Chapter 11:

"Horatio," Calleigh smiled as he entered her lab where, as instructed, she was staying.

"We got her." He informed her, and she sighed in relief.

"For assault?"

"Accessory to murder." Horatio corrected, and Calleigh's looked turned from relief to shock. "Harrison was her boyfriend."

"Oh god." Calleigh sighed. "Thanks for telling me Horatio."

"No problem. You going to be okay?" Calleigh debated on talking to Horatio, but then saw Eric walking down the hall towards the lab and decided against it.

"Yeah." She nodded with a reassuring smile. Eric was coming; she was going to be okay.

"Alright, well I'm going to go see how Ryan's doing with Harrison, I'll keep you posted."

"Thanks." Calleigh smiled as he passed Eric on his way out of the lab.

"Hey Cal," Eric greeted as he walked in.

"They got her for accessory to murder. Harrison was her boyfriend." Calleigh told him.

"That's awesome," Eric smiled. "She really bothered you your whole life, didn't she?" Calleigh nodded.

"I feel awful." Eric looked at her questioningly.

"Harrison was her boyfriend Eric, she thought I was making a pass at him."

"If someone were to make a pass at me, would you viciously attack them?" He asked in attempts to put the situation into context.

"If I had major mental issues and had been severely jealous of the person my whole life, maybe." Calleigh shrugged. She couldn't shake the feeling that she had ruined Michelle's life. Michelle may have hated her, but they grew up together. They were family. "She was my cousin Eric."

"It's not your fault. You were doing your job."

"In an unethical way." Calleigh interjected.

"IAB approved of it."

"Only because I got the guy."

"Exactly. You got the guy. She was an accessory to murder. That had nothing to do with you. You were the reason they got caught, Cal." She sighed. He was right.

"Yeah. But what am I going to tell Elizabeth? I tried to convince her that Michelle should be her maid of honor, not me. I never once intentionally hurt her."

"You're not like that Cal, I know you didn't. But what's got you thinking about this? Didn't Horatio tell you that Harrison was Michelle's boyfriend less than five minutes ago?"

"It was something Valera said earlier, it made me think about everything that happened between Michelle and I."

"What did she say?" Eric wondered.

"She just mentioned how ego boosting it'd be to have someone constantly being openly jealous of you." Eric considered it for a moment, and had to partially agree with Valera. Other's jealousy could be flattering. "And at first it was. As a fifteen-year-old girl competing with her cousin, it was flattering when she'd be jealous of the way guys liked me, or of my popularity… but after a while it made everything less fun. I could barley enjoy my prom because I knew Michelle wasn't even in the running for Prom Queen. She didn't know that I tried to take myself out of the race and get her put in my place. She didn't ask me to and afterwards she wouldn't let me explain. She never let me explain." Suddenly Eric felt guilty for having thought that it would be flattering.

"I…" He began, unaware of what to say to make her feel better.

"It's okay Eric, I just sort of needed to get all of that out. I'd never really talked about it before. Vaguely, but not really."

"Well, I'm honored you chose to talk to me." He winked.

"It's already nine o'clock," She glanced down at her watch. "Too late for dinner?"

"Well, it's too bad you don't have a terribly handsome boyfriend who could cook you an amazing dinner."

"It is too bad. The situation sounds very enticing." Calleigh giggled. "But it's okay, I love you anyways."

"I'm wounded." He pouted. "And I can cook!"

"Prove it."

"I thought I already did," He laughed. "Do you not remember last night?"

"I think you're going to have to refresh my memory," She winked playfully as she closed the file she'd been writing in previous to being interrupted by Horatio.

"Let's go." He smiled taking her hand in his.

"You know what Eric?" She asked as they exited her lab.


"I'm glad I have a terribly handsome boyfriend who is an amazing cook."

"You should be." He smiled cockily, and she hit him on the arm. "Oh, I'm sorry. That was a compliment. Thank you."

"Your welcome." She rolled her eyes. "Now let's actually go home. I'm hungry."

"Home. I like that." Eric smiled, taking a moment to be overly corny.


"The food."

"Right. Food." He laughed as they made their way out of the lab. As they made their way home.


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