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Monday 5:00 a.m.

"Bobby D, tell me something good," Nick said breezing into the ballistics lab.

"I can do better than that," the lab tech smiled wheeling across the lab in his chair. "Take a gander," he pointed to the scope he already had set up. Nick put his nose down the scope, a smile inching across his face. "On the right, the bullet you recovered from the last robbery victim. On the right, a bullet I test fired from the 9mm you pulled from the alley."

"Look at that," Nick said with a nod, "striations match up perfectly."

"There's more," Bobby smiled leading the CSI across the lab. "That same gun was used to kill the first three victims."

"The cashier and mother and child from the first scene," Nick nodded.

"Yeah, and the second and third cashiers as well."

"Picture that," Warrick said walking up behind Nick. "We also nailed the kid with his prints all over the gun."

"So we have Kevin Sadler on all six murders?" Nick asked.

"Not so fast," Warrick said pulling out the file in his hand. "I just got the final autopsy reports from Doc. There were two bullets pulled out of the second and third cashiers."

"So, we're looking at which shot was the fatal one," Nick said taking the file from his partner.

"It wasn't this bullet."

"We looking at the Colt .45?" Nick asked.

"Could be. Have you got those?" Warrick asked Bobby.

"Right here," the tech nodded. "Second bullet from victim number four, and sample bullet from the Colt," he pointed to the scope.

"Where was this bullet?" Nick asked looking down the scope.

"Doc pulled it from the occipital lobe of the fourth victim," Warrick read from the report.

"Would definitely be fatal," Nick nodded. "Take a look," he moved so Warrick could get a peek. "So, we're looking at Kevin McCallum for two murders. Can we put the Colt in his hand?"

A grin spread across Warrick's face. There were days when everything just fell into place. This was definitely one of those days.

"Brass is over at PD now. He's waiting for us to call him with the evidence."

Monday 6:00 a.m.

"Come on Kevin, we know you were there," Brass said. Kevin McCallum sat next to his lawyer in the interview room. Brass stood across the table from the boy, pacing the floor. His patience was running thin. "We have you on video."

"You have three robbers on video, all of whom are wearing masks. There is no positive ID. You can't prove my client was part of the robberies," the boy's lawyer spoke up. He had been adamant in declaring his clients innocence.

"You can't possibly believe that can you?" the detective asked the attorney. "We have a witness who can place him at the first scene."

"Come on, detective, you and I both know a voice recognition will never hold up in court," the man in a cheap looking business suit said.

It was then that Nick chose to enter the interview room. With a slight nod to Brass he took a seat across the table from the suspect.

"You know Nick Stokes, right Kevin?" Brass asked taking a seat next to the criminalist. "He investigated the death of your brother a few years ago."

"Now, tell me something. If you weren't part of the robberies," Nick started opening the files he'd brought in with him, "tell me about the stuff we found in your apartment. The shoes, the bloody shirt…we matched the blood on the shirt to you," he said laying out photos of the evidence for the boy to see.

"My client is prone to nose bleeds," the lawyer interjected.

"Yeah, I've heard that before," Brass smirked, "but you're right. You are," he said, sarcasm thick in his voice. "But, that's not even the best thing we've got."

"We went back to the fourth scene. Guess what we found in a dumpster in the back alley?" Nick said pulling up another photo.

"Look familiar?" Brass asked eyeing Kevin.

"We found your blood on the dumpster where we found the gun and we found your prints on the gun. This is the same gun registered to your mother, right?" Nick asked.

"Why don't you tell us what happened," Brass said leaning forward, placing his arms on the table top, clasping his hands together. "What, did you need drug money?" he asked. "I've seen your file. You and Kevin Sadler are in business together right? What, couldn't pay off your dealer so you had to steal the money?"

"The thing is…killing the cashier wasn't part of the plan was it?" Nick asked. "I was in the first store, Kevin. I saw your eyes. You were scared to death. Things got out of control."

"Look, we've got you whether you talk or not," Brass said standing to leave. "We've got your roommate and your drug partner too. You guys are looking at life in prison, minimum."

"Lil Mo was running the whole operation," Kevin blurted out as Nick headed toward the door. "He killed all those people."

"Kevin, we matched the bullets from your gun to the bullets found in the victims at the second and third scene. You killed those two cashiers," Nick stopped short of the door to address the boy. He looked scared. He looked like the kid he remembered from the case three years ago.

"We want a deal," the attorney said. "He'll talk, tell you how it happened."

"We know how it happened," Brass said, his hand on the door knob. "Six people are dead because some punk kid needed drug money. Now he's gonna have to deal," he smirked walking out of the room.

Warrick met the detective and his partner in the hall. Grissom was with him. The two had observed the interview from the other side of the double paned mirror.

"So, we've got all three kids?" Grissom asked.

Nick nodded.

"Where does the roommate come in? And why just the last robbery?"

"Who knows why kids do anything these days?" Brass shrugged with a shake of his head. "Maybe he wanted something to do on a Saturday night."

"Well, it's not exactly the answer I wanted."

"Look, we got the kids, who cares why they did it?" Warrick said leaning against the wall. It was nearing the end of shift, he was tired.

"Well, nice job guys," Grissom nodded as they watched the three suspects being led away in handcuffs. "Why don't you go home, get some rest."

Monday 6:45 a.m.

"You up for some breakfast?" Warrick asked following Nick into the locker room.

"Nah, I think I'm just gonna go home. I need some sleep," he said pulling his coat from his locker. The days were getting cooler as November dwindled to an end. "I'll see you tonight, bro."

"A'ight. Later, man," Warrick watched Nick leave.

The sun was just coming over the horizon as Nick walked to his truck. He pulled out his cell phone and punched the call button. His mom had called three times within the past 24 hours. It was time to return the call and break the news; they'd have to have another Thanksgiving without him. They should be used to it by now, he thought putting the keys in the ignition and pulling into traffic. He put on his sunglasses to ward off the sun's glare through his rearview mirrors. It promised to be another nice day in Vegas and nothing sounded better to Nick than sleeping through it. It's a price he didn't mind paying. After all, he really loved his job.