Title: Who Knows the Cat Better then the Rat?

Author: Catrina


A/N: I have no idea what inspired me to write this story. For some reason I can never see Tohru picking between Kyo and Yuki and while I'm not sure if Kyo and Yuki would ever love each other that is what this story is about. I have never written a boy/boy fall in love story so everyone needs to be sure to tell me what they think. This will be a one-shot, unless I decide to throw some curve balls their way (such as Akito and Haru) but right not this is just one of those…OMG I LOVE HIM? stories.

This is a Kyo/Yuki story… be warned, they are both BOYS.

Also, this story will not contain a lemon (though it could)…because I've never written one before and I'm a coward, so it will just be implied.

Now with that out of the way. I have not read the manga so this is based on the anime series which I have seen to many times to count, and the things that I know about the manga: such as Kyo will be locked up and that this will happen after graduation…if he doesn't beat Yuki first.

On to the story…


Kyo couldn't really place a finger on what changed. Even after a year and a half he was still in a state of puzzlement. After he had been forced into his second form…that was when it had happened, but still placing a finger on the mystifications of what had transpired was the problem. Sure he had changed, become the monster, and Tohru, sweet Tohru had come after him. But she hadn't been alone. No he had come with her. Yuki, his enemy, his nemesis, his key to freedom and that was when it had all started, his state of emotional confusion. Though on the surface nothing was new, he still fought and bickered with his cousin, still yelled and cursed, still was flung through doors and given countless bruises, but his heart wasn't in it. Not as much, not when he knew that in a way he meant something to Yuki. But still that damn rat…

He was his last thought before he fell asleep…

H is first thoughts when he woke…

God, he really loved the mornings except for that one thing. He loved waking, watching the sun rise and a new day start. Colors mixing and blending in the sky as the birds and the animals pulled from slumber. But damn those thoughts of the rat… he thought about him as much as he thought about Tohru…speaking of.

"Good Morning Kyo." She said hearing the door open, but she turned and ran right into him. Before she knew what was going on she was looking at a very adorable orange ball of fur.

It was always oddly disorienting changing from a human to a cat. No matter how many times it happened he couldn't change the fact that he did often change to a cat. It was hard not to do when you lived with a somewhat clumsy woman. But then again he wouldn't trade that fact for the world. Tohru was someone that was priceless in the Somha household.

"I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry." It was the reply that he always heard after taking his zodiac form. He shook head and looked at her his red eyes slightly narrowing He looked at her all apologetic, big beautiful eyes wide and shocked. She gave him the same look every time.

"It's okay," he said shaking out of his clothes and sat to wait for him to transform back. But his acute ears picked up something. His ears adjusted and he heard the rat opening his door and stumbling slightly in the hall and his scheming mind spun. Anyone who knew Yuki knew that in the morning he wasn't awake…his eyes were open that was the extent of his perception. He turned away from the still apologizing Tohru and dashed up the stairs seeing the drowsy rat stumbling in the hall. This was his chance to knock that damn rat down a peg. And it was quite easy actually. All he did was weave around his feet and the rat fell on his back, violet eyes blinking confused.

He was looking down the stairs… no he was staring at the ceiling. How did that happen? Yuki blinked trying to process what was going on but nothing. Then he felt a weight on his chest.

"Wake up you damn rat." Again he blinked, and then growled at the orange cat that sat on his chest. Kyo sat there in is zodiac form laughing as much as a cat can. His wide sleepy eyes narrowed in a glare.

"Stupid cat. What are you doing…get off of me." Kyo already knew that this didn't count as beating the damn rat, but still it was nice to get a one up on him every once in a while. Yuki brought a graceful hand up and went to push the cat off of his chest and as his hand came in contact with the fur of Kyo's head, he found it tangled in the naked man's hair. Very soft hair, it felt like silk running through his fingers… what?

"Ahhhh!" Kyo exclaimed pulling his very naked body off of his cousin and stood up turning at an angle away from his cousin. "What you looking at!" He yelled blushing before actually rushing back to his room to get his change of clothes…

That made Yuki want to laugh, they had seen each other naked many times, due to one girl's presence in their household, but still he watched as Kyo dashed to his room. His skin was so tan, so different from Yuki's own skin. Yuki looked at his own skin in comparison. He took a hand up and threaded it through his hair. His eyes narrowed as he wondered if his hair was as silky as Kyo's. For some reason he always felt the need to compare the two of them even though everyone always told him that he was better then his reckless, and angry cousin.

That made the morning a little odd. Yuki's drowsy mind barely processing what was going on. He looked down at his hand, the hand that had touched Kyo's hair. The other youth worked so hard at being tough and muscular that he was surprised that any part of him could be so soft. He was still standing in the hall blinking slightly when Kyo emerged from his room.

"Still not awake?" The other accused walking past the other boy tapping him slightly on the head.


"Whatever…" the other boy headed down the stairs followed by the rat.

Breakfast was quiet, as was the walk to school, and as the walk home. Tohru looked from one to the other until Yuki broke the silence.

"Nothing is wrong, Miss Honda. It is just a quiet day," Yuki told her almost reading her thoughts. Not impossible since she wore them on her face for all to see.

"Oh I wasn't sure…you guys were so quite, and um, well I wasn't sure if I had done something to make you upset, or mad.

"No," Kyo Grumbled at her looking at Yuki, "The rat's right, it's just…"he never finished the thought, but brought a hand up as though trying to find the words. How could he say that neither of them had picked a fight with each other that day? He sure as hell didn't know why.

"You're getting along?" She asked optimistically.

"Hell no!"


Their shouts overlapped and the wide-eyed girl blinked in surprise, out of the blue she grabbed each on of their hands, and smiled at them both.

"I'm so lucky." She told them and they both blinked at her confused before Yuki graced her with a small smile, and Kyo blushed. The rest of the walk home was again in silence, but a much more comfortable silence.


That night Yuki had dreams. Sometimes he would dream of Akito beating him, sometimes he would dream of Tohru and everyday things…but never of Kyo. And this wasn't what he normally thought of when he thought of Kyo. Sure he had seen the cat upset but in his dream his eyes were dark, and heavy lidded staring at him, through him. It was oddly disorienting even in a dream. Those eyes that were an odd crimson color were now like an exotic drug that he was hooked to. In his dream Kyo started near him, and then he was touching him. He was panting, hot, sweaty, hard. There was no question of his desire right now. Then Kyo was inside him…pushing Yuki for something he wasn't sure existed. He grabbed Kyo's hair knowing that in real life…yes it was that soft, like the finest silk.

