Post episode-18. Humor.

Culture Clash

The young firebender read the parchment aloud, voice noticeably rising in volume as he went along.

"From High Chief Taizen Arnook of the Northern Water Tribe, for the eyes of his young lordship Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation.

Prince Zuko,

According to our intelligence records, for a period longer than a moon's cycle you were in personal possession of a particular hand-carved necklace (see attached drawing), and the aforementioned necklace is now in the sacred possession of Lady Katara, companion of the Avatar. As a new student of the Northern Water Tribe Katara has been automatically awarded dual citizenship, and is subject to the laws therein. According to the Flame & Ice Treaty of 18896 codifying marriage laws and rights across international borders the Northern Water Tribe CONGRATULATES YOU ON YOUR BETROTHAL AND WISHES YOU CONVEY THESE HAPPY SENTIMENTS TO YOUR FATHER PROMPTLY PLEASE ACCEPT THIS COMPLEMENTARY TEA BAG?"

There was a thump, and General Iroh opened the door to find his nephew unconscious on the rug.

"Prince Zuko…? …Ooh, tea!"