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Chapter 4- Heading Home

Kagome yawns for what feels like the trillionth time this morning. Megumi had woken up and cried what felt like every two hours because she was hungry. Of course, Kagome wasn't the only one who was woken up by Megumi's cries.

"I'm tired." Shippo says while yawning.

"We know Shippo." Miroku mumbles lazily. "We are too."

"I'm really sorry you guys." Kagome tilts the small glass jar to Megumi. She keeps her thumb over the lip, though, so there is only a small space to allow Megumi to drink the milk.

"It's not your fault Kagome. She's a baby." Sango assures her friend.

"Well, maybe going to my time for a few days may help. My mom can give me advice, I can get supplies, and you guys can treasure the silent nights while I'm gone." Kagome looks up at the tree that Inuyasha is perched in, waiting for him to start yelling that she can't go home. But after a few seconds, she realizes he isn't going to say anything. In fact, it seemed as though he hadn't been listening. Sure his eyes were looking down at her, but he showed no sign of hearing what she had said.



He couldn't understand it.

He looks down at his friends.

Something about that pup was the source, he knew that. But not what exactly it was. Was it the fact that she was a hanyou? No, that wasn't it, he'd met other hanyou and neither of them made him feel this way. What about the fact that they were now lugging around a baby? No, that wasn't it either, sure it made him mad that it slowed down their search for the jewel shards and Naraku, but that wasn't the main thing that kept tugging at the back of his mind.

He growls lightly in annoyance. Why the hell couldn't he figure it out?! He takes a deep breath through his nose to calm down and freezes. That's it! It wasn't the circumstances or anything like that, it was her scent! He takes another deep breath. Now he was sure about it. It was her scent that was irking him. Through a third breath, an icy blast runs down his spine while at the same time making his blood boil. Inuyasha is stunned, he'd never felt anything like that. Something was definitely up with the pup.


He snaps back into reality and realizes that he'd been staring at his friends the entire time.

"What?" He snaps.

"You aren't going to protest about me going home?" Kagome asks, a small, hopeful grin spread across her face.

'What!?' His eyes widen. "Why the hell do you want to go home?!"

Kagome's smile instantly drops into a frown. "To get supplies from home. And to get help from my mom. She can give me a lot of advice in raising Megumi."

"Keh! What's there that you don't have here?"

"Lots of things that will make raising Megumi easier! And if you come, it'll take less time."

Inuyasha glares at her.

"I'm going no matter what." Kagome says as she stands. "Sure I've babysat over the years, but this is longer then just a few hours. Who would be better to get advice from then someone who's given birth and raised two kids? I'd also like to get some decent baby bottles, it would making feeding Megumi less messy." Kagome raises her hand holding the jar, it's covered in milk and drool.

Inuyasha turns and glares to the side.

Kagome sighs and turns to go. "I'll be back in a few days, come if you want Inuyasha."

"Kagome!" She stops and turns back to her friends.

"Kagome, are you sure that Megumi will pass through the well? After all, Shippo wasn't able to even though he had the Shikon shards with him." Miroku nods towards Inuyasha. "So far only Inuyasha and you can pass and we have yet to figure out why, are you sure you want to risk Megumi not passing?"

Kagome gives a small smile. "I shocked you think so low of me Miroku." Miroku looks ashamed. "I gave this plenty of thought. Every time Inuyasha and I pass, we reach the other side with everything we started with. Clothes, food, and so on." Kagome looks down at Megumi, sound asleep in her arms. "I'm pretty sure she can pass with me because she's so small, smaller then my backpack. So why would my backpack pass and not her? Especially since she'll be much closer to me and held tightly rather then hanging off my shoulders and only touching my back."

Sango looks convinced. "Makes sense to me."

Inuyasha leaps down from the tree and looks at her. Surprisingly, he looks hesitant at the idea. "Still sounds risky." He points to Kagome's backpack. "You're backpack isn't alive. The well may allow only the two of us to pass and then whatever items we have."

"Well then what do you suggest we do?"

Inuyasha turns away again and Kagome could have sworn she saw a blush spread across his cheeks.

"What if the two of us hold her? That way when we pass she'll be between us and maybe whatever allows us to pass will go around us with her included."

Kagome frowns in confusion. Both holding her? That's nothing big, so why was Inuyasha acting as though…OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! Kagome immediately glances to the side and can feel her own blush surfacing.

Shippo looks back and forth between Inuyasha and Kagome. He was confused. What could make them embarrassed about extra precautions when going through the well? He rubs his cheek at the memory of when he tried to pass through. Not fun.

Sango lets out a heavy sigh. At this rate they'd stand here till dusk.

"Come on you two!" Inuyasha and Kagome immediately look up. "It's getting close to midday and I'm sure Kaede is beginning to wonder where we are." Sango turns and begins to walk towards the well. Miroku follows her with Shippo on his shoulder and Kirara at his heels. Inuyasha and Kagome look at each other, trying to figure out what the other is thinking.

After a few seconds though, Kagome looks away and begins to follow the others, leaving Inuyasha on his own. He lets out a heavy sigh and begins to follow as well. What in the world had he gotten himself into?

Everyone looks down into the well. For some reason it gave everyone an eerie feeling at the moment.

"Well staring at it isn't going to tell us if Inuyasha's theory will work." Kagome finally says. Everyone turns and stares at her. "Well it's true." She mumbles.

Inuyasha groans and puts her backpack on. "Then let's go already!"

Kagome sighs and wraps the blanket tighter around Megumi, still sound asleep. Why she didn't sleep like this last night was beginning to bug her.

Inuyasha then hesitantly wraps his arms around Kagome with Megumi cradled in her arms and leaned against his shoulder beneath his chin.

He then leaps into the air and begins the decent down the well. He can feel Kagome flinch in his arms when the lip of the well zips by and he shuts his own eyes, praying that the three of them will pass through.

He feels the familiar pull in his gut and weightless feeling of passing through, so he opens his eyes. There in his arms is Kagome, eyes still squeezed shut and to his relief, so is Megumi. Her jade green eyes are looking at the waves of blues and purples floating by with great aw. She even reaches out in an attempt to grab the sparks of light hovering nearby. And for a moment, Inuyasha can feel the stress and anger within him disappear and give way to a smile.

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