"Yuki…" he could feel the whisper, it seemed to heat his already burning skin, but though it wasn't real when he felt a hand on his erection, something came apart inside of him.

It was his own startled shout that woke him. He was sweaty, and panting. He blinked thinking for a moment completely disoriented. His grey hair was plastered to his head and he was shaking. He was shaking? Memories and flashes of the dream passed through his head, and when he looked down he realized that well… he wasn't hard anymore.

"Stupid cat…" he muttered still trying to calm his heart. He rose from his bed and changed clothes then changed his sheets. Briefly he wondered if anyone had heard anything but he shook his head. He really didn't want to think about that. He climbed into bed. Hoping that that would be all for the night. He was wrong…

The dreams of the cat tormented him for that night, and the next and the next. But it was always different. He had no idea that his sleeping mind could be creative. Sometimes he was top, sometimes Kyo was on top, sometimes they were in a bed, the grass, the shower. He could barely take a shower, or go to his garden with out his dreams sneaking up on him. It was never disturbing that it was a guy in his dreams; he always knew that sex was not merely a bonding of bodies, though for some it may, for him he knew that it would be more of a bonding of souls. But even that thought couldn't comfort him at night. Soon he found that he was barley sleeping. He knew what was going to happen but what scared him is that he was starting to want it. He knew that if Kyo would look at him, he would see lust in his eyes. He didn't want to hide it, or fight it. All he wanted to do was to walk up to the cat, cup his face and kiss him like there was no tomorrow, because, Kyo may indeed find a way to beat him to death if he did follow through on that thought.

But now it was his waking mind as well, creating daydreams and fantasies. This desire had come far beyond his control. He reached up and grabbed his head frustrated…he needed something…anything to get over this. That night he paced back forth and then in circles until almost 3:30 in the morning exhaustion took over and he fell into bed into a fitful hazy sleep.

Three hours of sleep…why did he do things like this to himself, why couldn't he get over what his mind was trying to tell him it was very stupid in a way…especially for the smart rat? But still he stumbled through the motions of get ready and walked into the kitchen and still disoriented like all mornings, he ran into a warm body, and rested his head. And no change…that left two possibilities. Dog or cat…dog or cat... he turned his head and looked into ruby eyes and blinked…cat it is.

The other boy looked at him eyes growing wider as he took in the other boy. "Damn rat, what they hell is wrong with you?" Why wasn't he pushing him away…he always pushed him away. For a moment he stood and cuddled against the other boy's shoulder, a sigh escaping from his lips. He smelled so good, like the outside and still something else, cinnamon maybe? It was very calming. His nose touched the skin of Kyo's neck and he thought that he felt goose bumps when he let out a sigh. He thought that he could go back to sleep standing. "Wake up…Yuki!"


"Get the hell away from me you damn rat." Was it Kyo's imagination or was there hurt in Yuki's lavender grey eyes. But no almost immediately his face frosted over and he pulled away. In a way Kyo knew his enemy better then he knew himself. He knew his moves, his voice, his sneer, his scent. It now seemed to cling to him.

And though Yuki put up a good face, something was bothering him. Something was keeping him awake at night. The cat could hear the rat mutter and pace through the night. He would never ask, and Yuki would never tell. But he was slightly worried about the rat. That was why he hadn't pushed him away. But Yuki had been warm, and compliant even if just for a couple moments. Ever since Yuki had come after him, seen him as the monster he was, he went through the motions of hating the rat, but knew that he didn't. What the emotion there now was, he had no clue. He turned away and reaching into the fridge grabbing the milk, opening the carton, and then taking a drink.

"Must you do that?" Yuki's irritated voice asked.

"What?" He tuned almost yelling.

"That!" He said referring to him drinking from the carton.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do, ya damn rat?" He yelled the question slamming the milk back in the fridge. "Do you want a fight?" Normally by now Shigure would have wondered in or Tohru would have rushed in to save the day, but for some reason both missing.

Kyo found himself flung out the door and on to the grass, but remained on his feet. Amazingly he dodged one punch then a kick, returning with a kick of his own only to miss. He was still on his feet when Yuki came in for a punch, and missed and Kyo swung back.

His fist hit Yuki's face.

He stayed on his feet, but when he looked at Kyo and met his eyes he couldn't believe what he saw. Amazement, shock, but no joy. He actually landed a punch. But he knew why it had happened. He had taken one look into Kyo's eyes, the color, the passion, the intensity in them and he had been back in his dream. Where he could hold him, and kiss him. It was very distracting

And to think this all started just because Kyo had weaved through his legs as a cat and jumped onto his chest. Just because he had felt that body on top of his, felt red silk in his hands. That was the first time he could really remember touching the cat with anything besides a fist. He could feel his cheek swelling slightly, knew there would be a bruise. But when he moved his eyes from Kyo, when he went back to focus on him the cat was gone.

Kyo knew that he could never beat Yuki, when he hit Yuki…Oh my god, he had hit Yuki, and he felt nothing but disgust for himself. He felt low and dirty and like he was about to be sick. He pulled his knees up and pulled into himself as he sat on the roof. Yuki was gone, but he looked to where they had sparred and could still see the fight in his mind. It was wrong, all wrong. Something had to be throwing Yuki off balance. Kyo knew that he had improved some, but not enough to land a hard blow on the rat like that.

What the hell? He was concerned about the rat. That was so messed up. He heard the rat shuffling about in the kitchen and climbed down to look in on him. Against better judgment, he went down the ladder and went to the kitchen. He found Yuki in the kitchen. He had a glass of cold water press against his cheek, but Kyo shook his head grabbed a hand towel and grabbed ice out the freezer.

"Why didn't you get out of the way?" Kyo asked gruffly, looking to Yuki. "Did you let me get a pity punch?" He yelled the question at his cousin.

"Stupid cat, can't you tell when you actually get one up on me. Idiot." He stopped ranting when the glass was pulled away from his face and a cold, slightly wet; towel was put in its place. He raised shocked eyes to Kyo. He was so close and looked so angry.

"Still mad?"

"Dumb ass, you didn't even try to block, or pull away. What the hell is wrong with you?" He was still yelling, but Yuki couldn't believe what was going on. Kyo was helping him, being gentle, while still yelling. One of his dreams had started off like this.

