Hello Everybody. It appears as though we have reached the closing of this story Sigh, I know I know, I absolutely loved writing this story. I hope ya'll enjoy this chapter. Now as we know several characters in this cartoon have different religions.

Although I am including Judaism, I don't mean to offend anyone but my details may not be entirely accurate. I do have knowledge of Chanukah (Hanukkah, or how ever you would like to spell it), but it isn't that broad. So again I apologise if any details are inaccurate, and I would appreciate if you told me so, then I can correct it.

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Chapter 9- Christmas day with an X. ( Hehe I just loved my old title so much)

Rogue woke in the morning with a bright smile on her face. Memories of yesterday flooded into her brain and she couldn't help but chuckle. Yesterday not only had she expressed her love with Remy, but she also got to torture Jubilee and bobby. All-in-all it had been the best Christmas eve, ever.

Rogue got up feeling the most jubilant she had ever been, she walked to her door and peaked out. The hallway was empty, 'Everyone must still beh asleep.' Rogue thought, to her that was rather strange, it was Christmas day after all.

Rogue walked back into her room and checked the clock. '7.15, hmm maybeh everyone overdone themselves yesterday, oh well that's perfect fo' mah plans.' Rogue smirked and continued her morning rituals.

Rogue had finished getting up by 7.50. She took a final peak out of her doorway; still know one was lurking about. Rogue ran back into her room and opened up her walk in closet. She heaved out two of the enormous bags that sat right at the very back, hidden from anyone's eyes. It took Rogue several trips downstairs to get all four sacks into the living room. When Rogue had finished she let out an exhausted moan and wiped the sweat that had formed above her brow. She flopped back on the sofa and rested her feet on the coffee table. This is the exact position she would greet everyone, all of whom would arrive in the living room exactly 1 hour later.


1 Hour later.

Jamie ran down the stairs and into the living room, he didn't even acknowledge Rogue as he ran straight for under the Christmas tree. Xavier, Logan and Ororo walked in, in that exact moment and placed themselves around the large room. Charles looked at the young boy who sat reading all the labels on the presents under the tree.

"You may open your presents the moment everyone is in this room." Charles smiled as the boy let out a breathy sigh, showing his agitation.

A little while later everyone else emerged excited, Kurt, Kitty and Remy all sat surrounding Rogue on the sofa. Remy put an arm around her and she nestled into his chest. Charles looked around the room, now satisfied with the amount of occupants, he began his speech.

"Good Morning everyone. I can see you are all wide awake and full of anticipation. So I will not keep you long. I expect you all to attend dinner which will be at promptly 12.30, until then and after you are free to do whatever you wish. So without further ado, who wants some presents?" Several occupants jumped around jovially. Rogue snuggled into Remy and couldn't help but smile. This is the first year her whole family would be together.

"Ok then where should we start?" Charles asked looking at all the present crammed under and around the large and majestic tree.

"These, lets open these." Jamie replied as he tried to tug on one of the bags Rogue brought down.

"Ok Kid calm down or your gunna bust a gut." Logan grumbled as he picked the boy off the bag. Logan went through all four of the sacks Rogue had brought down and was surprised there was one for each occupant of the mansion. They were addressed to each individual and simply read merry Christmas on the label. "Weird they ain't got a signature on em'."

"Perhaps they are from santa?" Ororo joked. "Well they each have our names on; perhaps we should find out what they are?"

Logan handed out each gift to their prospective receiver. Remy, Rogue and Poitr were the only ones without a present. Rogue looked on in merriment as each person's faces lit up like the Christmas tree upon opening their gifts.

"OH wow cool." Jamie exclaimed as he received a Nikko 1:12 Dragon, remote controlled car. The exact one he wanted.

"Zis is so awesome, I has been needing vone for ages." Kurt claimed as he pulled the long sock like object out of its box.

"What like is it?" Kitty asked as she looked up from her autographed Brittany spears CD.

"A tail varmer, duh." Kurt clarified as he placed it down his tail in happiness.

