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Summary: A day off, a trip the the market...what's so weird about a guy wanting his OJ with no pulp?

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Twelve weeks was a long time to go without a day off. That's why, when Nick got a day off, he planned on spending the day at home. A trip to the gym may not be out of the question, but considering the five minute drive from his house, the hour he'd spend working out, and the five minute drive home, most of his plans for the day would be confined to his townhouse and most likely his bed.

Nick loved his job. He smiled remembering the time he'd told Grissom the real reason he'd become a CSI. I wanted to pack heat, he'd said to his supervisor. He also remembered how adamant he had been, as a young CSI 3, to please the man he'd looked up to for so long.

The job seemed more of a rush, though, now that he worked to better himself. Since he'd learned, maybe matured would be the best word, to work for his own fulfillment, his own search for truth, rather than the approval of his boss. Sure he still got a little high from hearing his boss's approval and encouragement, but it wasn't what drove him anymore, and he liked it that way. He liked who he was as a CSI and he really loved his job. Though, he never thought a day off was something never to be had. He wasn't Sara after all.

Friday: 7:00 a.m.

"Straight off of grave and into the courtroom," Sara shook her head as she rummaged through her bag. She had already changed out of her work clothes and now stood pretty in a navy blue suit.

"Hey, no worries," Nick smiled. "You said the case was a slam dunk."

"Oh, it is," she nodded with a yawn. "It's just Grissom put me on this new caseā€¦"she trailed off closing her locker. "I'll be lucky to make it home before shift tonight."

"Well, get your game face on," Nick said checking the safety and placing his 9mm Glock in his locker. "I heard you have Bronson for your judge."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"I wish I was," he shook his head, unbuttoning his shirt. "Catharine had the same case, she told me. Man, the last time I had him in court I was on the stand for over two hours."

"Great!" she said throwing her arms up in frustration. "Well, wish me luck. I'd hate to be late and be held in contempt. I'll see you tonight, right?"

"No. I've got the night off."


"Yeah, first night in twelve weeks. I'm sleeping for the next 18 hours," he smiled as he changed his shirt.

"Well, enjoy."

"I'll do that," he smiled as Sara made her way out of the locker room and Warrick made his way in, "and good luck."


"So, you up for catchin' the game with me and Greg? I TiVoed ESPN," Warrick asked opening his own locker.

"Hey man, I'm off for the next, what 36 hours? I'm game," he laughed.

"Damn, you got the day off?"

"You bet your ass, I got the day off. I've worked every shift for the past twelve weeks. That makes me entitled, bro."

"Man, that sucks," the tall CSI shook his head.

"I think its called kobo, bro. I put in my time," Nick laughed putting his keys in his pocket and shutting his locker door. He patted his friend on the shoulder as he made his way to the door.

"Yeah, all right," his friend nodded. "I get it."

"Hey, I've got one stop to make first. I'll meet you at your place."


It wasn't surprising to find Grissom in his office after shift. Nick would be worried if the man actually left the lab, like most employees, at the end of shift. Instead, the graveyard supervisor was buried under a pile of paperwork.

"Hey, Griss," the CSI said leaning in the doorway.

"Hey Nick, I thought you'd left already," the man looked up surprised.

"I'm on my way out. Just wanted to tell you DNA results on our rape victim should be back by shift tonight."

"Okay," he nodded leaning back in his chair taking off his reading glasses.

"I ran those treads through the database. Nothin' came back," Nick shrugged, "so I took a closer look and noticed it was a retread. Hodges is running them as we speak."

"Sounds good, I'll check on them tonight."

"I'll see you tomorrow then," the CSI nodded, turning to leave the man to his work.

"Hey Nicky," Grissom stopped him.

"Yeah," he said slowly turning to meet the man's eyes.

"Get some rest. You look like crap," he said putting on his glasses and returning to the files on his desk.

"Copy that," the CSI nodded with a small chuckle.

The weather was changing, cooling down even, nothing new for this time of year. It was actually hard to believe Thanksgiving was just a week away. Texas was a long drive, only one of the excuses Nick used for not going home for the holiday. Instead, he'd most likely work. The whole graveyard shift probably would. They were all alike in that way. A unique, odd, family.

Traffic was light, making it easy for Nick to make it to Warrick's place in under ten minutes. He didn't knock as he opened the man's apartment door, he rarely ever did. Greg was already sprawled out on a beanbag chair Nick swore Warrick had had since the mid 80's. They already had the pre-game commentary on the screen, Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati, it promised to be an interesting match-up.

"Hey," Warrick nodded as he walked into the living room from the kitchen. "Coffee's fresh."

Nick closed the door behind him and took up residence on the sofa.

"Five bucks says Cincinnati takes it," Greg said.

"Oh, it's on," Nick laughed, quick to get in on the action. "My money's on Manning."

"I'm with Nick on this one, man," Warrick shrugged. "Better odds."

"We'll see," Greg nodded, the three of them settling in for the game. "It's a brand new day, not telling what could happen."

The guys never talked much when they were together, a joke here, a put-down there, it was all in jest. There was a camaraderie among them, their entire team really. Past events had only served to cement those relationships. What with the lab explosion, and the most recent events involving Nick, it only helped solidify their bonds.

"Hey, man I'm gonna go," Nick said as the game ended. Again Greg had been ripped of his pride as his team of choice found themselves defeated. He and Greg made their way to the door.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna hit the sack," Warrick nodded rubbing his eyes with one hand, it was nearly noon.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said as he and Greg walked to their respective cars.

"See ya Greggo," Nick smiled putting on his sunglasses and sliding into the driver's seat of his truck. "Have fun at work tonight."

"Yeah, yeah," Greg waved as Nick drove off.

The sun was high. Nick pulled down his window shades and climbed into bed. It was his night time, his time to sleep, just a few hours for now. He had some errands to run before the end of regular business hours. He'd get more sleep later tonight.