Author's Notes: Here we are again. The final chapter. Thanks for hanging out with me and I hope you enjoyed it. It's written quite differently.

Act 6 of 6

I have found life an enjoyable,
And sometime terrifying experience,
And I've enjoyed it completely.
A lament in one ear,
But always a song in the other
- Sean O'Casey

Lois walked through the busy terminals of Metropolis International Airport after arriving from a two year absence from the United States. She dragged her black carry-on suitcase across Terminal E passing mini-delis and restaurants, finally finding her way to the lower levels, baggage claim only a distance off.

Upon exiting the airport, she took in the Metropolis scent. There's something about this city that she always found fascinating. She's been all over the world since she was child, but no place ever felt more right for her than the great 'City of Tomorrow.'

She looked briefly at her Movado Esperanza polished steel mini dress watch before hailing a cab.

"Where to, miss?" the cab driver asked politely.

"The Daily Planet"

With the traffic at full swing, it took about twenty to twenty-five minutes to reach the world renowned Daily Planet building. Lois remembered a time when she stared at the newspaper building with indifference.

Now, she had nothing but respect for it.

After two years submitting articles and exposes in various foreign countries, Lois Lane has actually learned the meaning of patience, practicing it, albeit reluctantly, on a daily basis. Kind of like waiting in an elevator until she reached her desired floor.

"Oh my God!" Chloe squeaked excitedly when she saw the familiar face exit the elevator. "What are you doing here?" The young woman ran across the room and engulfed her older cousin in a gigantic hug.

"Hey little cousin," Lois greeted happily, returning her hug as equally embracing as hers.

"When did you get back?"

"Just now"

"Why didn't you tell me? I could've picked you up"

"I wanted to see the city." Lois hugged her again. "It's so good to see you, Chlo"

"The feeling goes both ways. Mr. White practically ordered me to come by today. He had me waiting in his office all morning, and I had no idea why," Chloe recounts with a laugh. She was no longer a reporter. The demands and politics surrounding investigating reporting in the professional field level became more than she ever expected. Failure in fulfilling her dream resulted into another form of writing.


Chloe's first book arrived on the shelf a couple months prior, making the top 10 bestseller list for the past thirty days. It's been an exciting time for her.

It was called Smallville. Her follow-up is called The Ezra Prophecies and there's even talk of a movie deal for it.

"Wow, Lois. Two years. I can't believe it's been that long"

Lois smiles. "It seems like it was almost yesterday when you were fielding calls while I play video games on the ground floor of the Daily Planet." She spots the current editor-in-chief Perry White with the corner of her eye.

Chloe smiles brightly for her. "Go get em, cuz"


"I'm impressed, Miss Lane. Someone so young, I couldn't even develop a portfolio like this when I was your age. I was to busy trying to find my car keys."

Lois chuckled, she really digs Perry White. Chloe shared to her brief details of what Perry White was like. At first, she couldn't really believe that a former tabloid slash alcoholic reporter would ever reach the status of editor-in-chief and then she looked at herself and quickly squashed that kind of insipid thinking.

She definitely didn't start out with dreams of grandeur and perfect school records to support it. Flunked out of high school on a mere technicality and kicked out for boozing underage in college. Who is she to judge?

"The job is yours," Mr. White said finally.

"Thank you, Mr. White"

"Psst," he scoffed at the formality. "Call me chief"

"Right. Thank you, chief." She got up, a huge smile and feeling of accomplishment etched on her face until he called out to her again.



"It says here in your application that you're married"

"That's right"

"Will you be using your – "

"Lane is fine, Chief."

Perry doesn't push for anything further. Being a married man himself, he knew how it worked. "Very well. I want you to start right away."

"I'm on it, Chief"

He smiles, proud of his newly hired employee. "That's what I like to hear." He doesn't dare promote favoritism but he can't help but already tell she was going to be his favorite.

It was lunch hour when Lois stepped out onto the roof of the Daily Planet. She stood at the edge and let the wind blow against her face. She closed her eyes.

"I miss you"

An ocean away, Clark Kent opened his eyes after hearing the sound of her voice and smiled.

"I miss you too," he whispered.

Clark turned his head sideways and noticed the empty space next to him. He sat upright from the bed, sweeping his hair with his hands, breathing deeply. He can't remember the last time he ever spent this far apart from her. The longest they spent away from each other was at most, three days.

And that was because she had been kidnapped by a bunch of local thugs after snooping around for evidence when she discovered the possibility, that, a local entrepreneur was using his employees to smuggle illegal contraband to the main lands.

It was eventful for her, but it was a terrifying few days for him. It was the first time, as her husband, did he experience true fear.

Fear of losing her.

After the success of that story, Perry White tracked her down and for months, he kept pursuing her, an offer at the Daily Planet is open to her as soon as she decides to head back to the states. Finally, she faxed in her application (for official purposes) and the rest was history.