"Holy Cow, Dude this rocks!" Evan said wide eyed as he examined the precious Vintage Gravity Aloha Hut hyper Carve 3 47" Long board. This was the Skateboard he had dreamt about adding to his collection, but it was too pricy.

Everyone was admiring their gifts, too amazed to notice Remy, Rogue and Poitr were in lack of one.

"Who ever haz brought zese gifts has a very big heart." Poitr smiled as he walked over to Rogue and Remy. "But I have to vonder, who has brought zem." Rogue shrugged.

Logan was busy trying to clean up all the wrapping paper when he heard a knock at the door. Everybody seemed too engrossed to notice the doorbell.

"Fine I'll go git it then." Logan growled, but Rogue stopped him.

"Muscles here can git it, aftah all he's closest." Rogue grinned at Poitr who gave her a strange look, but none the less went to open the door.

Just as he opened it, he was pounced on by a little blur of green and brown. When Poitr regained himself from the initial shock of being pounced on, he realised exactly who it was. Potir's eyes widened and his mouth formed into a huge smile, water started to form in his eye's as he stared at the young girl in front of him.

"Poitr!" The little voice shouted, full of emotion.

"Illyana!" Poitr beamed as he picked up the young girl in a big hug.

"Whose tha lil Sheila?" John asked as everyone surrounded the doorway which led from the lounge to the front door.

"Poitr's little sistah." Rogue explained smiling happily; her plans had worked out perfect. No sooner had she said that, Poitr walked into the lounge with the little girl in tow.

"Everyone zis is my sister Illyana…Illyana do not be scared, zese are nice people." Poitr said as he gently persuaded the little girl to say hello.

"Heelo." The little girl squeaked hiding behind Poitr's leg. She couldn't have been more than 5 years old. She had brown wavy hair and wore a big green coat with green mittens and a green bobble hat. She looked like a little green blob with brown hair and a little face.

Rogue walked over to them and spoke some Russian words to the little girl. Poitr smiled appreciatively and gave Rogue a big hug, almost crushing her.

"Zank you Rogue, zank you so much."

"Its ok sugah, but could ya let meh go?" Rogue wheezed as Poitr was hugging her a little tight.

"Huh? Whats goin' on?" Logan asked. Illyana tugged on Poitr's trouser leg and he bent down to her. She whispered something in his ear, everyone looked on curiously.

"Illyana say's zat a few weeks back a girl vis white stripe in her hair had found her valkin' around. Ze girl took Illyana to safe house.Got her plane ticket and brought her here." Poitr looked at Rogue in gratitude. Illyana ran over to Rogue and hugged her legs. Rogue smiled and picked up the little girl.

"Well ah saw this lil bumpkin walkin' round, all alone down in Georgia. She couldn't speak much English an ah noticed she was Russian. She said her name was Illyana Rasputin and she was lookin' fo' her brothah. Ah instantlah realised it was Poitr's sis from his memories. So ah took tha hotel ah stayed at an booked a plane ticket fo' us. Ah wanted ta surprise Poitr so ah asked Warren ta look aftah her fo' a few days, an a few days later here she is." Illyana cuddled into Rogue, unafraid of her powers.

"I can't believe it, Mein schwester speaks Russian?" Kurt asked open mouthed.

"Ah can speak 5 different languages, English, French, German, Russian and Italian. Although ah ain't fluent in Russian an Italian. But ah know enough ta git meh by." Remy looked at his love in awe, she became more alluring each day.

"So I'm like guessing it was like totally you who got us all those presents, right?" Kitty said putting two and two together.


"But how did you know what we all wanted?" Scott asked curiously. Rogue simply tapped her head.

"Ah got all yo' memories and desires. Ah knew exactly what ya'll wanted."

"But Rogue this must have cost you a fortune, my child." Ororo supplied.

