Who Know the Cat Better then the Rat

By Catrina

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It was a day of joy, a day of smiles and a day of happiness, but someone was sad, someone went through the motions of happiness, and walked through the parties but nothing could stop time.

It was graduation day.


Looking at the clock, Kyo knew that he really didn't have much more time after this. Soon, two and a half hours to be exact his life would be over. He would be locked away, stuck in a cell, never to see the beautiful things in life, like the sunrise or Yuki's smile. The thought itself made the cat lonely, made his heart break. It was odd, two weeks ago he had said…I still have a couple weeks, yesterday he had said, I still have tomorrow. But now his time was gone, there was simply no more sand to fall through the hourglass. But he still had two more things to do. Their parties were just getting over, and exhausted they decided to leave the mess for tomorrow. So here they were, Kyo sneaking into Yuki's room before even Shigure had gone to bed. Yuki looked at him curious; Kyo had locked his own bed room door, climbed over the roof and into Yuki's room.

"Why didn't you ever think of that before?" Yuki asked setting his gifts aside on his desk and slowly walking over.

"Why didn't you?" The harsh question was softened by his tone of voice.

"The roof is your territory, it's your secret base…I don't like to intrude." Even as close as they had become they still respected each other's privacy. It was then that he noticed the Kyo was blushing, and his hand was holding tightly in his pocket. "Kyo, what's in your pocket?"

"Sit down." It came out gruffer then he had expected but, he knew that Yuki of all people would understand. The other boy sat on the bed and Kyo fell to his knees beside him, laying his head gently on the other boy's knees. "I don't want you to interrupt me, Okay?" He raised his eyes to looking to Yuki's eyes.

"Okay," the voice was soft matching the touch in his hair. He watched as Kyo took out a box.

"This is my graduation gift to you," He opened the box, showing him the ring inside, he then took the ring out with graceful shaking fingers. When Yuki raised his left hand Kyo shook his head and pointed to his other hand. Confused Yuki complied. "I know its plain…" Kyo's whole face was red with embarrassment, "But on the inside, it has the words that I find so hard to say to you." Yuki smiled gently, Kyo's voice was starting to break, "I love you Yuki. You know that I do, and I will love you until I die. I know that in everything that is me. It all belongs to you," a gentle hand touched his face when a tear finally slipped out from crimson eyes…Kyo looked so sad. "I want you to promise that you will always wear this ring, on this hand," not your left hand, your right, cause when I disappear… I want you to have someone else's ring on that finger, someone who could try to love you as much as I do, "never take it off. So that I know where ever I am, my heart is with you, bound to you by that ring." Tears were shedding slowly and steadily from his eyes, with his still shaking hands he placed the ring on his finger and kissed it gently. "My time with you has been everything to me, I never thought that I could actually be happy."

"Kyo, we have forever…"His words though were cut off by a gentle desperate kiss. After that words became nothing. Kyo was kissing, touching everywhere, memorizing his world so that he could remember a little bit of light in the dark place he would be going to. The moans and sighs of his lover where filed away in his brain and he knew that he would be hearing them in his dreams for the rest of meaningless existence. And when Yuki came sighing his name, followed by 'I love you.' He followed after and while Yuki slept, Kyo knelt beside the bed no longer holding his tears in check he looked at the ring on Yuki's hand and how it glowed in the moonlight. He wouldn't blame him if he took it off. No, Kyo would forgive him, but still he knew he would keep it, but he hoped that Yuki could move on find someone else, and marry…be happy. Kyo would most likely be dead before Yuki found out the truth…hopefully never. He had sworn all the elder Sohmas to say nothing and the only other one that knew was Haru, and he knew that wouldn't be a problem. Going over to Yuki's dresser he looked at the small chain, with the charm of the rat…but he didn't dare take it…Could he? He needed something, the tears that had stopped filled his eyes again as he grabbed the charm.

Looking one more time at his beloved he climbed out the window and to his room. There was nothing important here…nothing really only wonderful memories that he would carry with him. He grabbed a small bag grabbing only a change of clothes and essentials.

Everything that meant anything was a few feet away, but if he didn't make it by midnight, who knew what Akito would do. Unlocking his door he stalked quietly through the house. He stopped in the kitchen wrote a quick note, then left…and didn't look back.

