Shaky fingers out stretched from Tony's limp shocked form, his eyes blinking away the sting of his tears as he gently grabbed the teddy bear pulling it to his face so that he could bury his features into it's soft plush fur. He was slidding down into a shell of his former self, his mind was cracking with each tear he sobbed into that bear and everyone in the waiting room could feel the tenseness of his boss as he rentered. Tony's dark hues rose to gaze blankly at probably the closest friend he could ever say he had in any respect, and though they were not what one would say close what the two could see in each other's eyes was more than enough for the two of them. So when Tony saw the redness, saw the slight gleam to his eyes as Gibbs returned Tony knew...Gibbs the great Marine and strong man had been crying over Tony's little Teresa.

"Get up...we've got work to do." The voice was cold, the tone just blending in with those horrible infomorcials on the closed circuit tv. Tony sighed, his fingers running through the bear's fur before he stood, legs weak and body trembling he moved towards Gibbs regardless.

Tony had no words to return even when Gibbs asked him if he had even slept, and Gibbs himself knew that there would be nothing to come out of the man. He had seen it before, hell he had been there when his wife and daughter were brutally raped and murdered because of what he was, and he had seen Tony do it before after the undercover case. God that day he thought he lost the boy beside him...but he hadn't, he had just been left to help Tony pick up the pieces of his life. And through it all, Tony and Louisa getting married, having Teresa, the heart transplant, and even Louisa's murder he had been there to help Tony pick up the pieces. Now...all he wanted to do was find who was responsible for this, but that's when the cold realization one was responsible for what was happening to Teresa or Tony.

There was an audible growl from the seat next to Tony, and it made the man wake up to something. "Gibbs...where are we going?" His voice was like a croak...weaker though and with a soft undertone like he was about to loose all capabilities of speech. And Gibbs caught that...felt it and more importantly remembered doing it himself.

"To Ducky's, figured you needed some sleep and to get something to eat before we go to headquarters."

"Gibbs...surely you don't think I am going to work with my daug..."

"DINOZZO! You are going to work, and that is a direct order! Violate it and by god your ass will be on the blacklist for every department of any type in the whole world!" Tony just looked down, his fingers thumbing over the bear once more. "And god damnit put that bear down!" Gibbs growled again and watched as Tony hesitantly put it the floor and continued to rub it with his foot. Gibbs honestly couldn't blame him...after all when his family was killed he built his first boat and has been building them ever since so he didn't have to realize how alone he really was. And whether he wanted to admit it or not, he would be doing the same thing as Tony.

Before Tony even considered where they were in their journey, their ride was over at Ducky's door. The sounds of yapping corgis and Ducky's elderly mother's voice echoed softly. It was early morning but still...there was enough activity in that house to make Tony twitch remembering when he was in charge of corgi and mother sitting. He twitched softly then looked over at Gibbs, "Gibbs do you honestly think this is the best place for me to sleep?"

"No...but it is a good place for you to talk and get something in you. We both know you haven't had more than a few pieces of toast since Louisa's murder. And are starting to become the walking dead on us. I'm not going to let that little girl who needs her father not be able to have him, so get off your ass and get back to who you were because she needs you know more than ever."

"Gibbs..." Tony spoke softly, his dark eyes trying to search those cold blue ones but he kept coming with the same conclusion...that he would never find anything in those eyes and so he gave up his search and got out of the car. By the time he had his door closed Ducky was heading out of the large house followed by a pack of corgis that would frighten away anyone but Gibbs."Duck did you have to bring the mutts?" Tony asked putting on a fake smile, hiding his misery.

Ducky met Tony's eyes then let his own fall, he saw the death in those eyes. Not of Teresa, but more of Tony himself. Ducky sighed, his lungs rattling with his age as he spoke softly. "Anthony, you know very well that these are mother's prized possessions." He smiled in return and walked up to the young man, placing a hand on his shoulder the grip tightening with that since of knowledge before he gazed towards the ever solid Gibbs.

"Duck you don't think we could get some coffee and breakfast this early do you?" Gibbs was directly implying, but in a kind way as he let his own eyes meet with Ducky's. Those two men had always shared something that Gibbs couldn't let anyone else know, after all Gibbs and Ducky had been working together when Gibbs' daughter was born as well as murdered. And thus the two shared much history that Gibbs kept hidden from Tony, Ziva, and McGee. Hell even Jen didn't know everything about his daughter and wife.