"Nothing is wrong," Yuki growled in response narrowing eyes looking at his orange haired, red eyed cousin. He reached up to take the towel away; he needed to get away from Kyo, needed to stop thinking about his dreams. But when he tried to grab the towel his hand collided with Kyo's. He watched as Kyo looked at their hands.

Heat. Yuki's hand on his, holding ice, but all he felt was heat. He looked at Yuki; there was a blush on his cheek. For some reason beyond his character, he was concerned. This was the same boy that came out in the pouring rain to help Tohru bring him home. Together… they would always be together. He brought his other hand up to touch his forehead.

"I'm going to my room." Yuki stated pulling away and taking the ice that Kyo offered. Kyo watched Yuki leave the room. Was he walking a little faster then normal? He shook his head and let it be.

He had escaped, Yuki thought as he slumped against the door. Kyo had touched him, and of his own free will. God what was he going to do. He couldn't keep living like this. It was his own private hell.


Needless to say everyone was surprised to see bruise on Yuki's face and even more surprised to learn how he had come by it. It wasn't dark, but it sure hurt like hell. Yuki avoided eye contact at all cost with Kyo, but that didn't mean he wasn't looking. Why hadn't he noticed that Kyo never wore the tie of his uniform? Why didn't he see that you could always see just a little of his tan chest peaking through the small triangle there. How had he never noticed that his shoulders were fairly broad while his hips were narrow? And his butt… he shook his head at his thoughts. For a moment he paused taking notes to catch up but found himself once again looking at his cousin. His hair…god for the rest of his life he would never forget how that hair felt between his fingers. And his eyes, they were such a strange color and surrounded by such dark lashes. He knew that Kyo had no idea how exotic looking he really was. He turned away as he saw Kyo look back and quickly wrote to catch up. My god…he was worse then a girl with a crush…He was the Kyo Fan Club!

Little did Yuki know that Kyo seemed to be having the same problem of late. The cat wasn't having dreams, but why have dreams when your mind is already filled with fantasies. Ever since his punch had landed, he realized that he would never really fight the rat again. But once that ambition to beat him was gone, his obsession had taken another form. A much more sexual form, every time he even accidentally touched the damned rat, he felt shivers and heat. All he wanted to do was to make those lavender grey eyes lose focus and claim that slender effeminate body as his territory. Shit…he was in trouble.


He beat him everyday, but still he practiced and devoted so much of his life to his martial arts. Yuki envied his dedication wondering for a moment what really pushed the cat so hard to be better then him. More then once he had traced and retraced all of his memories of the cat. He could remember all the barbs and pitying comments directed toward the cat. He also remembered his mother and her death… her suicide. He always wondered what could a push a person to the extreme of taking their own life. Granted dark thoughts of death worked ways into his head, but he never thought to hard about them. Questions like who would miss him? Who would come to his funeral? Would Kyo miss him?

Right now his eyes were watching the cat practice his martial arts. His shirt had been taken off displaying his muscular and sweaty. He was glowing, but in a good way. He had never seen the cat as happy as he was when he was doing something physical. And there he was doing something very physical. His moves were so graceful. For a moment Yuki wondered if he tried to not be graceful in everyday life, just as another way to deny that yes he was the cat. Because he was graceful, the rare moments when he was practicing, when he would lay out on the porch, when he would rise and stretch, would he would cook instead of Tohru. It was there if you looked…and he had been looking.

A lot…

He was still unsure why he had yet to actually be caught by the ever paranoid cat. His most common yelled phrase what usually, 'what you looking at?' He heard it at least every other day if not everyday. It was routine. Just like Kyo. He would wake up early, work out, shower, be wide awake by the time Yuki could stumble down the stairs. He had such a lust for life. He wished that he could share it.

He continued to watch in a hypnotized state until he realized that he was no longer watching him, he was staring right into the eyes of the cat. Tired thrilled eyes, narrowed in confusion. He quickly excited the window before the look could turn to anger.

Kyo could feel the gaze, he knew it was Yuki. He wasn't stupid though everyone seemed to think that he was. He knew that the rat was watching him, but he also knew that what used to be in his gaze anger and hate, was no longer there. It seemed to have disappeared on both sides after he had actually hit him. He continued working though his moves and forms while thinking random thoughts.

Yuki was watching him.

There was no reason to fight; he could never hit Yuki again.

He was forever doomed to be trapped in a cage.

His life was over on graduation day.

Yuki was watching him.

He had beautiful eyes…he was the most beautiful person at school.

He was still watching him.

Finally he stopped and looked over his shoulder. The rat was in the window staring at him. His eyes seemed intense in his concentration. He was tired, and exhilarated. He watched as Yuki quickly exited the window frame. DAMN he was sick of this shit. He grabbed his shirt and looped it around his neck. He was going to find that damn rat and find out what was going on. His search of the downstairs proved futile he wondered up the stairs. Pressing his ear to the door he heard the sound of footsteps in the room. Not thinking to knock he pushed open the door and yelled.

"What the hell is your problem?" It took him a moment to find Yuki in the room. He was over by his dresser, obviously changing clothes. He had his shirt off dangling from almost boneless fingers as his wide eyes blinked at the cat. Yuki glared at the intruder.

"It's rude to come in without knocking," he stated condescending.

"It's rude to stare!" He yelled back pacing into the room slamming the door behind him.

"Stare?" Yuki decided that maybe he could act innocent. It always worked at school his grip tightened on his shirt.

"You have been watching me. Don't think I don't know." His crimson eyes were on Yuki's eyes as he stalked forward with the grace that only the cat could have. It was this moment that Yuki once again complimented his imagination. He had seen this look before but in a total different situation.

"Why would I watch you?" Again with the condescending tone.

"I don't know you damn rat, that's why I'm here." He flung a random hand out, inadvertently causing the muscles in his arm and chest to flex slightly. For a moment Yuki stared at the tan bare chest.

Amazing, so different from his own, as the cat approached he raised a pale hand and stared as it collided with muscular somewhat sweaty chest.

Kyo looked at the hand on his chest. Damn it, it was the same heat that he had felt when they had touched over the ice bag, but this time there was no ice to help cool the heat. He stepped back quickly looking quickly to Yuki. The rat's eyes seemed wide, with either amazement or wonder he wasn't sure.

"Don't touch me." He tried to sound mean, sound angry but it came out as a raspy whisper.

"Don't order me around." It was said on a growl as the rat took a step forward.