He couldn't stand anymore heart ache…


Haru stood outside the Sohma residence waiting. He didn't wait long when he saw the cat slowly approaching. But Haru wondered why he stood standing here? Was he here to make sure that Kyo would come? Was he here to taunt him? Was he here to gloat…now he could have Yuki? He raised his hand to wave and went to say hello, but stopped when his cousin looked up.

There was no way this was Kyo.

Kyo vibrated with life, had passion in his eyes, threatening words on his lips.

This was not Kyo. He looked into lifeless eyes, as though he was already dead. Where was the cousin he sought to challenge? Where was the friend who would make fun of him when he got lost but still make sure he got home? Where was the happy little boy that led him to the bathroom? His heart burned with anger, how could he just let Akito win? But it was then his heart shattered, Yuki.

The red haired boy stopped in front of him. A small smile curved his lips.


"Are you just going to let Akito win, Kyo? What about Yuki?" He thought those eyes could hold no more pain, but he was wrong, he physically felt pain in his heart, and it wasn't even him that was being caged. How was Kyo doing this? He knew that everything about this was wrong.

"I can't involve him. Akito would torment and abuse him. Akito's sick, Yuki's too soft."

"What about you?" He yelled, this was wrong…all of it.

"Better me then him. I'm stronger." Finally he looked at Haru, placing a hand on the other boy's shoulder he gripped hard. "I need you to help me." He heard the tears in his voice, before he realized his eyes had filled. "He will need someone, someone who knew about us. Someone to help him… You have to take care of him. I can't stand the thought of him having no one. Make up cruel lies about me, anything to take his pain away. Force him to live without me. Make sure he doesn't think of me. Help him find someone new, be that someone new." He fell to his knees as his grief overtook him, tears flowed and Haru found himself on his knees as well, holding his crying cousin. "You have to Haru."

"Yeah…"Haru found his own voice thick with tears, but watching in amazement when Kyo simply wiped his eyes and stood. But something in that hollow gaze told Haru that Kyo wouldn't last like this. He watched as his cousin opened the gate to Sohma house, and then turned to glare at Haru.

"If you hurt him, I will still find a way to kill you." A servant rushed to the door noting that it had been opened, and Hatori stood there as well. The older man looked guilty and despondent.

"Akito is not well; he is resting but will see you tomorrow. Your room is ready."

"You mean my cage," Kyo snarled at the older man. Hatori said nothing but simply took Kyo by the arm, hostile but comforting all at once. His head hung low he lead Kyo away.

But Kyo was standing tall and glaring at those around him. No Kyo hadn't completely left yet, but still as the door slammed leaving Haru to stare at the intricate gate, he knew he couldn't let things fall like this; that his two cousins that had been so in love were being destroyed by the twisted mind of the leader of their family.

He knew that he couldn't let it end this way.


Shigure hung his head as he sat down at the table and Ayame followed behind placing a graceful hand on the dog's shoulder. They could feel that the house was empty, part of the vibrancy was gone, and the pure energy that was Kyo had vanished. His house felt dull and empty. He looked at the scribbled note left on the table. He knew that it was not for him…no he knew exactly where the cat was, just like Ayame who avoided noticing the note at all. No the note must have been for Tohru. He heard the shifting of people upstairs, but still just sat. Why was he letting this happen? They were all just standing back, they all knew…Kyo wasn't the monster, no…Akito was. He looked up the stairs to where Yuki and Tohru were, could hear them waking with the sun. Soon they would come trudging down the stairs trying to wake, slowly getting ready to start their adult lives, but something would be missing, something vital in all their lives. Shigure shook his head knowing that he was too much of a coward to stand up to Akito by himself, but he couldn't think of who would stand by him.


As Yuki woke the first thing he noticed was that he was cold, Kyo wasn't with him. That by itself was odd. He knew that Kyo loved to wake up early and simply cuddle with him. But slowly he sat up, throwing the sheets off of his bed and grabbing his clothes by the bed. He opened the door and looked across the hall, peaking in Kyo's room. No he wasn't in there either. He walked down the stairs and saw Shigure sitting at the table, the air in the room was suffocating. He looked around noting still that Kyo was missing.

