A/N: The final chapter to this little story. Sorry it took so long. I grew lazy over winter break. Not to mention it was really hard for me to decide on how to write the ending. Sometimes Sanada can be difficult to write for. Oh well, here it is, the final chapter.


Doing It Right

That was actually fun.

I wouldn't mind doing that again sometime.

Sanada walked the school hallways lost in his thoughts. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that people would start whispering when he passed by. He found the general response from any female he came across.

What's their problem?

He continued to walk down the hallway and stopped when he reached his locker. After grabbing the necessary books he shut the door. When it closed, Kirihara was standing right next to him grinning. Sanada glanced suspiciously at the underclassman.

"What's so amusing?"

"Nothing much…That party was fun wasn't it?"

"Yes, it was."

Kirihara continued to grin and then left, leaving a wondering Sanada.

"Well, I have to go to class now…See ya!"

He quickly ran down the hallway. Sanada watched him leave and immediately became suspicious. As he continued to walk to class, he got more and more glances, whispers, and now giggles. At first, he thought they might have found some reason to joke about him and was going to pull down his cap when he suddenly stopped himself.

It doesn't matter…I did nothing but enjoy myself the other night and I looked good…I didn't realize I could look so…

Sanada stopped himself mid-thought and slightly shuddered. He cringed at the thought that he was sounding like Atobe. That in itself was enough to lead to a mentally damaging path in his opinion. He decided that he needed to go home and meditate to purge his mind of the shopping experience and the quirks of Atobe. If that failed, he would commit seppuku.

"Well, you're in a good mood today."

Despite the fact that he was contemplating how to forget that day, there was still a small trace of a grin. Sanada glanced at the speaker.


"For being in a good mood that was an awfully curt response."

Sanada continued to glare at Niou with his typical stare and chose not to respond. He resolutely walked into the classroom trailed by Niou who was still trying to pick up a conversation.

"And here I thought you were actually going to converse like a social person."

"Do not waste your time. There is only a 4.3 percent chance that he will actually respond in more than a short answer.

Sanada turned to look at his other classmate and tennis subordinate. He could only stare blankly at how he managed to create that percentage.

"Renji…How…Never mind. I don't want to know."

He turned back around and was about to pull down his cap when he stopped himself. Instead, he flicked the bill of his cap up a little bit and turned back around to face Yanagi.

"You know, I can have a conversation just as well as the next. Which brings me to wonder why people assume I do not know how to converse. Just because one controls one's thoughts and speaks when necessary does not mean one cannot talk with another person. Don't you agree?"

The Rikkai fukubuchou smirked with satisfaction. Both Niou and Yanagi were staring at him in what would be best described as shock. With a curt nod Sanada turned to face the proper direction again. He was still smirking when he noticed a couple of girls staring at him. He turned to her and nodded while maintaining he current facial expression. The girls quickly turned away blushing and giggling.

…This day does not make sense. However it is a good day since I did get the upper hand with those two…

"Yanagi…Was that…Did he just…actually say something longer than a few words…?"

"Hmm…Interesting. While it is only 4.3 percent chance of something longer than a sentence, it is a 3.1 percent chance he would speak for an extended period of time and even less than two percent chance he would attempt to continue the conversation…This is a stunning example of how even there is always that small chance. Perhaps in his case it would be suited to refer to this moment as an anomaly."

Sanada about slammed his head against the desk as he listened to Yanagi ramble on about how he has overturned all his data and needs to be re-analyzed.

Forget it…If this is what happens each time…It's definitely not worth it…

The rest of the day continued as it usually did save for the stolen glances and giggles. Sanada stoically endured the day and was relieved when he arrived at the tennis courts for practice. He wanted nothing more than to get some exercise and punish all the subordinates with running in retribution for giving him such a difficult time through school.

Each of the tennis regulars approached him at some point during the day and attempted to strike up a conversation or merely smiled at him or pestered him as Kirihara was prone to do throughout the school day as he passed Sanada in the hallways.

When he arrived at the courts, he stopped dead in his tracks. Standing at the entrance to the courts was the one and only diva of Hyotei, Atobe Keigo.

"What are you doing here?"

Atobe glanced over at him and plastered on a mask of innocence.

"Well, tennis practice was cancelled today. So, ore-sama decided to see how the night went and how you're doing now."

Sanada slowly nodded but remained tense. He could not let his guard down while he was around Atobe.

"The night went fine. I'm doing fine. Now please leave."

"I don't get it. Why would Atobe even care about the party and how did he even know?"

Kirihara looked at each of the other members in hope of understanding why Atobe knew these things. The others shrugged while Yanagi calmly addressed them all, much to the horror of Sanada.

"While I am not 100 percent sure about this. I would assume that Atobe aided Genichirou before the party and was the reason why he was dressed so nicely. Am I not correct?"

He glanced expectantly at Sanada who suddenly had all eyes trained on him. He glanced sideways at Atobe and his eye slightly twitched at the sight of his trademark smirk.

"Yes. I happened to run into him at the hospital and he was…kind…enough to help with my wardrobe."

At first he was met with dead silence which was suddenly cut by a muffled snicker. Kirihara had his hands over his mouth trying desperately not to laugh. Soon, the others were attempting the same thing.

"So you actually went shopping with him?…With Atobe!"

Niou was the only one who did not bother to hide his amusement. On the same note, neither did Atobe. He was standing idly by while enjoying the scene unfold.

"Niou. Go run fifty laps. Now."

The joker of Rikkai started running but never stopped laughing. His laughter could be hear even as he turned around the corner.

