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A blush crept up onto Hermione's face. Severus' laugh, now warm, filled the room as a door closed and two sets of footsteps could be heard—one walking in crisp swift steps and another much smaller and running.

"Uncle Sev!"

A boy of about twelve with white blonde hair and Hermione's sparkling eyes ran up to Severus with his face beaming.

"Father just bought me a new broom! I am going to try out for the Slytherin Quidditch team! Draco said he would help before classes start back!"

Severus smiled at the boy as Lucius walked in. Lucius noticed the blush on his wife and turned an eye to Severus.

"Severus did you come to try to steal my wife?"

"If you didn't want me here Lucius, perhaps you should not have given me my own set of rooms?" He stood up and looked down at the boy. "Come along, Septimus we'll try out your new broom." The boy beamed and followed Severus passed his father. Severus paused and leaned over to Lucius and whispered, "besides she would have no other. I'll never understand how you managed that one without magic."

Severus laughed on his way out the door as Lucius sat down next to his wife and nodded a hello to Harry and Ginny who were sitting across from them.

"Mr. Potter. Mrs. Potter. Pleasure to see you."

It was merely seconds before a door slammed open and the sound of angry footsteps echoed through the manner. A teenage girl of sixteen came storming in, book held to her chest and wand out. She looked like her mother when she was angry despite the blond hair. A boy hurried in after her.

"Lily! Wait!"

He was the exact image of his father at the age of sixteen. He hurried after her looking windswept with his broomstick in hand. The parents watched as Lily stopped and rounded on the young man, holding her wand at chest level.

"Potter, I would not go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid!"

Lily left the room leaving the young man wounded. Lucius turned back around to face the looks of pure irony on everyone's face. Looking at Harry and Ginny, he smiled.

"I see James is still harassing my daughter."

The laughter echoed throughout Malfoy Manor.