"Where is that stupid cat?" he grumbled more to himself then to anyone else, but he noticed Shigure flinch. There was a sinking in his stomach and his heart seemed to stop. He looked to the note that was in his hand. His own fingers trembled as he reached for the note. It was simple really just four words and a name but his whole world seemed to fall apart. His heart broke, and his dreams shattered. Surprisingly the only thing that appeared to the other person was a slight widening of his eyes. Oh, he could play the cold bastard but he was well aware that he would not be normal again. Dropping the note back to the table he turned around and walked back up the stairs leaving the note to flutter to the floor.

Don't look for me.


Tohru walked down the hall when she noticed that the door to Kyo's room was in open. Planning on walking by she stopped when she heard a crash. She back tracked and looked in the room. Yuki sat on the bed, elbows braced on knees, hands supporting his head. He looked up when she stepped through the door, and she saw tears in his eyes.

"Yuki? What's wrong?" She asked walking in. He shook his head, he couldn't speak. "Yuki!" Tohru exclaimed racing forward when she noticed the tears filling his eyes.

"He's gone." He looked up to her, his voice thick, his vision blurring. "He's just gone." Not caring Tohru placed her arms around him and held the rat close to her chest, as even his zodiac form cried. She looked to the door and that Haru had come in, closed the door, now he leaned against it as he looked like he was about to shed tears as well.

"He's gone."


Leeks. He was cutting leeks, Yuki reminded himself again. The smell in the kitchen was almost foul but he kept cutting. Kyo…Kyo hated leeks. The memory of the fights that they would have over the vegetable came back to him. He had to stop so that he wouldn't cut himself when his vision blurred. Three and a half weeks, and the damn cat was still missing. How was he supposed to move on, how was he supposed to not look for his lover. What was it that Kyo ran away from…or ran to? Yuki shook his head. Over and over again, he had searched his room for a clue. A diary, a note, something that would give him a hint, but nothing. He noticed occasionally that Haru would give him a look, questioning and pitying at the same time. And his brother, Ayame was always there. He was there tonight and he was always trying to cheer Yuki up. There was no question what so ever that he knew something that they all did. More then once Haru had told him that Kyo once mentioned running away from all the Sohmas but Yuki knew that something was off…something wasn't right. But some of his questions had been answered. Like why Yuki had gotten and acceptance letter, but Kyo had not. It was simple really.

Kyo never mailed his application, just Yuki's.

It was like he was securing Yuki's future, but doing nothing for his own.

Was he dead?

The question crossed his mind more then once a day, almost every other minute. And every time he did his heart would constrict. But Yuki knew that he wasn't, no... Kyo wouldn't die easily. He remembered Kyo's words as he had but that ring on his right hand.

"So that I know where ever I am, my heart is with you, bound to you by that ring." Oh he could still feel his lover, he was alive somewhere. He wondered. He looked at the knife in his hand. If I did this would he come back. If I took this knife and dug it into my flesh would he return? Would he come back to save me? His body started to shiver from the inside and his fingers turned numb. For a moment he pointed the blade at his wrist.

It would hurt him…hurt him so much to know that I hurt myself just to try to get him back. He would never trust me again. He would never forgive himself. He placed the knife on the counter and looked at the door. He was vaguely surprised to see someone there, but you couldn't tell by his face. You could never see any emotion on Yuki's face anymore, it was carved from ice.


Haru paused at the scene that greeted him. Yuki was in the kitchen staring at a knife, a large knife as he seemed to think. He could almost see the rat thinking. He could see his mind going through the motions. For a moment the blade hovered over his wrist but then he set the knife down and looked at his cousin standing at the door. His eye s were hollow and slightly filled with tears, there really was no question of what he was thinking about. His cousin had just not been the same after Kyo left. He knew that the others had to see it too, but they weren't saying anything. Ayame was worried sick, over here almost every day, and Hatori had even come over twice, tried to give him antidepressants but the rat refused to be happy.

"Kyo would kill me. If I took this knife to my self he would never forgive himself." Haru was getting sick of hearing that hollow voice, sick of seeing hollow eyes, no emotion on the most beautiful face in the world. Against his better judgment he rushed forward and took Yuki's face in his hands, a face that he had loved and worshipped for as long as he could remember. He leaned down gently and kissed the rat. Waiting for a response, but there was nothing. He pulled back to see twin tears falling from pain filled eyes. He had seen that look on another cousin less then a month ago, but still he had to ask.

"Am I not good enough?" His voice was hoarse as he asked. He noticed that Yuki looked down studying the floor for a moment before raising his eyes again to look at Haru.