"God I hate you!" The statement seemed to come from no where, but Yuki knew that it was reflex and felt the need to push. Oh, he could be a temperamental fellow as well.

"Oh do you?" It was his turn to have a warding hand put on his chest but he continued forward. He wondered if Kyo was amazed to, entrance by their touch just like he had been earlier. "Don't think that I don't know that you have watched me." With that statement the hand fell away and he took another step forward and stood on tip toes to be at eye level with Kyo.

Kyo looked at Yuki and felt small. How was it that the rat knew everything that he did before he did? Yuki's face was inches away from him, he could feel his heat, and for such a cold looking person he was really hot. And his mouth, full lips slightly parted, allowing for his light, steady breath to brush across Kyo's mouth.

"You don't hate me. You hate me as much as I hate you. And I don't." He seemed to add the last statement to clarify what he meant. As he spoke his gaze left Kyo's for a moment to glace down at Kyo's lips. His pink tongue flashed slightly wetting his lips before he worried the bottom lip between his teeth.

"Ah hell…" he raised both hands and pushed on Yuki's chest and fled the room.

Yuki landed with a thud on his butt and looked at the open door. It was over… something shattered inside. It was over, hopeless. He had pushed to hard and now he didn't stand a chance. He had gambled and lost… there was no way that Kyo would ever let anything progress, he would get pushed away every time. He stood slowly and walked to his door pulling his shirt on and dashing out the door.


He really had to stop thinking about the damn rat. And what had just happened didn't help. He had run…he was a coward. He couldn't even tell the rat the truth. He knew that he would still tell the rat that he hated him. But damn it! Every thought was about him. He was obsessed and it was all wrong. He could become president of the Prince Yuki Fan Club. He already knew everything about the young boy and now he could look at him and appreciate his beauty and grace as well as desire. Was Yuki interested? Had that really been lust in his eyes? He was never a firm believed in God but he was starting to pray for a sign.

It was then he was blessed.

He had been walking through the forest and low and behold who did he see?

Kyo looked at the boy lying beside the garden. He knew that this was Yuki's 'secret base.' He looked to the sky and the gloomy clouds proved what he already knew in his bones. It was going to rain. That's why he was headed back home. Things had been awkward between Yuki and himself lately…no doubt there and they had just gotten worse… less then 30 minutes ago. But right not he couldn't leave the other boy to sleep in the rain. Walking over he lightly kicked the other boy.

"Wake up damn rat." The feminine looking boy didn't even bat an eyelash. So he tried again, kicking a little harder and yelling a little louder…Nothing. Falling to one knee he shook his shoulder with his hand and said his name this time. The eyelids moved, maybe he was starting to wake. Kyo almost gasped in shock when a hand came and grabbed his wrist pulling his arm across Yuki's body. Quickly he placed his other hand above Yuki's head to prevent himself from falling on the boy, but this left them nose to nose. He studied the boys parted lips, before moving to cheekbones, and then looking into slowly opening eyes. The eyes were somewhat blank, no anger or sadness, but awareness.

Yuki blinked once…twice… Was that Kyo? He would know those exotic crimson eyes anywhere. But why was he so close? He could feel the other boy breath on his lips and see the shock and something else in his eyes.

"Kyo?" He whispered realizing that he held a tanned wrist in his hand. He watched the other boy blush, light pink staining his cheeks.

"It's gonna rain." Kyo whispered. Why wasn't he yelling…what was going on? He wasn't pulling away. This was wrong… Yuki was the rat, he was the cat, and they were both guys, related no less.

"Kyo," again Yuki said his name but this time he pulled the wrist in his hand, just an inch, and for just a second, lips touched lips, soft smooth. Widened violet eyes met shocked red eyes and when neither moved away from each other, Kyo lowered his head again, as if to check if it was a fluke. But when their lips met again, something seemed to snap in both of them. What started as a simply brushing of lips, soon became a battle for dominance. Kyo slanted his lips over Yuki's running his tongue along the seam and when Yuki parted his lips their kiss deepened. Tongues ruled for possession as Yuki let go of Kyo's wrist to fist his hands in the short red silken strands. Kyo's one hand above Yuki's head stayed so he didn't collapse on the other male while his other hand crept along his spine and to his shoulders as Yuki tried to get closer to Kyo's body.

Yuki pulled his mouth away and nibbled on Kyo's lips, kissed his nose, and eyelids before moving to attack his neck. The red head moaned giving Yuki better access to his neck, while moving to a better position to place his other hand so he could thread his fingers into the grey hair of the rat. He pulled him back fully intending to stop this from going any farther, until he actually looked at the rat. His lips were swollen, his cheeks flushed, his eyes barely open, shining with more then lust. He couldn't… With a growl he pushed his cousin back to the ground moving slightly and settled between Yuki legs.

"I don't hate you…" it was a whisper and in that moment completely honest and Yuki knew it. His voice was too soft and there was no force behind his words.

"No you don't." it was a whispered agreement; "You want me as much as I want you." His words were coming out on pants, and his heart raced. Thank God he wasn't the only one in this insane fantasy.

Leaning over Kyo plundered his cousin's mouth stealing the other boy's breath that he couldn't seem to catch anyway. His mouth never let up as his hands roamed under his shirt to caress his skin, play with erect nipples and lovingly caress each collar bone. He moved his mouth away for a moment and smirked when the rat moaned. He nibbled his ear moving down to bite his neck, as he rubbed his hips against those that were beneath his. Yuki's eyes shot open in surprise as his hips moved beyond his control and pushed against Kyo's welcome weight.

Yuki knew this really couldn't be happening. He was dreaming, he had had dreams of Kyo before. And he had been asleep. This couldn't actually be happening. But he could feel Kyo's longed-for weight on his body, feel his hands brushing his skin, and feel his hardness against his own. "Kyo," he whispered the name almost in reverence and the other boy pulled away to meet his eyes. No…this was real. They were supposed to hate each other, but here they were. Rather than think he reached up and grabbed Kyo's hair and pulled him down taking control of the kiss making the other boy moan, it made him feel powerful. He could feel Kyo's hands burning through his clothes, branding his skin and he felt alive. The heat and friction between his legs caused him again to lift his hips and push against Kyo's and when his hips forced his back down to the earth he moaned. He had never felt anything like this. Where was this coming from? This energy, this arousal, all this heat, had it laid dormant all this time? Kyo pulled his mouth away for air, but Yuki nipped down his neck and at the pulse point, his teeth grazed and he thought he heard his cousin purr. He sucked and nipped at the flesh and Kyo realizing to late what had happened pulled away to look at Yuki. Before anything else could happen there was a clap of thunder and almost instantaneously the sky opened up and rain started to pour. Immediately both boys seemed to snap out of their dazed state.

