Blood Rage


"Y'know," a curiously detached part of his mind said conversationally, "her hair really is not flattered by this tint."

True, the blood red wash over his vision was not flattering to red hair, fortunately flattering the woman in the bed was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

"R-Ron, what…what are you doing here?"

Oh that innocent voice, those guileless eyes.

He couldn't speak. All his concentration was needed to hold the dark power in. He could feel it, grasping at its' cage, screaming for release.

She sat up, the displaced sheet revealing her pert, pink tipped breasts. "You…you aren't supposed to be here for another four hours. You're early, why?"

Even in his blood lust, he had to admire her gall. Her brown haired guilt lying heavily beside her and she still tried to make it his fault. His hand flexed, over and over, unconsciously gripping the hilt of a blade he was trying desperately not to call. Finally, he was able to force his gaze away from her. With this small victory he managed to turn and walk away while he could.

"Ron", she whimpered, "don't leave, I'll be right down, we…we can talk."

Silence was her only answer.


Kim Possible sat immobile, bound to her chair, wearing a green and black bodysuit and a green and black body. The last thing she remembered was lying down to sleep, thinking of Ron. Now, finally awake, she watched her pajama clad body walk into the room.

"Dr. D., you get me back into my body, now." The mobile Kim barked.

Dr. Drakken moved from behind some equipment to ask, "What happened? It worked, didn't it?" Without waiting for an answer the evil scientist gloated, "I told you I had the perfect plan to drive the buffoon away."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, let's just get this over with and get little Kimmie back to bed."

"Talk to me, Shego."

"Fine, your plan worked, Ok? I'm pretty sure the sidekick," she shivered, "is gone for good. Now can we please get this over with?'

Kim/tied pretended unconsciousness, listening intently. "What have they done with my Ron?"

"Please?" The single word cut through the scientist's self congratulation. "Shego, what happened? You're pale and …and trembling? I don't believe I've ever seen you frightened before."

"Later, all right? Let's just get this done."

"No, what happened?"

"Doc, I need a drink, preferably a strong one, and I have to be in my own body first, sooo."

"Tell me."


"No, tell me."

In a tone that promised vengeance later, Shego answered him, "Fine, if it's the only way, you want me to say I was scared? I have never been so scared in my life, all right?"

"What went wrong?"

"Stoppable was early to begin with. I had barely gotten the scene set when I heard the front door open. I messed up my hair and jumped into bed with that sleepy syntho you made. Then the door opened and I pretended to wake up." The villainess shuddered.

Her two person audience listened intently.

"And then?"

Shego turned haunted eyes towards her boss. "Then? I expected the sidekick to cry or scream, something, but he never made a sound. Never said a word, just stood there. Doc, what color are his eyes?"

"How would I…" Shego glared, "oh, all right, they're brown, why?"

"You're wrong Doc, they're not brown, they're red, blood red. He just stood there, silent, his fist clenching and unclenching, and you won't believe this, but I swear there was a sword flickering in and out of his hand. Appearing and disappearing. Scared? I had no powers, and if I have ever seen a man on the ragged edge of murder, I saw I it today. Now can we please do this?"

"What did he do?"

"Just turned around and walked out. Doc?" she pled.

"Fine, just sit in the chair, I'll administer the anesthetic and we'll have little Kimmie back in her bed where she belongs. I told you this would work." The blue villain gloated.

"Doc, when I wake up, you can come with me or not, but I am finding a very deep cover and crawling in. If Stoppable ever finds out what we did, I don't want to be anywhere around."

Kim/tied saw Drakken reach for the switch and…she woke up in her bed.