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My Little Secret

Chapter One: Reflecting

I was sitting on my bed watching the clock on my wall slowly tick the minutes by. Over the summer I had been doing a lot of thinking about school, and my friends while wondering what would happen when the upcoming year ended. The Golden Trio wouldn't be there anyone, and even though I still had friends outside the group, my last year would be strange without them.

I remember when I would watch my brothers board the train and how sad I felt that I couldn't go with them. When I had watched Ron board the train for his first year I did the only thing I could do; reassure myself that next year, next year I would be going with them.

When I was finally able to go, I remember being so excited. Then it turned out my first year was horrible because of Tom. I think about him every night. Not by choice, but because he haunts my dreams. There are many things that happened down there, down in the Chambers of Secrets, many things no one knows about and it is best kept that way.

Ever since that happened, my time at school has been miserable. Everyone ignored me. Well, not everyone, just most of the school with the exception of the Golden Trio, Neville, and Collin, my true friends. Apparently everyone thought I was the devil because of what I had done, even though I was innocent.

Over the summer something about me had changed drastically causing strange things to happen. One of the most obvious things would be my appearance. My hair was now a cinnamon color with some red mixed in while my eyes were no longer a plain brown, but a deep chocolate with small emerald specks. Those were just the smaller things; my body is now how it should be; fuller, taller, and lean.

Other than physical appearance, I discovered that if I flicked my wrist in a certain way that I could throw objects. When shopping for school supplies in Diagon Alley I actually bought a book and discovered that it was called Telekinesis. I don't know how I got this power, but according to the book I read, it must have come from one of my parents. Of course, I never mentioned anything about it to them, so I don't know if it is true or not.