"Damn rat, I was avoiding this! Now I'm all wet and it's all your damn fault!"

"Stupid cat, you can't blame all of the world problems on me!" They glared at each other but something was missing. Maybe it was the fact that both of them held a slight flush, lips slightly bruised from punishing kisses and their clothes where in complete disarray. Neither saying anything they ran for the house.


They came in drenched and each went to their respectful rooms changed then came down for dinner. They sat at the table, quietly and started to eat, until Kyo looked up and smirked.

"If I get sick it's your fault you damn rat."

"Stupid cat, everything is not my fault."

"You started it!"

"You didn't stop it."

"Neither did you!"

"I started it remember? Why would I want to stop it?" Yuki panicked though it didn't show on his face, his mask was in place and he looked calm as normal. He did not just say that. He did not just admit to Kyo that he wanted him. There was no way that that was possible. But the other boy straight across from him stared startled and blinking


"Kyo what's on your neck? Did you get a bruise?" Tohru asked the question innocently, just trying to move the conversation somewhere else. She paused when Kyo raised a hand and slapped it on his neck. He knew exactly what was on his neck. He also knew exactly how it had gotten there. She completely missed the blush on Yuki's cheeks.

Tohru, as well, looked from one cousin to another blinking trying to figure out what was going on. When they had rushed in drenched while she was making dinner, they had looked odd. They were both dirty, not just wet and their clothes had been partially unbuttoned. Something wasn't adding up and Tohru could not figure out what it was for sure. But she was missing out on something. "You two couldn't stop fighting even to get out of the rain?" She asked exasperated, she would never understand how those two could constantly fight each other.

"YOU DAMN RAT!" Kyo exploded, pushing away from the table and stalking to the stairs. Deciding that it would not be a good idea to let the cat stew in temper he looked over the confused girl beside him.

"Excuse me Miss Honda. Kyo and I have something we need to clear up." He looked up at the stairs as Kyo reached the top. The stupid cat even had sexy feet. Was every part of Kyo as delectable as he had imagined in his dream.

"Please don't break anything?" She asked as she started to clear the table, he was glad that she was distracted because he was blushing again.

"Of course not…excuse me." He climbed the stairs quickly and as Kyo opened his bed room door, pushed his cousin in then walked past him, only to push him against the closed door. He placed a hand on either side of his head and looked straight in Kyo's eyes. His cousin was more confused then Yuki had ever seen him before. He then looked at the mark on Kyo's neck. His mark…his claim. Could he really claim the cat as his?

"What is your problem? There was no reason to insult Miss Honda like that. She was concerned about you. And the bruise on your neck," He stated bluntly, but a feral grin was starting to appear on his face. For a moment Kyo looked down as a blush crept across his cheeks. "Are you regretting something, embarrassed, ashamed?" Something about saying those options out loud caused his heart to break just a little. But he still moved a little closer to Kyo preventing any movement from the boy at all.

"NO! I'm not any of those things, you damn rat! You gave me a fucking hickie!" He still felt the need to yell at his superior cousin. He raised his hand and placed both of them on his cousin's chest as he glared at him. "But I don't regret a damn thing," Kyo noticed that the heart beat beneath his hand raced slightly as he said those words. Kyo noticed that Yuki was looking at him differently. Like he wanted to devour him. He knew what his cousin was thinking. He was thinking about not more then an hour ago. When they had been about two minutes from ripping each other's clothes off, and letting their instincts take over.

"Good. Then lets do it again." Yuki whispered and whey Kyo said nothing he took that as an invitation, pushing the cat into the door with his own body and slanting his mouth over his. This time it was Yuki's turn to make Kyo lose control.

He started with the lips kissing him senseless, nibbling on his lips, then moving down he licked and bit a trail down his neck, kissing lightly the mark that was on his neck for all to see, before taking one slender graceful hand and placing it on Kyo's erection. The moan that he ripped from Kyo's lips was something that he wanted to hear his goal was to hear it again…and soon. Normally it was his words that made the cat lose control, it was never actually him. Smoothly he stroked Kyo through the material of his cargo pants, while continuing to worship the other boy's neck and shoulders as Kyo did the same.

He stumbled for a moment when Kyo pushed him away, but the look in Kyo's eyes said that he wasn't about to stop. He stepped forward placing his hands on Yuki's hips as their lips again met in a match for power, neither wanting to let the other have control. But Kyo pulled Yuki's hips against his own causing them both to moan. And Yuki walked backwards as Kyo's walked forward, and he felt his hands again under his clothes burning him, then his shirt was gone, thrown to the floor. Forgotten. He stumbled slightly but Kyo's hold on him was as unrelenting as the passion behind Kyo's kiss. He found that Kyo's bed was much softer then his own when he found himself laid back on it, then noticed that Kyo's hands were busy undoing his pants.

Grabbing Kyo's shirt he pulled the boy down so that he could get a better hold. Kyo laughed slightly when Yuki pulled him down, not crude, sarcastic laugh, but an amused laugh, as though pleased to have the rat wanting him.

"Stupid cat. I'm not losing all my clothes first," he muttered as he pulled the black tight shirt off of the tan body of his soon to be lover. Then he reached for the belt undoing that and the button of his fly with in a breath of each other.

"Damn rat, your fault I'm loosing control here," Kyo's breath was hot against Yuki's neck and sent goose bumps racing over Yuki's skin. Kyo noticed and smoothed a hand over the skin doing nothing but make it worse. But soon their clothes were gone, thrown somewhere, they really weren't keeping track.

"Good your beautiful, so perfect…" Kyo whispered. He couldn't breath. Kyo's mouth was everywhere, hands burning a trail over his pale body.

What was going on? He was on fire…

"Kyo…Kyo…Kyo…" It was becoming a mantra. Kyo disappeared for just a second and when he came back, there was something cool.

A moment of pain…

Then a night of pleasure.


Yuki was slowly waking, but he was warm, delightfully so, but something was moving. He never liked to wake up. The world of the living was full of fake smiles and false happiness. But as he started to wake he knew something was different. It was warm but there was a sheet covering his waist and hips but as he looked farther down he realized that his pale legs were tangled with a pair of tan legs, plus there was a heavy tan arm around his waist, the rest of the tan body was curved behind him. For a moment he wondered if it was true…he was far from saying that they were in love, but they were most definitely in lust right now. He turned his head to meet the crimson eyes of his lover. His eye lids were heavy but under dark lashes he could see red eyes studying him.

