her a chance. Every living being disserves a chance at life." Kagome states with tears in her eyes. "She doesn't even have a name."

Sango and Miroku look at each other, then at Inuyasha.

He sighs heavily when all eyes fall on him. "We can't keep her." He states flatly. Before anyone can object, he speaks again. "She's a baby, she needs a mother to feed her and raise her. We're constantly traveling and going into danger, we'd be risking her life every second."

"But no one will take her as their own. She's a hanyou, and you of all people should know and understand that. And no matter where she'll go, she'll always have her life at risk. No human village will accept her, they'll ostracize her if not kill her! And no youkai will take her, they see them as worthless beings. We are her only chance at life, and you know it." Kagome states softly, looking at the baby the entire time. She stops crying. Her mouth shuts and she stops squirming in her arms. Slowly, ever so slowly, her eyes open, showing the most brilliant jade green eyes. She looks up at Kagome, studying her.

Inuyasha watches as Kagome smiles down at the baby. He gives a heavy sigh. There's no way he can change the young miko's mind. Besides, she's right. The baby hanyou would never have a family or a happy life. "Just figure out how to feed her and lets get going." He states flatly.

"Thank you, Inuyasha." Kagome says as she looks up at him.

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