A short blurb I managed to cook up whilst studying. Normal disclaimer applies; enjoy!


For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

Sir Winston Churchill


She has memories, stored away for safe keeping, of dancing in dresses twice her size. She can remember flying high in the air, her feet whisking around in the stratosphere as her father clasped her hands and laughed. He used to swing her in circles; she would shriek and pretend to be frightened, all the while loving the wind in her hair.

She has memories, buried in treasure boxes too deep to discover, of the smells of her mother's experimental baking. She remembers the whine of a smoke alarm, of grunting and shrieking and sooty aprons. There are take-out stains on her baby blankets, and the smell of burnt things still makes her smile.

She has memories, locked in cages like exotic birds, of singing off-key with her grandmother. Sometimes they'd choose hymnals, sometimes nursery rhymes, but other times her grandmother would sing alone. She had a lovely, steady, strong voice, and although she could never compare, she remembers plinking away on a violin that was missing a string.

She can not remember the day the feelings started, or the first time she fainted in public. She can't remember the name of the first doctor, psychologist, neurologist, or the first child who called her "witch".

Instead she remembers the feeling of her brother's hand slipping secretively into her own. She remembers the smell of his hair on the first day she saw him, held him tight with both arms. She remembers the first time he came to her at night with complaints of nightmares; she remembers his random gifts- sloppy kisses on the cheek and forehead, stickers put on her door, coloring pages with "For Saki" placed against her pillow.

She can not remember the first black dress. She can not remember the first "sick day", the first letter home from a teacher, the first time she head her mother cry alone..

She remembers the weight of a book in her hands as her brother tried to ease her burden. She remembers the cold wind on her face as she knelt, praying with tears in her eyes for a friend. She remembers her brother's declaration, his mission to find her someone to love.

She remembers Tohru, Kyoko and Uo.

She smiles.