"Well look at this the damn rat can wake up earlier then I thought." A smirk graced the cat's cynical sexy lips.

"Well if you hadn't moved, I would still be asleep." He growled, they all knew he wasn't a morning person. A chilly breeze came in the window, and Yuki glared at the open window when he shivered. He felt more then saw Kyo's hand pull the sheet up and feet squirm slightly as he moved the crumpled blanket that had been over their hips but now covered his body. Kyo left his arm across his nemesis's chest and pulled the boy a little closer, and Yuki was no longer even close to being chilled. He was hot. "Thanks," he whispered a little breathless.

"Whatever," Kyo grumbled, his face in the curve of Yuki's neck. Kyo seemed a little reluctant to wake himself.

"I thought cats liked the mornings?" He asked softly turning his head finding that his face was a couple inches from Kyo's. Red eyes looked at him again.

"Shows what you know, we like to sleep and play."


"Play," Kyo confirmed as he moved in to kiss him but the voice in the hall stopped him.

"Kyo have you seen Yuki, I can't find him?" Tohru asked through the door. Kyo still holding the rat yelled back.

"Why would I know where that damn rat is? It's not like I care…" The words were offset by a soft kiss to Yuki's neck and a hand caressing his chest.

"Well I know that you always get up early….and I thought…I just thought… that you may…or you might have…seen him or something." She muttered and they could almost hear the blush in her voice.

"All right, go check his secret base, I'll check round here." He spoke grudgingly his teeth nipping at Yuki's ear almost making his partner moan.

"Thanks so much, Kyo…I really appreciate it."

"Whatever." He muttered loud enough for her to hear as Yuki turned around and pulled him into a light kiss, before climbing out of the bed and grabbing his clothes, but then a thought came to him. He turned around to look at his lover and for the first time Kyo could remember the rat looked wide awake in the morning.

"Shower?" His answer was a smirk.


She looked from one to the other knowing that something was different. They weren't yelling, though Kyo was glaring at Yuki. There didn't seem to be tension at the table as it was most mornings. Both boys seemed to just sit down and eat breakfast. No yelling, no shouting, no breaking furniture, something was wrong with this picture.

"Kyo," she waited until he looked up, "Yuki?" She asked waiting until she had both their attention, "Is there something wrong…did I do something bad. Did you two…"

"NO!" the both yelled actually not even sure what she was going to say.

"Okay." She drew out the word over a long breath, then rose and gathered the plates, "I'm going to clean up."

The day at school passed quickly, and Yuki had meetings and Tohru had to go to work, so Kyo walked home by himself. When he got home it was to an empty house, he really didn't like to be alone, but instead he removed his shoes, and trudged up the stairs. When he entered the room, the first thing that he noticed was that his room smelled like Yuki. He breathed deep inhaling the scent. He lay on his bed; his sheets held the Yuki's scent even more then the air in the room. For some reason he found himself hugging the pillow that Yuki had used the night before inhaling the scent and he found himself lulled to sleep.

When he awoke it was to the smell of Tohru's cooking. He looked at the clock realizing that she must have finished work early and was now cooking dinner. He shook his head, rising from the bed and going to sit at the desk. He worked on his homework, until he was called down for dinner.

He couldn't stop looking at Yuki. Shy glances, that no one really noticed. But every time he looked at him, he felt Yuki's lips on his own, he could feel his hands on his back, could feel the fingernails digging into his skin. Once Yuki met his gaze and they both seemed to blush, which told him that Yuki was doing the same thing that he was. As dinner was complete Yuki and Tohru picked up the table as Kyo started the dish water. Yuki and Tohru talked quietly while Kyo put the dishes away. Once as Yuki handed him a dish their hands brushed and Yuki looked at him a smirk in his eyes, and Kyo blushed. Would it happen again tonight? That was the question distracting him more than anything else. They all separated after the dished were done and then went to their separate rooms.

Kyo paced, back and forth back and fourth. Looking at the clock it read 10:00, still he paced. He stopped at 10:30 when Shigure walked through the halls going to bed himself. He turned to the door and looked at it. Was Yuki going to come to him? Did he want… He walked to his door and peaked outside. Quietly he closed his door behind him but found that he couldn't go to Yuki's door. Instead he paced the hall, went to the kitchen, and drank a glass of water. In the mean time his thoughts got more and more complex, confusing his mind. And when he thought it was just a one time thing, something in his chest pulled tight. He walked back up to Yuki's door poised to knock, but then dropped his fist mentally yelling at himself. He went back to pacing the hall, he couldn't do it. He could not go to Yuki. He didn't know why, wasn't sure, but he knew that he was confused, and right now being rejected would hurt more than anything else could. He went to open his door when he heard Yuki's door open. He looked over his shoulder, seeing Yuki in grey loose pajamas, the shirt half left open, displaying his pale chest. God he looked edible. Kyo gulped before turning.

"Hey," Kyo whispered his voice softer then he intended.

"Hey," Yuki wanted to laugh. The cat had never seemed so unsure of himself, there he was dressed in his trademark cargo pants and black shirt revealing tan skin at his mid-drift. "You stupid cat," he murmured as he met him half way in the hall, knowing that the rest of the house was asleep, he reached a hand behind Kyo's neck sinking his hand into Kyo's hair, it seemed he had developed a fetish with Kyo's hair, and pulled the slightly taller boy down to kiss him. It was slow and gentle at first, but quickly turned passionate. Kyo's arms came around his waist and crushed their bodies together. When they pulled apart to breath, Kyo rested his forehead against Yuki's.

"God, I've been craving that since this morning," Yuki smiled. They couldn't seem to stop touching each other. He wasn't sure if this was lust or what, but he knew that he was very infatuated with the orange hair cat.

"I want to touch you so bad," he barely heard what Kyo said but understood when he felt Kyo's hands on his chest under his clothes and his lips grazed his neck. Without asking Yuki walked backwards into his room pulling the cat with him.

Then they locked the door.