"Well its true mah bank account has a big hole in it. But tha way ah see it, ah owe ya'll big, ya'll have been so kind ta meh, and ah caused ya'll loads o' trouble with apocalypse an all, ah guess it's an apology an a big thank ya from meh." Rogue smiled at them all as they thanked her, gratitude obvious in their expressions. They all then parted back into the living room to continue un-wrapping presents.

Rogue and Remy had moved to the love seat as they opened their presents. Rogue looked down at her little pile of gifts, she had received a vampiric novel from Kurt, Some new make-up from Kitty, they were lighter, more subtle colours. Xavier and Hank had given her the power potion. She had gotten a pretty silver necklace with an emerald in the middle from Amara, Jubilee, Rahne, Tabby and X23. Wanda had given her a new gothic corset top. Jean and Scott had gone together and had gotten Rogue the complete works of Jane Austen in hardback. Rogue thanked all for her gifts as she was passed another one.

Rogue looked down into the box which was labelled from, Bobby, Evan, Sam, Roberto and Ray. Inside lay a long dark pink object, curiously Rogue lifted it up and blushed as realisation dawned on her.

"We figure it's for them long, cold, lonely nights without Remy." Evan teased; Rogue was bright red with embarrassment.

"What is it, my dear?" Xavier enquired, Rogue paled, which caused Evan, Sam, Roberto and Ray to laugh out. Strangely Bobby was missing from the pack, as well as Jubilee. Rogue almost smirked, memories of their torture present in her mind. She could almost hear their fresh screams.

"What did the imbeciles get you?" Wanda looked over Rogues shoulder and into the box. "OH MY GOD, You got her a vibra…" Wanda mouth was quickly concealed with Rogue's hands. Several chuckles were admitted from the room, the adults still looked on in incomprehension.

"Erm thanks ya guys… Ah…Er think." Rogue gingerly placed the item on the floor.

"So then chere where be Remy's gift?" Remy smirked as he placed his arm around Rogue's shoulder.

"Oh you'll git yoah's later Swamp rat." Rogue grinned seductively. Remy grinned back and leant in to kiss Rogue's forehead, where her hair fell. A loud cough interrupted them.

"Everyone, dinner is ready, so if you will all please make your way into the Dining room." Xavier announced, before heading through to a different room.


As Rogue entered the dining room, she gasped, it had been beautifully decorated. Over the table lay a beautiful and expensive looking white lace table cloth. There was a large food spread, with the centre piece being an enormous turkey. Rogue took her seat and couldn't help but lick her lips at the sight of the luscious food. Everyone else sat down in the prospective seats, Xavier sat at the head of the table.

"Kitty would you like to say the blessing?" Charles asked the young Jewish girl politely.

"Like yeah, ok like everyone hold hands." Kitty looked around the table as everyone held hands forming an oval shape. She then stood up holding her edition of the Torah. "Baruch ata Ado-nai, Elo-heinu Melech ha'olam, She'hecheyanu, vekiyemanu vehigi'anu laz'man hazeh Amein" Kitty recited as she lit the first candle on the Menorah, which sat as the centrepiece on the table. Everyone apart from Xavier and Hank looked confused. None of then understood Hebrew and so had no idea what Kitty had just said. Kitty then gave a short bow and sat back down.

"Now then, Rogue, would you like to finish saying grace?" Xavier asked kindly.

"Huh?" Rogue gulped. Xavier looked at Rogue expectantly; Rogue gave a defeated sigh, "Ah dunno what ta say."

"Say what is in your heart." Everyone's eyes settled on Rogue, she let out another sigh before bringing her hands up into prayer form.

"Oh fathah who art in heaven. Blessed beh these bountiful feasts which we are about ta receive. Thank ya for all tha good fortune we have received this year, and how we have triumphed ovah all the trials and tribulations that have been sent our way. Ah thank ya dear lord for all that has been given ta us. Amen." When Rogue finished her prayer, she received a chorus of "Amen's". Then the table sprung to life as various hands reached for the dishes of food that lay in the middle of the table. Charles and

"Like Kurt, I was reaching for that." Kitty shouted out as Kurt took the bowl of roast potatoes and stuck his tongue out at her.