"I read your byline this morning, Lois," Chloe beamed. "It's a heck of a story. Should I even ask how you got your source to come out let alone speak?""

Lois grins, shaking her head.

"I thought so," Chloe says, impressed at how far Lois had come since her days back in Smallville. They're suddenly interrupted by Jimmy Olsen, the young Daily Planet photographer and also the young cousin of the guy Chloe had once dated a few summers back.

"Good morning, Miss Sullivan." He turned to Lois, shyly. Someone has a crush. "Miss Lane"

Chloe chuckled at the display and Lois merely ignored her and faced Jimmy politely. "It's Lane Lane on the byline but I'm a Kent everywhere else."

"Oh." Jimmy's face falls. "You're married?"

Lois raised her left hand that sported her wedding ring and smiled. "I am"

"Lucky guy," Jimmy must admit.

"He sure is," Chloe jumped in.

"Well, I'll see you around the office then"

"I'll be there," Lois says with a nod.

When he left, Chloe couldn't help but let out a big laugh. Lois wonders what the problem is. "What?"

"You do know you're going to break a lot of hearts when Jimmy gets back to the office today"

Lois blushed, her first in a while. "Oh, stop it"

Chloe laughed some more. "Have you spoken with Clark?"

"Every day"

"It must suck being apart from him for this long"

"It's certainly a first," she admits thoughtfully. "It's weird waking up and he's not lying next to me. I don't think I'll ever get used to it"

"He could always run here to see you"

Lois chuckled. "That'd be nice, but really, it's not necessary. We agreed that he finish up the story in the middle-east and I head back here." She leaned against her chair, thinking. "He really didn't want me there"

"That's not true," Chloe assured. "He just doesn't want you getting hurt in a middle of a war zone. You know he's only protecting you. Remember the contraband expose you did last August in Africa. Clark was a wreck at the thought of losing you"

"It doesn't make it any less easy"

"After everything you two have been through, this should be a piece of cake"

"See, that's the thing. We always shared our cake, no matter where we are. Now how am I supposed to give him his slice if he's halfway across the world? It doesn't make any sense"

Chloe raised both eyebrows. "You really do miss him"

"There is that miniscule fact that I'm married to the guy, so I think I have a right to miss him"

Chloe laughs. "And three years ago, you were fighting your feelings against him, kicking and screaming"

Even today, Lois still couldn't believe how stubborn she was back then. When Clark first told her he was in love with her, her mind was just not there to process it correctly, thus, making the early parts of their romantic relationship chaotically exciting, if there was such a thing.

And once she let her guard down and completely let herself fall in love with one Clark Kent, it became an amazing whirlwind of a relationship.

This was soon followed by her leaving for Europe… and Clark following her.

He proposed to her in a train heading to Berlin.

How Clark managed to get the train cart all to themselves is still a mystery to her and whenever she asked, he just puts on that stupid grin she loves.

He told her all about Krypton and the things he could do, bringing her even to the Fortress of Solitude, where, she remembered in quite detail, how they spent their days, nights and very early mornings.

Finally, they arranged his parents and Chloe to fly to this beautiful mountain top at the Swiss Alps where they got married. Small. Intimate. A memory to cherish forever.

She missed her husband more than she ever thought she could.

This would be without a doubt the stupidest agreement she had ever agreed to.

Lois walked home, but it wasn't really home. Not really. Sure it had a roof and walls keeping Mother Nature from killing them, with a kitchen and a big bathroom, with a few bedrooms and all that jazz, but without her husband in it, it wasn't home. And it won't be until he was.

She opened the door and entered, not noticing all the rose pedals starched out across the floor. It wasn't until she noticed the low flickering of flame emanating from the living room did she finally take a look around.

It was warm, the soft music of Natalie Cole sounding off lowly from a nearby stereo. Lois looks absolutely flabbergasted.

Her eyesight turned suddenly black.

"Guess who"


"See, that defeats the point of asking 'guess who' you're actually going to have to guess"

"Oh, I see. Well, hmm… Soft hands. A sexy voice. It's got to be Brad Pitt"

He feigned disappointment. "Oh, that's harsh." He let go of her and softly pulled her around. "Miss me?"

Lois smiles happily, everything was suddenly becoming right. She hugs him fiercely. "Clark!" she kisses him longingly on the lips and he happily returned it with equal passion. "God, I missed you"

"I know," he whispered, kissing her still.

"When did you get back?"

"A few minutes ago"

Lois let out a smirk. "Show off"

Clark shrugs. "I sure am." He smiled widely. "Come on, Lois Lane Kent." He picks her up and leads her to their bedroom. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of trying out our new room"

"Yeah, it wasn't all that fun without you in it," she adds with a grin.

A while later…

"AH!" he and Lois fell on the bed with a loud thud.

Clark was speechless.

Lois looked floored. "Were we just making love in the air?"

The End