This time when his waking thought was of Yuki he didn't mind so much, considering the fact that the before-mentioned boy was laying on his back, with Kyo laying over him. His arm and a leg where thrown over the still sleeping mouse and his chest partially covered the other boy. His head laid next to Yuki's their hair mixing together. He sighed and tried not to wake the other boy. He pulled himself from Yuki's embrace and quickly dressed. Walking back over to the bed he looked at the sleeping boy. This was strange and awkward. He shouldn't be sleeping with, let alone, making love to Yuki. His advisory, his ticket to freedom, though he knew that door was closed now. For a moment he thought about the future, knowing that Yuki's was so incredibly bright, while his. He shook his head at his dismal thoughts. Leaning down he brushed strands away from Yuki's eyes and the rat stirred a little. He leaned down speaking in a whisper, "I'm going to my room. It's almost time to get up."

Yuki moaned slightly as he realized that he was slowly waking, he barely processed the words being spoke. But he did realize that he was in bed alone. He opened his eyes to see Kyo above him, laying a gentle kiss on his forehead. He grabbed the other boy's wrist.

"You can do better then that," he smirked, his voice gravelly from sleep. "I got to have something to last me the rest of the day.

"Yeah, yeah," the other boy muttered before kissing the grey haired boy senseless. "There will that last you?" The other boy was still to breathless to answer.


It became routine, one waiting for the other trading sleeping in rooms, waking together only to quickly shower together or separate into their own rooms. Being enemies for so long they found out that they already knew so much about each other, but they started to learn the small idiosyncrasies. Like when Kyo was nervous, he would run his hands through his hair, when he would smirk it was always on the right side of his mouth, how he was ticklish right above his hip bones, how he loved to have his neck nuzzled. Kyo on the other hand learned that when Yuki was nervous he would walk a little faster, how when he was sleepy he loved to cuddle; when they were alone he always had to be touching Kyo somehow. It was getting harder and harder for their parting kiss to last them the whole day.

Like now, Yuki watched as Kyo sat around a group of classmates while on break and played games. They were laughing at Kyo and he was a little upset. Yuki could tell by the slight blush on his cheekbones. His gaze narrowed when he saw the girl next to him touch his arm slightly. Kyo looked to the girl, listened to what she said then shook his head, said a couple words. The girl smiled and put her hand on his shoulders and turned to leave. As she exited Yuki glared at her retreating back. How dare she touch him? What was she thinking? Kyo was his, though no one could really see, he knew Kyo had his marks on his body, just like Kyo had left marks on him. It was irrational and before he knew it he found himself making his way over to the group his mind set.

One minute he was playing a game with his classmates and the next he was looking at a glaring Yuki.

"What do you want?" Kyo asked on a growl. While over the few weeks had changed a lot for Yuki and Kyo you couldn't tell by the way they acted in public to one another.

"Excuse us; we have something of a family issue to discuss." Yuki reached down and grabbed Kyo's wrist pulling him out of the classroom, halfway down the empty hall then opened a Janitors closet. He pushed Kyo in the walked in himself turning the light on then locking the door and leaning against it.

"Yuki we're in a closet." Kyo yelled stating the obvious. He had been pushed in and was now staring at the rat leaning against the door. Even though relations had changed with the rat, he was still inclined to yell at his lover.

"What were you doing?" It was a question and an accusation.


"Just now." Yuki muttered a glare in his lavender grey eyes.

"During break…playing a game."

"What were you doing with her?" He asked accusingly.


"Miss Soki…Sejemi…whatever the hell her name is."

"Oh… Miss Shinna?" Kyo had to hold back a smile. Yuki, his Yuki was jealous.

"Who ever she was…she was touching you!" Yuki accused, this was not like him, he was upset, he was angry…Kyo was his to touch, his alone. Kyo leaned down the couple inches that he was taller then the other boy and smirked.

"Yeah, she touched me," he took a step forward until their bodies were almost touching, his boyfriend's jealousy making him daring "but not the way you touch me." Then he kissed him, and Yuki kissed him back with almost more passion then he had ever felt from the other boy. Yuki was pulling him close, hands under his school uniform, nails scoring his skin, as Yuki assaulted his mouth. The dark closet became very, very hot. Soon both boys were panting, clothing half removed. Their mostly naked chests were pressed together as the boys slowly pulled apart calming down with each breath.

"You don't need to be jealous," Kyo whispered in his ear and his teeth nipped it slightly. He felt Yuki shudder.

"You're mine," he stated possessively and for some reason Kyo didn't object. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he knew that it was more then just lust.

"All yours," he confirmed his breathing slowing down.

"I'm yours," it was odd for Yuki to ever be unsure of himself so Kyo resisted the urge to tease him. He noticed that Yuki was tracing a bruise that he himself had inflicted the night before. Oh yeah…the rat was his rat now.

"Mine," and he pulled him close.


After the closet incident things changed, it was as though something had been settled between the two. They still fought and bickered but they had different ways to settle the score now. And there were moments…little moments when they would have a couple seconds to themselves and they would grab a quick kiss, or run a hand through the other's hair. And in the mornings, when Yuki would stumble down the stairs and Kyo was in the kitchen alone, he would hold him, and let Yuki settle against him as he fought so hard to be awake yet wanting nothing but to be asleep. And when Yuki had to go on an overnight student council trip, Kyo was rude, and grumpy and miserable. Nothing was worse then sleeping by yourself. He loved to wake up and find his limbs tangled with Yuki's as they slept. It seemed that they couldn't stay away from each other when they slept either. They had take to even occasionally eating on the roof together. But amazingly no one suspected a thing. This went by for at least a month. Soon someone would though, and they had no idea what to do after that. But they were still in high school, with so much of their lives in front of them, but all they really seemed to want was to be around each other.

With one look they knew what the other wanted, whether a touch, a kiss, a night of passionate sex… They had truly learned each other inside and out.

But Kyo had a secret…

…Yuki wasn't going to push.


It was a slow Saturday afternoon. Yuki looked outside to see that the sky had turned grey and overcast. He talked with Tohru on the patio, a book in his lap as they watched the storm move in. Soon a light rain was misting the ground, soon to turn into a full blown storm. Yuki could hear the storm rumbling in the distance.

"Where's the stupid cat?" he asked looking to Tohru. She shook her head and for a moment looked at Yuki.

"He has a name you know. Sometimes I wish that you would use them. He always calls you 'damn rat' and he's always 'stupid cat' to you." She imitated their voiced bringing a small smile to Yuki's lips. For a moment Yuki want to smirk, knowing that more then once they had screamed each others names, though only when the house was empty. Only two nights ago Yuki had bitten Kyo's shoulder almost drawing blood to prevent himself from screaming for his lover.

