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Hige and Kiba woke up the next morning and left the hotel and started looking around the city to see if they could find there friends or something to tell them they were in this city.

"Hey Kiba," Kiba looked over at Hige. "You know those leaves you told me about."


"How many do you have?"

"Um…" Kiba counted the leaves. Why are there only five? "I have five. Why are you asking?"

"Well I was thinking about Blue and maybe one of those leaves could be for her."

"But even if that was true there are two extra leaves on top of that."

"Good point I guess we will have to find out what to do with them as we go along."

Kiba looked down at the leaves that looked deep blood red and said. (Hey I'm smart I made it rhyme.)

"Well Hige I guess that makes a total of five people we need to find. Three that we know and two that we don't."

By now Hige had ditched the blue poncho he wore for the same color sweat shirt. When Kiba had asked about it Hige said "I like the color and I decided on a change. Besides doesn't it make me look sexy?" Kiba sweat dropped "Um…sure, whatever you say."

Kiba and Hige were walking down another street and saw a pet store as they were walking by. They both turned to look while still walking to see what was inside when the both tripped over someone and fell down.

"Ouch." A younger kid said rubbing his head. "Hey mister, are you ok?"

Kiba rubbed his head.

"Yeah I'm ok." But I don't think Hige is. Kiba said looking at Hige. "Hey Hige are you ok?"

Hige was against the wall up side down on his head.

Hige looked at Kiba. "What do you think?"

"Well I think you're fine because you have a hard head that probably cushioned your fall."

"I hate you sometimes."

"I know you do."

Both Hige and Kiba heard the clinking of metal and looked over at the person they ran into. They looked at his wrist and noticed the four metal bands clinking together.

"Sorry about that." Hige said with his hand behind his hand. "It's our fault we didn't look where we were going."

"Hey…." Kiba began. "What's your name?"

"Um…." The stranger said. "My name is Toboe."

Hige sweat dropped. Well that was easy.

Hey. Kiba thought Isn't this the same way we met him last time?

"Well since I've introduced myself what are your names." Toboe said looking back and forth between Kiba and Hige.

"I'm Kiba and the one in the overly blue sweatshirt is Hige."

"Hey, my sweatshirt is not overly blue, it is perfect!" Shouted Hige.

"Whatever. So Toboe…." Kiba said turning to Toboe. "What are you doing in front of this store?"

"Oh….I was wondering how to take care of the kitten I found yesterday."

"Well do you want us to come in with you and perhaps get to know you better?"

"Sure, I don't have anyone else to hang out with."

"Why's that?" Hige asked.

"Well my grandma died two years ago and now I live by my self."

"I'm sorry Toboe." Kiba said.

"If you would like we could be your friends."

"Really that's great."

"Yeah. Now let's go to that pet store." Hige said happily.

So Toboe, Kiba, and Hige walked through the pet store doors.

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