"Maa, Sanada. You shouldn't be so embarrassed. It should be considered an honor to be aided by ore-sama…And here is my end of the deal."

Sanada watched warily as Atobe passed a couple of notebooks to Yanagi who quickly flipped through the pages and nodded in approval.

"It has been a pleasure doing business."

"What business?"

Yanagi was caught off guard when Sanada deftly snatched the notebook from his hands. He flipped through the pages and read a series of numbers, graphs, and data on various teams. Many of the teams he had never heard of before, and others only by how high profile they were.

"How did you get all of this?"

"Ore-sama has ways that are not to be questioned."

He gave Sanada a smug grin. Sanada then turned his attention to Yanagi as he handed the notebook back.

"And what was your end of the deal?"



"Yes, pictures. I received a phone call from Atobe who asked if I would take photographs of you at the party. At first I was uncertain as to the uses, but today, I have realized the reason."

"Go join Niou in running…And the whole lot of you can join them. Now GO!"

The rest of the team mumbled as they began running while Yanagi explained that there was a 99.9 percent chance that Sanada would make them all run.

"What was he talking about? Explain yourself!"

Atobe continued to grin smugly and pulled something from his pocket. He tossed a wad of folded paper to Sanada who slowly unfolded it and began reading. As he read, Atobe's grin grew larger and larger as Sanada became more and more irritated and annoyed.

"What in the world is this!"

"Ore-sama simply asked that your school newspaper publish a special about you and your glorious make-over. And I don't know if you noticed but it certainly has boosted your popularity with both the male and female audience."

Sanada looked back down at the paper and sighed. Sure enough, there were multiple photos of how he looked at the party. Though he did find the before and after pictures amusing.

"I don't believe it…Hmm…At least I do have quite an impressive photogenic ability. Or as you would put it; Ore-sama no bigi ni yoina (1)."

He smirked when he saw a brief flash of surprise on Atobe's face. The moment was soon crushed when the diva broke into a loud laugh.

"That…was wonderful. However, you still have a long way to go before you surpass the master. But, ore-sama shall continue to grace you with advice and my presence. And I am glad to see you do not rely on that thing anymore. Since it no longer serves a purpose, why don't you burn it or something."

He pointed at the baseball cap situated atop Sanada's head. Sanada pulled it off and stared at it. True, he was better about how he wore it but it just did not feel right without it. He resolutely placed it back on his head.

"I could, but wouldn't that ruin my image? After all, the cap is one of my defining features."

Atobe stared blankly at him for a moment before grinning.

"If that is what you want to believe. Like I said before. You're always going to be the same boring guy regardless…Oh, by the way, you should stop by Yukimura's room. You will love what I've done with the place. Ciao."

Sanada watched as Atobe flipped his hair and made a dramatic exit towards the setting sun.

"That guy is unbelievable…"

He was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a muffled laugh. Sanada slowly turned around and glared menacingly at his teammates. They had apparently stopped and watched the whole conversation with Atobe.

"You're not running. That's another twenty laps!"

Among the moans and groans, there were still traces of laughter as the regulars continued their long run. Sanada smirked in satisfaction.

After tennis practice, Sanada had to contain himself from sprinting towards the local hospital. Using his incredible self-control he managed to walk calmly towards Yukimura's room and enter.

Yukimura was sitting up and smiling and smiled even bigger when he saw Sanada.

"Ah, Sanada. I'm glad you came. I was just admiring the gift Atobe left me."

Sanada felt like the world was crashing when he heard 'Atobe' and 'gift' in the same sentence.


Yukimura pointed to the wall across from him. Sanada turned to glance at the wall and about suffered from cardiac arrest.


"I rather like it!"

Pasted against the wall was a large picture the size of a poster. As Sanada stared in fear and shock, Yukimura began to giggle.

"I didn't even realize somebody had taken a picture of you like that. You look like such a poster boy, Sanada."

Sure enough, the poster was of none other than Sanada. He was holding a karaoke mic and posing in what would do Atobe proud. He did not know what was worse; the fact that he was actually posing like that or that Atobe would be proud of how he was posing. Either one sounded fairly bad to Sanada.

"Atobe…That guy…is so wicked…"

He turned towards Yukimura who was staring at him questioningly.


"Hm, I was just wondering why you actually look pleased."

Sanada was caught off guard but quickly composed himself. He thought about that night and how he was able to just relax and enjoy his time with his fellow teammates and with Yukimura. As he thought about the events he began to gradually smile.

"You know…I really had a fun time. I don't regret going through all of that."

Yukimura smiled at the response and nodded.

"I did too. It was great seeing you all dressed up and what not. But you know, even though you were dressed differently and actually took a moment to relax…You were still very much you. That's what I admire about you. Your honesty that lets you be who you are regardless of the things around you. "

"Heh…Yeah, I seem to get that a lot."

"What do you mean?"

"Ah, nothing."



"What do you mean by 'going through all of that'?"

Yukimura watched amusedly as Sanada sighed in defeat and slumped in the chair beside the bed.

"It's a long story…"


A/N: Hyuuu! I'm glad I finished that. It was bugging me but I was still too lazy to do anything. And I purposelydid not describeSanada's pose as it would be much more fun to imagine whatever you want.(1) This is Atobe's signature catch phrase. It can be interpreted different ways but it all ends up meaning the same thing. Something along the lines of "be awed by my prowess; Be obsessed with my beautiful skills" you get the idea. Anyhoo, I hope you all enjoyed the story!