"Really, does he now? I hadn't noticed."

"Yuki," Tohru scolded, but she smiled, "He went to his room, he wasn't feeling well."

"I think that I will follow suit, the sky has gotten too dark for me to read out here. Excuse me Miss Honda." He rose and with book in hand climbed the stairs and went to open his door. But instead he turned and peaked his head into Kyo's room.

There was his lover, curled up on his bed, in a loose shirt and boxer shorts. He looked pale and his eyes were closed. He was hugging a pillow, and had a light sheet pulled over him. When he opened his eyes, Yuki saw nothing but exhaustion, and self directed anger, in those eyes. He wanted to reach out, and comfort him. Hold him and tell him that everything would be fine. Let him rest held in the arms of someone who really cared. He wanted to take all the pain away. That was when it hit him.

He was in love with Kyo.

In love…

…with the cat.

The rat was in love with the cat.

He almost smiled at the cruel joke that fate had played on them.

Kyo felt drained and mentally it was hard to think at all. He wanted his mind to be empty, but all he wanted was to not be in bed alone. He never slept alone anymore. For him it was no longer the sex that Yuki and he eagerly participated in, it was being with him. Holding him, comforting him on a bad day…and he wished that Yuki wanted to do the same for him. But here he was miserable and alone. It made him angry that he wanted Yuki to be here, with him. But for once he wasn't mad at the rat, he was mad at himself. He opened his eyes slowly and when he looked at the door, he saw exactly who he wanted to see. And Yuki looked startled…then smiled.

"Go away…" he muttered not able to finish the rest of what he wanted to say, he was so tired.

Yuki shook his head and walked into the room closing the door. He made his way to the bed, taking off his traditional Chinese over-shirt to reveal a light t-shirt underneath. He pushed Kyo over as he took the pillow from the cat and propped it against the head board. Then he climbed into the bed that was as much his own as Kyo's and leaned his back against the pillow. He then gently took Kyo's head and placed it in his lap. Gently he rubbed the cat's temples, stroked his hair, and massaged his neck.

"I said go away." He muttered but Yuki knew better. That tone of voice was relaxed and calm.

"Do you really want me to?" Yuki was surprised that he wasn't getting turned on at all, maybe it was because all he wanted to do was make Kyo feel better. He finally smiled when Kyo grumbled something, but he continued his ministrations. And when Kyo fell asleep, grabbed his book and started to read. No less then 20 minutes, did Yuki end up putting his book down and falling asleep himself.

That was how she found them. Yuki propped against the headboard, hand in Kyo's hair, as his head lay pillowed in Yuki's lap the rest of his body curved around Yuki's lower body. She let out a startled gasp and Yuki woke from his un-normally light slumber.

"Shhh," he pressed a finger to his lips and motioned her in, noticing that she was carrying a tray of soup and tea. He was surprised when he saw a bright smile cross her face.

"I knew something had changed!" She whispered excitedly noticing the Kyo stirred slightly so she proceeded in a lower whisper. "What happened? How long has this been going on?" She then remembered back about a month and a half ago when she had asked Kyo about the bruise on his neck, "I'm an idiot, over a month and I never noticed. You guys are so cute."

"You don't mind?" he asked surprised.

"I guess I should, but the truth is that I could never choose between the two of you. I'm sure you know that I love you both. And even if I did choose, I could never do this," she motioned to the two of them on the bed together, "And that would break my heart." He didn't really feel the need to ruin her word with commentary, but watched as she sat on the floor beside him and touched Kyo's hand gently. Surprisingly there was no surge of jealousy, not like the last time. "So you think he knows how beautiful he is?" She asked as she poured two cups of tea, which had originally been her and Kyo. She gave him a cup then sipped one herself. He shook his head, while running a hand down Kyo's back. "You should tell him. He doesn't know. You know that you're beautiful, you heard it everyday, and I doubt anyone ever told him. And it would be all wrong coming from me." She blushed at the thought.

"I'll tell him first thing." This wasn't nearly as strange as he thought it would be, but then it probably helped that Kyo was asleep. They talked for a while then she got up to leave.

"I'll leave the soup for you two." She walked to the door, when she opened it she turned back, he had never seen Tohru so serious, "Do you love him Yuki?"

"Yes." Her smiled was bright, there was no hesitation in his answer.

"Good, then I don't have to have Uo try to beat you up."

"If I hurt him, I'd let her." She closed the door behind her gently.

He wasn't sure when he woke up, but he just laid in faux slumber, he almost opened his eyes when he heard Tohru speaking, but he let it slide as he drifted into slumber then out again. There was a rustle as he heard her get up to leave. Then she asked a question and his whole world stopped. It was the question that he was afraid to ask. But go figure, Tohru who would never ask for herself, would ask for someone else. When he heard the answer he smiled.

He slowly pretended to come awake and look up to see Yuki looking down at him in compete seriousness.

"You are so beautiful," it was a whisper, but it shocked the other boy…he had never had that word used to describe him. He blinked, once, twice, then smirked.

"So are you, inside and out." Then he settled his head back on his lover's lap so he could rest and Yuki picked up his book to continue reading.

"Tohru was here, she knows."

"I think I heard her."

"Yes, you did."

"Is she okay with us?"

"She is very happy."

"Good, she deserves to be happy."

"Yes she does," Yuki agreed before turning to his book while he ran his other hand down Kyo's back. Needless to say it was a nice way to waste an afternoon.


After the rain cleared and they ate their evening meal, he took a blanked and climbed to the roof. He lay staring at the clear sky. Yuki loved him…he loved Yuki.

What a pair of fools they make.

How long had he been in love? He wasn't sure, but he knew somewhere along the way just he knew. Felt it in his entire being…he was in love with Yuki.

He looked over to his lover as he crawled over the roof to him. He smiled happier then he had ever been. Yuki unsure of why the cat was smiling returned the smile as he laid next to Kyo resting his head on his shoulder.

"Hey rat."


"You know I don't hate you anymore, right?"

"Stupid cat, of course I've figured that out."

"Good." He nodded placing an arm around his Yuki.

"Love you, too." Yuki whispered surprised by how easy it was to say, in a way it just sorta slipped out.

"I knew that you'd know what I was trying to say," it was said in an affectionate grumble.

"Of course, who knows the stupid cat, better then the damn rat?" He said it softly but smiled all the same when Kyo's laughter filled the air. He could get used to this.


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