"Pass the Turkey!" Jamie asked loudly as he reached desperately for the turkey that was on the far end of the table.

"Hey Ray leave some for the rest of us." Amara complained as Ray took handfuls of stuffing balls.

"I got it first." Pyro whinged as Toad tried to snatch the bowl of Brussels sprouts from him.

"Nuh uh." Toad argued back tugging the bowl back towards him. The result of their game of tug-of-war was the bowl being broken in half and the vegetables going everywhere.

"ARRGH" Came several screams from the people sitting around the duo.

"Eww I've got green gunk in my hair!" Kitty cried out and jumped up out of her seat, as she did so, she knocked over the plate of gravy. It fell over, causing its contents to spill, flooding over that part of table and seeping down the elegant table cloth.

"Ahhhhhhh, My New shirt, you've ruined my new shirt!" Amara howled out as she frantically tried to wipe the gravy off of her blouse. Unfortunately it just smeared the gravy more so.

"Your Shirt, what about my Jean's?" Pietro whinged as he pointed to a large brown splodge on his Jeans.

"Hey think of it as a new fashion trend." Lance laughed from further up the table, as did many others.

Xavier, Hank, Ororo and Logan looked on amused.

"Oh to be young again." Hank mused.

"Yeah, ain't ya glad that passed?" Logan chuckled.

" It is nice to hear that laughter fill the atmosphere again." Ororo smiled gently referring to all that had happened with apocalypse.

"Indeed, Gammon anyone?" Xavier said passing around the plate. The meal continued as this, like a war zone. Only there was no hatred, just play fighting at its most jovial time.


After dinner, Remy had quietly asked Rogue to join him outside.

Rogue and Remy sat together cuddled on a bench.

"I love yo' Chere. I wanted to give yo' dis in private." With that Remy handed Rogue a small present, it was wrapped in fine green metallic paper. Rogue carefully opened in and pulled out a small velvet box.

Remy took the box off of Rogue and opened it up revealing diamond trilogy ring; Rogue gasped.

"Remy ah don't…Ah don't think ah'm ready fo' that…yet."

"Dis ain't dat chere. Dis be an eternity ring. It symbolises dat we always gunna be t'get'er." Rogue let out a relieved sigh.

"Ah love it." She smiled and hugged Remy.

"When I do propose to yo' Chere, it gunna be a much finer and bigger rock den dat." Rogue grinned as he placed the ring on Rogues middle finger.

"So ya will propose then?" Rogue teased.

"Hmm one day in de future." Remy smiled as he leaned his forehead against Rogue's. "Merry Christmas Mon amour."

"Merry Christmas Remy." They smiled as they rested their heads on each others shoulders in a smouldering embrace. Forever entwined in each others hearts.


A little while later Logan entered the danger room.

He went over to the observation deck and saw that a sim was running. Curiously he looked out to find Jubilee and Bobby both running for their lives. It was only a level 3, dodge and run sim, but still it kept people on their toes as they had to avoid lasers and barricades.

Logan looked at the screen and noticed there was a timer running, it read 13 hours and 23 minutes and 15 seconds, exactly the time the sim had been running. 'Well looks like Popsicle and fourth of July have set a new record.' Chuckling he grabbed a nearby newspaper and started flipping through it, completely ignoring the cries of help from below him. "A couple more hours won't hurt em'. Oh the Joys of Christmas." Logan grinned as he started to read an interesting article on motorcycle accidents.



For those of you who wanted to know the Hebrew bit. Bascially it's the Blessing they say on the first day of Chanukah. Which this year happens to be Christmas day.

Baruch ata Ado-nai, Elo-heinu Melech ha'olam, She'hecheyanu, vekiyemanu vehigi'anu laz'man hazeh Amein- Means Blessed are you, Lord, Our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has kept us alive, Sustained us and brought us to this season. Amen.

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