"That's not the problem." Yuki smiled a sad smile, that seemed to darken the room, "You just aren't Kyo, that's all," he turned and slowly started to walk away, before a whisper reached his ears. "What?" Did he hear his cousin right? Did he know…did he really know?"

"I know where he is." Haru seemed unwilling to raise his blue eyes from the floor.

"Where?" Yuki asked walking forward, for a moment Haru saw the old Yuki, full of joy and life…and love. "I ASKED WHERE!" Haru winced.

"Sohma house."


"Sohma house. I guess that its tradition… the cat gets locked up after graduation day. I haven't seen him," I've been a coward, "But I know where he is." But I don't go to see him.

Kyo, oh god Kyo… "Why?"

"He had a bet with Akito, that if he won against you, and basically put you back into Akito's clutches then he would be free."

"He threw away his freedom, just for me." It all made sense. The un-mailed college applications, the non-renewed magazines subscriptions, the lack of dirty clothes, and all the stuff that he had given to the people he knew. He had sent books back to his master, gave Tohru some of his possessions. It was why the rest had been left for him. He did this for me. His heart ached so badly. His chest burned and his eyes filled up with tears, he fell to his knees, wrapping his arms around his waist.

"You will take me to him tonight." It wasn't really a question but more of an order. And when it reached 11:00 at night the boys had no problem sneaking out of the house and walking right into the Sohma house. Yuki knew this area so well from his youth, but when Haru pulled a lamp post a door was opened and the two boys walked down about six stairs. If the were to look out the windows, they would be level with the ground. It seemed like the hall went on forever, but it was only about a hundred feet. Then a door… Yuki placed his hand at the door and looked to his cousin.

"It only opens from the outside." Haru confirmed. Yuki winced as he pulled the door open and the door creaked, but he didn't stop. Not when there was something so precious on the other side of the door.

The light was dim in the room but he would know that person anywhere, even though his hair was longer, and he was much skinnier, he knew that this was his soul-mate. It was time to take him home.


He stood at the door. A vision of his lover was paused at the open door to his cage. But he didn't look the same, he looked sad and his face was thinner…like he hadn't been eating, but Yuki was healthy. Haru had promised.

He went to rise but his head spun. Had he eaten today…no, he ate yesterday though right? But in his dreams he was still healthy, and Yuki was too. He was never dizzy in his dreams. The silver ring… it was still on his hand he could see it shining from the light from the moon that came through the bars.

He looked to his former lover's eyes, they were glistening with tears. Maybe tears of joy…maybe in this dream he would dream that Yuki had found the perfect someone, who loved him as much as he did. Maybe he was getting married; the thought burned the shards of his heart. As long as he's happy…I can't make him happy, stuck in my cage, but he needs to be happy.

"Kyo…" he would never forget that voice. It flowed like silk, calmed his nerves, and for a moment he closed his eyes and cherished his own name from those lips.

Shock took over his mind and body, holding him frozen. For almost a month he had searched for Kyo. And when Akito had summoned him for tea, Kyo had been right below him. "Kyo?" He said the name again, but the form on the bed was so skinny, just bones really, he'd lost weight so quickly, and it seemed like he had tried to sit up but had failed. Finally he willed his body to take a step forward, then another. Soon he was standing by the mat that Kyo was lying on.

"Are you happy?" At first he didn't hear the question, but Kyo said it again when prompted. Tears fell from his eyes at the question as he shook his head. "I made him promise, they told you I was gone , run away. Tohru too. You aren't supposed to know I'm here."

Yuki shook his head. He had known Kyo had a secret. He should have pushed… He should have made Kyo tell him. Here he was caged as a monster and all he cared about was that Yuki was happy. How did this happen? How did his lover just give up? What was the price of this? What was he so willing to protect that he had resigned himself to life in a cage? He had a feeling he was part of the answer.

"I want so badly to see you, to really touch you." He lifted hand; boney cold fingers touched his face. "But when I wake up you'll be gone…" and I'll be another day closer to insane.

"No, Kyo, there has been enough of this." His will seemed to strengthen, now that he found Kyo and knew a semblance of the truth he knew that he would not allow this. He looked over his shoulder to see Haru was indeed there, watching…standing guard.

"Be really handy if he could turn into a cat about now…"

"Well what can we do to really stress him out, think!" he whispered on a growl.

