Sailor Moon copyrighted by Takeuchi Naoko

Original Characters copyrighted by Ishimaru Chiakai (me)


(POV: Elios)

The skies opened up to receive her. The One born of both realms. The Moon and Earth's creation.

Drawn in the likeness of Man, made from her soil, like all Man should be.

Beauty and radiance. Charm and grace. Elegance and seductiveness. These were snipped like loose threads from the Moon's rays of light and added to her.

The Lamb of Elysion.

The skies opened up to receive her. The Celestial Court took her from my arms. She had served her purpose. She had saved Elysion. Saved Endymion. Saved me. She was no longer needed in this world. They took her, so when she was needed, she could be sent down again. To repeat the vicious cycle. The 'necessary' cycle.

I hate being the one to spill her sacred blood. But every time Endymion was to fail us, she would be sent. The Lamb of Elysion, to save us from disappearing. And when her job was done, I was to pierce her frail heart with a silver blade, blessed by those with the blessings of the planets. And I would watch her slip from me, from my life, from my hands… again.

I would hold her, and I would cry, and I would whisper to her. Don't you worry. I will break this hold they have on you. You will soon be in my arms again, not dead, but alive. I will feel your heartbeat like mine. One day.

Then the Celestial Court would come and take her from me. They are the ones whose names are written in the skies. They control our destinies. They can't be defied. Even those with the blessings of the planets can't do a thing to help. For once, they too, stand like me. Helpless and empty.

She is gone from me now. I don't know when I shall see her again.

I know that when she does appear again, it will not be for long.

Soon I will kill her again.

My Lamb…

My Crystal…