Some of you might have read the story Brothers to the end written by Kyliefaithcena.

Kylie is my sister, and after reading some of the stuff I have written, was inspired to write some stuff of her own. She started off with a great concept but soon got sidetracked and eventually dispirited. She has stated she has no desire to continue. After thinking about it I have decided I would like to take charge of the story, and with her permission I am going to do just that.

Kylie had a great concept but I feel she started in the middle of the story and had nowhere to go. I plan on taking the story back to the very beginning and adding a twist. I hope all the fans of the original story enjoy the new storyline.

Disclaimer—I do not own anybody or anything. I have Kyliefaithcena's permission to take her story concept and expand on it. I am not making any money off of this so don't sue me. I am just having fun and bringing enjoyment to others.

I enjoy reviews and will acknowledge those who do offer feedback.

Steve Borden is Sting in real life and I refer to him by his real name. His wife's name in real life is Sue but when I think in terms of my story Sue doesn't fit. Her name is Laura.

Everything else is self explanatory so enjoy.

Happy reading.