"Well its already apparent he hasn't been eating. Lets make him walk around the room, physical exhaustion would do it. Right?"

"Whenever I'm sick I end up a rat…" Yuki muttered lifting Kyo's form. Haru rushed in to help support, but though instead, deciding not to feel guilty, he punched his cousin in the stomach. In his weakened state, he transformed into his zodiac form.

Cradling his beloved cat in his arms he looked to Haru. "I owe you so much."

"I should have done this sooner. I didn't know that Akito wouldn't feed him, would barely provide for him." Watching as Yuki tuck Kyo in his jacket, he shrugged his shoulders and walked with Yuki as he headed for the main gate.

"You shouldn't be here when Akito finds out. Come with me, you can sleep in Kyo's room." It meant a lot that Haru had told him, and he knew that he was already whole again. If Kyo was willing to go through this for him, he would get over his fear of confronting Akito. And it would most likely happen tomorrow.

"Where is Kyo going to sleep?"

"He always said he liked to wake up in bed with me." The walk home was quite as was the entry to the house and separation into the rooms. Yuki was barely in time, setting Kyo on the bed before he appeared in his human form. He looked at the naked body that he had missed, noticing the bones protruding, wounds on his back and arms and one small one at the corner of his mouth. Kyo seemed to be settling in just fine, it was then that he noticed his bracelet. There was a glint of silver on the black and white beads. Lifting his wrist, he found the strong pulse reassuring, but the rat charm on the bracelet was too much. He fell to his knees beside his bed, laughing and crying, simply being joyful. He was home…where he belonged. Kissing Kyo's wrist, he slipped some boxers on his boyfriend, grabbed food that he had gotten out of the fridge placing it on his bed stand. Then he climbed into bed knowing he wouldn't sleep. He would simply watch Kyo…for the rest of the night.

The first thing he noticed was that he was warm…but he was never warm in the mornings. His bed was in the shadows making it cold, the thought now made him shiver. But he felt something, radiating heat, beside him…in a bed?

Was he still dreaming?

Where was his cage?

His dream last night…Yuki was there…at his cage...

Was it real?

Conquering the fear inside of him he slowly opened his eyes. And met silver lavender eyes. His confusion must have been apparent because Yuki looked at him and smiled.

"You should know I never do what you say. You said not to look for you, but I found you. Now it's my turn to protect you."

"Damn rat," the fact that he said it made Yuki want to laugh, but he didn't, not when Kyo placed a hand on his cheek. "I love you."

"God, Kyo, more then anything else in the world, I love you too. Never do that again. This time I'll understand. Next time I'll kill you myself."


"I'll deal with that monster in the morning."

"Are you sure?" His mind was clearing…this was real. Yuki was real.

"No doubt. I will face Akito in the morning, and you and I will be together until we die."

"Even if we die tomorrow?" Yuki watched amazed as a smirk passed along Kyo's pale and dry lips.

"Don't worry, we will live to be old men, fighting about everything."

"Yuki, were you happy? Did Haru?"

"He tried, but you are the only person that I will ever be happy with. If I don't have you, I will be alone." Sitting up slightly, he brought his lover with him. He made sure that Kyo ate some of the food that he had brought. He talked quietly, really saying nothing, but not wanting to hear the silence. Kyo ate and drank, slowly not wanting to get sick, but watched Yuki with eyes that Yuki couldn't quite read. It was only after he was done eating that he spoke.

"You hate it when I eat in bed."

"Just this one time."

"Yuki?" At hearing his name he lifted a hand to Kyo's hair. It was still soft as silk.

"Hmmm?" He replied distracted by having his lover there. After almost a month of him being gone, he had almost forgotten it all. The loneliness, the despair, the heartache, the confusion, it was gone. Replaced with love that swelled every part of his being, he thought he knew what love was…but that was nothing…

Nothing compared to what he felt for the other boy now.

"Will you kiss me already?" The voice that had barely been there hours again, held humor and demands. Before either really thought, they were tangled in each other's arms, mouths molded, demanding reassurance that it was true.

That it was not a dream.

"Kyo don't leave me again…Please… Next time you need to talk to me." The other boy nodded. "Say it… Promise." Oh yes, Yuki knew him well. The minute he had that promise…

"Never, and I'll talk to you…"

"Stupid cat… Will you be okay?" He asked holding his lost lover close again, feeling his breath, hearing his heart.

"Give me time…I'll be back to me."

"We'll have all the time in the world." Yuki promised as he guided both himself and the cat to lie on the mattress, and he held him close knowing that it would be okay.

When Haru peeked in, he knew that he had done the right thing. Asleep and tangled in each other…it was right where they belonged.


Shigure looked up as the door was slammed open. He gaped in astonishment when he realized that, yes, Akito was standing in his house.

"Where is he?"

"Akito good morning, what are you doing here?" Needless to say, the dog was confused.

"That monster, where is he?" Akito yelled then proceed to storm through every room on the first floor. Slamming doors and the scuffing of furniture took place and the small house was filled with noise. Shigure looked to Hatori and shrugged.

"Kyo disappeared from his cage last night. We have no idea where he is. Someone had to have opened the door to let him out." By this time the head of the family had returned to the main room and pinned them both with glares.

"I had nothing to do with it Akito, I didn't come and steal your toy." Shigure said it snidely as his he watched the person he was supposed to respect rush up his stairs. Shigure decided to follow. He watched as the door to Kyo's room was flung open. The dog peered over Akito's shoulder.

"Haru what are you doing here?" But there was no moment to answer. The door to Yuki's room opened and the rat tried hard to wake up. His blinking eyes were dull and heavy. But as the door opened farther there was no question about who the other form in his bed was.


Shigure started to laugh as everything fell into place. Good god he was a romance novelist and he hadn't seen this. How had he not known what was going on under his very nose. There was no question now, no wonder Yuki had been so upset, and the note, it hadn't been for Tohru, no it had been for Yuki. It was then that Shigure realized that with both of them, they could fight Akito. Not only that but where Yuki stood his Ayame would defend him for the soul fact that it was Yuki. They had a defense now…

"Oh dear, what is going on?" Ayame asked emerging from the end of the hall. He seemed to stiffen up when he realized that Akito was there.

Kyo started to stir with all the commotion and with the food in his system he was at least steady when he went to stand. Yuki took a step back and suddenly his small room seemed to flood with people. He watched as the dog went past him to stand by Kyo. He couldn't hear what was said between the two, but it caused a smirk to flit across Kyo's face.

"How did you escape?" The question was yelled across the room

"I let him out, and brought him here." Yuki said quietly and when he did the silence in the room became deafening.

"You WHAT?"

"I let him out and brought him home. He belongs here…with me…" The last part was said on a whisper, and the elders in the group turned to the pair in shock.

"Yuki," Akito decided to try another approach. "Why is the cat in your room?"

"Because he often sleeps in my bed, as I do in his. We're lovers Akito." Yuki's whole body was shaking as admitted the truth to everyone. He turned when he felt someone at his side. He blinked when he realized it wasn't Kyo, but his brother.

"NO! I won't allow this!" A hand was raised to strike but he stopped when a cold voice warned.

"You touch my brother I will not hesitate to kill you." Akito turned and looked at the snake. The frivolous and obnoxious Ayame was dead serious. "Kyo is not the monster in our family."

"He does not belong in cage." Shigure stated walking beside Kyo as they approached the confrontation. Yuki felt a warm hand on his waist and knew it this time to be Kyo. He would know that touch anywhere.

"Look at what he did for the person he loves. How can you call him a monster?" Haru's voice was soft as he spoke from the hallway watching the scene unfold. Akito turned and looked from face to face. They all seemed to be accusing. Blindly striking out accomplished nothing but being flung to the floor. Akito's hand touched the injured cheek. Yuki had struck…to protect Kyo he had stuck out against the person he fears most.

Shigure looked down and met the eyes of the leader of his family. "You have lost this battle Akito, go home. Kyo will stay here…where he belongs." The dog looked to Hatori who helped Akito stand.

Kyo wrapped his arms around Yuki's waist from behind and since he was slightly taller then the rat, rested his head on his shoulder.

Akito paused and looked back, "This isn't over, monster."

"I'm not a monster. I have people who love me, that I love in return…can you say that?" Akito didn't answer, instead storming from the house.

"I should leave."

"Hatori, make sure he understands, he will not touch Kyo again." Hatori looked back to see that Ayame still stood by the pair as did Shigure. And while he was proud of them he was very proud of the steel he heard in the voice of the rat and the fierce protection that could be seen in Ayame's eyes.

He nodded, then placing a hand on Haru shoulder, ushered the other boy with him. He shook his head, showing that he wanted to stay. He turned around, walking back into Kyo's room and closed the door. When Akito and Hatori were gone all the energy in the rooms seemed to evaporate.

"Is it okay now?" Tohru asked peeking her head from around the corner. She had awakened at a bad time and didn't feel that she had a right to intervene.

"Yes, Tohru, it seems that everything is okay." With those words she rushed into the room and clasped her hands to Kyo's cheeks and smiled.

"I missed you so very much," she then kissed him on the cheek and Yuki laughed at the awkwardness considering that he was still being held from behind by the person that she had kissed. He looked at his brother and smiled gently.

"Thank you," he really meant it to, and for once his brother stayed serious for a second.

"Of course, love is love. Shi-GURE, our boys have lost their virginity…to each other!" He exclaimed as he extended a hand that Shigure grasped. "Can you image…those hot, sweaty, beautiful bodies, intertwined? Oh, oh I can hear them too, whispered names, breathless moans." It was then that they were all pushed out of the room.

"I'll make breakfast!" Tohru exclaimed, rushing to make Kyo's favorite.

At the sound of retreating foot steps, Yuki turned in Kyo's arms. "What did Shigure say?"

"That he has the hots for me and wants me in his bed." The lie was told with the utmost seriousness, but never the less…

"No really?" Yuki prodded some more but really just wanted to hear Kyo's voice.

"That he was sorry that he was a coward, and he would stand against Akito to help me."

"He may be a pervert, but he does hold some pull with Akito."

"No worries, I think that the cat-monster-locked-up plan has failed."


"Can we not talk about it? Can we chalk it up to my stupidity, and just let it go?" Yuki looked up from where his head rested and looked into the crimson eyes that he had seen.

"It doesn't stop me from knowing what you would do for me. And I would do it for you, in a heart beat. But Kyo we don't have to, there was no reason."

"I already said that I would tell you next time."

"No…" Yuki pushed Kyo back unit he was pushed onto the bed. He then straddled the skinny boy and sat down lightly on his chest "You tell me now. Any more secrets…" Kyo seemed to be pondering.

"I've always wondered what you look like in a girl's uniform." Yuki's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. "I've always wanted to use those fluffy handcuffs you know the ones that don't really hurt but hold you tight," Yuki's mouth opened slightly. "I wished that we had made love in that closet at school, and then Haru would have known exactly how much I love you," Yuki blinked, and blinked again, "I never stopped thinking of you, never for a moment. When I slept I felt I was near you, and I never want to be apart from you again." He laid his hands on Yuki's waist and motioned him down for a kiss. He did what was requested but pulled back.

"Are you all right?" He asked laying both hands on his chest.

"Weak, he really didn't do to much ofanything to me, I was just ignored… forgotten." he whispered, and looked at his chest to see the ring flicker in the light. He smiled. Yuki noticed his line of sight and asked the question that he had wondered since that night.

"Why my right hand?" Yuki asked holding the ring.

"Because, I wanted you to wear that for the rest of your life," Kyo paused his face turning red, "But I wanted for you to be happy, maybe even married to someone else, but to still have my ring." Kyo thought that Yuki was going to cry.

"How can you be so loving, and be a selfish bastard at the same time? You stupid cat…"

"Do you have any secrets that I should know?" Kyo asked humor returning to his voice. Yuki paused.

"I've always wanted to see you in a dress," Kyo's laugh was heartfelt, "I like the idea of tying you up and having my way with you…." Kyo kept laughing as he held his lover.

"If I didn't feel so weak, you know damn well what we would be doing right now."

"I know… but that doesn't mean…" his sentence and wondering hands stopped when Tohru's voice reached the boys.

"Breakfast is ready."

Kyo's eyes lit up at the though of food and Yuki stood up and pulled Kyo up. Kyo looked down at their entwined hands and when Yuki tried to pull away he wouldn't let him. "They all know now." And Kyo smiled when Yuki's face showed the surprise and understanding, realizing…

"We don't have to hide anymore."

"Not anymore." Kyo realized that more then one good thing came from his stupidity.

And for the first time, Kyo and Yuki walked down the stairs, together, fingers entangled, no longer scared of the repercussions.

They knew that their love could be shown…

And their example should be followed.

Because they were in love…and no monster could stop that.


THE END (really this time)

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